Конструктор фокусов hoi 4

Обновлено: 26.05.2024

This repo is to serve as a way for backups, improvements, and for people to be able to make pull requests when Paradox create new functions for modding.

Your contributions to the project will be greatly appreciated, whether that is a bug report or a pull request.

When creating a bug report please state the bug it the title, the steps to reproduce/steps taken before bug occured, and the web browser (and version, if known) used in the description, e.g: Title: Duplicate focus appears on screen Description: When I edit a focus and press save a new focus shows, using Internet Explorer 6. (If you use IE6 all bugs come from within your chair)

If you are wondering how you can help make this tool easily accessible for all, and know either CSS or another language, you could help!

Themes can be requested to be added immediately, as the architecture of the site will remain pretty much the same now. Translators will be asked to hold off until the site has become dynamic (available via the web) as all information will then be stored on one file, which will be much easier for translators to work with.

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"You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID"

This error has already happened in 2 focus I've already done, can help? password is (t3tttv61mb)

File couldnt be exported, 1 common error

I am unable to export any focus tree, as I keep getting the error: "- You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID"
What can I do?

When clicking 'export focus' absolutely nothing happens.

I have produced a focus tree and saved the tree via the server, however now that i have restored the focus and continued on it, the focus tree is no longer exportable as nothing happens when i click the export button. despite this problem, if i was to produce a focus tree from scratch it does allow me to export the focus, this could be a glitch with the software not knowing that a new focus tree has been added from the save file. idk.

Shit got fucked 1.0

The latest change to the code did something bad.

  1. Choose GFX doesn't work for me (Custom GFX does)
  2. When I submit a focus it creates 2 focuses, a generic_name focus and the custom focus
  3. The Bypass/Available/Reward window pops up, but I cannot choose anything (search function works)

Everything else seems to work fine

Import Data Not Working

I copy pasted the contents of a focus and all it does is display it on the website!

Export not working

Is the export function broken? I just get an empty focus tree, and the file doesn't seem to contain the tree when I export.

Add focus button disappears when a focus is erased.

When an unnamed focus is erased using the delete mode the add focus button disappears, using Google Chrome.

Prerequisets not showing on focus tree output

Title. Tried exporting multiple times. Really don't want to start all over.

How do I use this?

I just downloaded the files and there's nothing to launch it with. How do I start it? Is there a separate file I need to download?

Duplicate focus name will cause database problems

I have been creating a focus tree, but most of the time, once the focus is added. I always get multiple "Duplicate focus name will cause database problems:" And then after the colon it says most of my focuses.

Heres an example in my error.txt :

[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: awakentheindustries
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: dockyards1
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: expandtheprivatesector
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: investinmilitary
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: expandtheprivatesector
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: rigorousmilitaryexpansion
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: rigorousmilitaryexpansion
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: expansionofbusiness
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: revampourlabs
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: revampourlabs
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: stormjerusalem
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: organizethecommunals
[20:58:33][nationalfocus.cpp:55]: Duplicate focus name will cause database problems: organizethecommunals

I am extremely thankful for this tool you've made, but I keep continually getting this issue.
All help is appreciated.

- You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID

I am currently working on creating a focus tree, and it seems no matter what I do I always end up having this same exact issue. I tried to make all kinds of creative names, and even use Germany's tags, but it keeps giving me this issue.

My focus tree is saved under " k8vx5en3m2 "

Please do assist, as I am otherwise unable to make a focus tree using this very helpful tool.

PS. I tried both on Chrome, and on IE, with it giving the same message.

Says I don't have an ID when I do.

I tried to export a focus tree with the ID "newfocus" (didn't actually use quotations) but it says I don't have an ID even though I do.

I can't export focus tree

I am trying to export my focus tree but I can't because "You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID" When i have tree id.

Focus Tree not working

So I made a focus tree but it isn't working it only adds the first to things in the focus tree but everthing is in the file

I looked at the errors and it said Unexpected token: focus at every focus but the first 2 so how do i fix this?

You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID

i just wanted to export my national focus tree but that wrote me that please help me

I cannot make a focus tree id. I've tried everything but it won't accept my focus id name. I'm doing this in Firefox and the focus id is "focus_tree_OMA" it keeps saying "1 Common Error" I've checked the console and nothing is wrong. Please help

I can't export my focus tree

The error says "You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID"

Browser: Google Chrome
OS: Windows 10

foccus tree

I have a problem, that when I want to play on my focus, I get only a few instead of everybody, I can not see why, or maybe because I've made fashion National Focuses or something else?

Only part of focus tree works.

Hey! I've made some cool focus tree, I made a country, but only some parts of this tree works,
i have a lot of "unexpected tokens". I've tried making tree out of latin alphabet and it didnt change anything. Any help?

If you want to take a look: ilj3ubsvbp

"You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID"

I try to export and get the error "You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID" even though I put in the ID "kno" . A step by step process on how to fix this would be much appreciated.

Having troubles with coding error.

I'm having problems adding a focus tree to the game, giving me a glitched tree. I got these messages on Debug mode:

With limited knowledge on coding, I've been trying to solve this since it was made. Help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You will also need "Hearts of Azeroth" mod as well to use this mod.

Your file could not be exported as it contains at least 1 common error

Hey there, I am having issue exporting my focus in both the old version and the new beta.

In the old version, i get the "Your file could not be exported as it contains at least 1 common error" message, followed by "- You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID".

In the new beta, I just get "Oops, looks like something went wrong" message.

So i was just wondering If you have any idea what to do?

The focus tree password is 2lsvrajwv8

Several Issues.

Sorry, I messed up with how i submitted the comment im not used to using github. I read the other comments, and I have been having the same issue of " You tried submitting a focus tree without setting a focus tree ID" I have set the language, and i have been setting both text boxes to have just letters.
Aswell as that issue, when i tried to save to server and load it, some focuses became stopped existing when i started to make a larger focus tree.
lastly its not a serious issue, but its annoying, but there are some visual errors when moving focuses that have things that rely on it as a prerequisite.
q9j0bnfg7g here is the password for the tree i was working on.

Editing National Focus Glitch

After clicking on the national focus to edit it, clicking the X in the focus editor screen removes that focus. It is recoverable by clicking add and submit again but could be a large issue down the road. Included are screenshots of what I am talking about.

I've encountered this bug in Google Chrome only thus far as it is the only browser I use. I will check in Firefox and Edge to see if the issue persists but I have a feeling the problem exists there too. I do not use the tool on Safari as I only develop via Windows.

I am submitting it here as I do not see the issue reported on Reddit as well as to make it public knowledge on how to recover the focus if they run into this issue before a fix can be pushed. I have not tried it with multiple focuses branching off a single one, though.

Suggested fix for developer(s):

  • Persist the focus if the editing has been cancelled via the X button with inclusion to the Submit button.

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Давно появилась одна утилита, которая поможет создавать нац.фокусы в специальном редакторе, который создал Minivera. На это время последняя версия выпущенная этой утилиты beta_1c, которую вы и скачиваете. На YouTube уже есть уроки по работе с ней, на русском языке. Вы можете выбрать как хотите работать scripter или editor.



DLC Blood Alone для Hearts of Iron 4 внесет изменения в Италию

Hearts of Iron 4

" width="366" height="205" />

Для Hearts of Iron 4 анонсировано DLC By Blood Alone

Огромное спс за программу. Очень даже ценная прога. Давно мечтал сделать нацфокусы для некоторых стран. Если чо, в правду поможешь? надеюсь. Удачи и здоровья побольше.

mafia60000 Огромное спасибо. Просто в моем моде создал Израиль (на 10 или 12 лет раньше) и хотел бы придумать нацфокусы. Если чего (ну.. не смогу разобраться с прогой) плис надеюсь на твою помощь.

mafia60000 фокусы появляются, но в одной кучке и ничего не понятно

Хорошая прога, когда не умел делать фокусы, пригодилась бы, а так, мне в ручную привычнее :)

Не показывает вообще ничего, хотя путь к игровой папке правильный.

mussoll Это нужно сделать в самой программе. Открываешь Focus Manager, после нажимаешь на Create a new project. Дальше на settings, выбираешь язык русский, после чего правой кнопкой мыши жмешь на деревья фокусов, в открывшемся небольшом окошке выбираешь добавить файл из игры. Дальше берешь любой нац фокус. Путь: mod/common/national_focues и выбераешь нужный тебе фокус. страны. После нажимаешь значок рядом с надписью Деревья Фокусов/b>, нажимаешь дважды на иконку растения, после дважды на название фокуса появившимся в верху.

НГПМ (Новая Группа Перевода Модов для HOI 4)

НГПМ (Новая Группа Перевода Модов для HOI 4)

НГПМ (Новая Группа Перевода Модов для HOI 4) запись закреплена
Вольная территория Hearts of Iron 4

Собирался сделать урок по ивентам, но, учитывая вопросы подписчика одного, решил вернуться к фокусам и всё лучше разобрать.

1) Какой программой редактировать фокусы? Я использую программу Notepad++, она достаточно удобная и простая, хоть и на английском. Некоторые советуют специальную программу для создания древа фокусов (Focus Tree Manager), но мне она показалась неудобной и сложной. Впрочем, выбор за вами.

2) Id должен быть обязательно уникальный, чтобы его не было в древах других стран (если вы редактируете дерево не минора). Также он должен быть полностью на английском.

После сохранения в папке мода (обычно они содержатся в Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod\НАЗВАНИЕ_МОДА\gfx\interface\goals), нужно прописать текстуру и свечение для иконки фокуса. Заходим в папку interface и берём два файла: goals и goals_shine, закидываем их в соответствующую папку мода. Открываем их там программой (например, Notepad++), и добавляем внизу новую строчку, желательно скопировать последний путь к текстуре иконки. Меняем название GFX_ на то, что написано в фокусе, а путь к текстуре меняем на свой, со своим названием файла. Затем то же самое проделываем с файлом goals_shine, только там надо менять сразу четыре названия. Остальное менять нельзя. Теперь у вас должна появиться новая иконка фокуса. Все действия можно увидеть на скриншотах.

Для мажоров проставлены обязательные фокусы, которые они по-любому изучат. Они находятся в папке common\ai_focuses, их можно перенести в свой мод и изменить. Нужно просто проставить id фокусов, которые вы хотите чтобы ИИ точно изучил.

5) Если хотите поменять фокусы миноров - нужно заходить в файл generic в папке фокусов. Эти фокусы одинаковы для всех миноров (тех, у кого нет древа фокусов).

На сегодня всё, потом мы расскажем про ивенты (либо что-то, о чём вам будет интересно узнать). Спасибо за внимание, увидимся на выходных.

Содержание: 1. Основа фокусов. Понятие Блока. Список блоков и их назначение 2. Создание дерева фокусов. Привязка дерева к стране. 3. Взаимосвязь между фокусами. Абсолютная и относительная позиция. Предпосылки. 4. Условия. Блок available. Блок allow_branch 5. Примеры фокусов с Относительной и Абсолютной позицией. Примеры взаимоисключающих фокусов. 6. Области действия. Условные (динамические) области действия. 7. Блок limit. Условный оператор. Блок random_list. 8. Работа с Shared фокусами 9. Работа с непрерывными фокусами 10. 8 советов новичкам, к которым стоит прислушаться

Фокусы являются основной игры. Основной принцип их действия таков: вы ставите себе задачу, к примеру, привести новую партию к власти.

Следовательно, ваша цепь фокусов должна приводить к власти новую партию. Разумеется, никто не запрещает вам сделать мега-ультимативный фокус, но это считается правилом плохого тона. В этом гайде мы на примере простейшей ветки фокусов разберем их создание и работу с ними.

< >- Блок. Каждый блок открывается и закрывается, и несет в себе какую-то часть скрипта Основные блоки: focus и shared_focus - собственно, блок- указатель для движка available - блок, проверяющий при каких условиях фокус доступен для изучения allow_branch - блок, отвечающий за видимость конкретного фокуса и его "потомков". Об allow_branch будет рассказано далее prerequisite - предпосылки. Какие фокусы должны быть выполнены, чтобы этот фокус был доступен для изучения mutually_exclusive - Взаимоисключающие. Если должен быть выбор из нескольких фокусов, они должны быть взаимоисключающими друг с другом. select_effect - Эффект при выборе фокуса. Не отображается в наградах. completion_reward - Эффект при выполнении фокуса offset - Смещение shared фокусов при определенных условиях ai_will_do - Вероятность того, что фокус возьмет ИИ. Подробнее читайте в статье об искуственном интеллекте bypass - Условие, при котором фокус может быть пропущен

В этой статье будут использованы следующие элементы: [] - Переменная/выбираемое значение. Например, скоупы или локализуемые строки. То есть то, что указано в квадратных скобках, вы придумываете сами. Исключение - скоупы . Они задаются исходя из таблицы. Впрочем, обо всем по порядку

So, what's new about it, and why does it warrant the complete overhaul it has received?

Integrating the tools.

Over the next few weeks I will be working on an event creator tool, and this new setup will allow for me to easily integrate the two, along with countries when they happen, and decisions when I update that tool to use this new format.

Complete rework of the builder

So you know that builder? That horrible thing used to create rewards and whatnot? I've finally given it some love and attention. It now uses drag-and-drop building functionality, with improved editing of things like states, and countries, so things seem a little more logical.

Speaking of drag-and-drop.

You can now move focuses in your tree using drag and drop, instead of those awkward arrows

A lot of errors were a pain to debug because you would get it on your machine, share the password, and whenever it was imported. well, the error was no longer there. So there's no more passwords, and no more save-to-storage. Every time you make a change, it will save to the server, and all exports are done from the data saved to the server - meaning if there's an error with your export, when you report the error, everyone can replicate it.

You can now report your errors on the site. Error reports have been made on YouTube, Reddit, Github, and ParadoxPlaza, and having all these errors in different places can be a little confusing sometimes. So now there's a central place for all error reporting.

Along with the error reporting, there is a whole new forum platform on the site. It was just going to be a bug reporting platform, but I ended up adding a few extra features which meant it could be a place for people to find team members, discuss ideas for mods, etc.

1 Mod, 1 Download.

Instead of having X amount of focus trees, and having to download each one individually, you will now be able to download 1 zip file which will contain all of the files your mod has associated with it. So if you have 10 focus trees, and (when available) 100 events and 3 countries. You will be able to download all of these in one zip file, which you will be able to extract into your mod's folder and have run in game with ease.

1 Mod, Many Users

The whole idea of the password system on the "old" tool was that you could share the password with team members, and they could do their bit, and together you'd come up with a focus tree. Well now, you can have multiple people assigned to your mod, and all of them will have access to edit any mod you create. No one else.

There's also some other minor tweaks that are worth mentioning

Mutually exclusive focuses now have a lovely red line to signify that they are mutual

Mutually exclusive/Prerequisite inputs now use the IDs that they have been assigned on the server, so you can change the name and not cause errors when trying to export.

The menu will keep whatever position you tell it to have. So if you toggle it, it will stay toggled, no matter how many times you reload the page (no one else may have been annoyed by this, but I was)

Accounts. You have probably already guessed, but there's now accounts on the site, and if you have any HOI4 related videos on youtube, you should definitely share your Youtube channel on the site (your account will show your recent HOI4 related videos)

There is probably more that I have forgotten, as it is a little late, and I've been working on this update for a few weeks now.

It's been really nice rewriting the entire website from scratch. I've been able to get rid of a lot of crap that was on there, whilst keeping stuff that worked well. As well as adding some new features which should hopefully benefit all who use it.

This new tool, and site, is still very early BETA and new features are given, and there will probably be things which you think should be added; if so, suggestions are appreciated. But I believe the tools is now at a point where it is at least on par with the "old" tool, in terms of features and functionality, hence why it is now being made public.

And to end the day, let's talk about what will happen with the "old" tool when this goes live. The old tool will still remain downloadable on Github, but i will change out some of the code, so that it doesn't rely on any PHP, meaning it can be run offline - as I've had a few people asking for an offline version of the tool. The offline version of the tool will get no updates, apart from maybe updates to the outputs.json as/when (but these won't auto-update), and will lose some features (e.g. the custom GFX, and the saving as zip file, as they both require PHP).

As always, if you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to give me a shout :)

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