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The Hands of Time is the first episode of the seventh season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the 65th episode overall. It premiered on May 15, 2017, in the United States on Cartoon Network.



Master Wu mistakenly tries to single-handedly complete a battle he began decades ago against Acronix, one of the twin Hands of Time. But the arrival of the first Time Blade-a weapon with the power to speed up time-sends the Ninja to the Monastery just in time to rescue their master from certain doom.

Several Ninjago citizens gather around the doors of the Borg Store, where the release of the latest BorgWatch would be unveiled at. As the camera pans away from the city, it heads up a mountain, where the ruins of the Monastery of Spinjitzu are. A butterfly lands on a flower before a rabbit begins to eat the flower. Wu then pulls out a watch as a vortex begins to form above the ruins of the monastery. After the rabbit flees, the vortex completely opens and it releases Acronix, one of the Time Twins. As Wu tells Acronix that he's right on time, Acronix is surprised to see how old Wu has become, saying his best days have passed, not unlike his monastery. As Wu tells Acronix that he still has plenty of days left, he asks him that if they should finish what they started, saying that he's been waiting decades. As Acronix remarks that it hasn't felt that long to him, Wu states that it ends now.

Meanwhile, at the Ninjago Museum of History, Jay says that it ends now to a statue head of Samukai, though he claims it doesn't help make cleaning up the museum any more interesting, and that they're ninja not janitors. As Lloyd reminds Jay that they are partially responsible for the damage caused to the museum, saying that if it is wasn't for their battles on the Day of the Departed, the place would still be in one piece as he pushes a trolley with a statue of Chen on it. As Jay questions whose fault that was, Cole apologizes for accidentally unleashing the evil spirits of their enemies onto Ninjago, before throwing the portrait of Yang in a nearby wheelbarrow and is about to move it, then Jay ask him how high can he count, then Cole grabs the wheelbarrow handles, but then hands glow orange making him let go, with Jay asking if he has gotten used to being human again, and Cole replies that he's working on it. Exiting the small room, they meet up with the other ninja in another exhibit, where Nya puts down a large crate, complaining that if she could travel back in time, she would make it so that she told Dr. Saunders that they were too busy to help clean up. As Zane pushes a trolley with a statue of Cryptor on it nearby, he reminds Nya of how some of them have time traveled before, saying it wasn't a joking matter, though Nya tells Zane it's just an expression. As Nya walks over to Kai, he tells her that he doesn't believe it, showing her a painting of their parents. While Nya determines that the painting was made when she was three, Kai explains that they know so little of them, saying they only left them with so little, though Nya reminds him they left them their powers. Cole then gets their attention, where they discover a massive painting depicting Master Wu and Garmadon fighting two unknown men at the Monastery of Spinjitzu while the other Elemental Masters watched. As Cole tells Lloyd that it's his dad and uncle in the picture, Lloyd wonders if he'll ever live up to their legacy. As Cole asks if anyone recognizes the battle in the painting, Zane requests P.I.X.A.L. to scan the painting, where she reports that facial recognition tells her that the battle took place forty years ago during the Serpentine War. Cole questions this, saying that Ninjago was at peace during this time, asking who they could've been fighting.

At that moment, Dr. Saunders arrives with refreshments for the ninja. As he explains that it is a tea made from pickled beetroot, most of the ninja spit out their drinks, while Cole drops his, claiming that he was still getting used to his new hands, while Jay drinks it nonetheless. Lloyd asks Saunders what the painting was about, Saunders explains that it was a minor skirmish and that it held no historical significance, saying that was a reason why it isn't hung up in the main gallery. As Jay says it looks significant due to its size, Saunders says that it is all a huge myth. As Zane states that even if it was a myth, he asks who the men Wu and Garmadon were supposed to be fighting, saying he has no data on them. As Saunders puts down his tray on a nearby crate, he explains that there was a legend where two twin brothers known as the Hands of Time, saying they could allegedly control Time itself by speeding it up, slowing it down and whatnot before laughing, saying that time manipulation was a ridiculous fairy tale. As Nya asks who the older one was of the two, Saunders stated that the "handsome looking fella" was called Krux. Lloyd then asks who the nasty looking one is, with Saunders saying that in the stories, he was called Acronix.

Back at the monastery, Acronix and Wu circle around the center plant in the courtyard, with Acronix telling Wu to give up, saying his brother wasn't here to bail him out, but Wu tells him that neither is his. Acronix asks whose fault that was, and Wu tells him that he and Garmadon did what they had to do in order to protect Ninjago. Acronix then says he will do he must do before pulling out a dagger and engaging Wu in a fight. Wu manages to knock back Acronix with his staff into a pole and tries to hit him with his again, but Acronix dodges it. Acronix climbs up the pole and as Wu is about to jump towards him, he cuts a piece off of Wu's staff. Saying that Wu was sprier than he imagined, he asks if he could catch up. Wu then climbs up after Acronix and manages to block Acronix's dagger from hitting him.

Meanwhile, at the Temple of Airjitzu, Ronin is carrying a box, asking Misako where he should put it. Telling him anywhere he could find space, she thanks him and Dareth for helping. Though Dareth says he's happy to help, Ronin tells him that he airlifted 300 boxes up to the temple, and Dareth didn't lift a single one. Saying he has a bad back, he tells them that the boxes aren't going to supervise themselves. Misako opens one of the boxes and finds Nya's old Samurai X outfit, which catches the attention of Ronin and Dareth. Saying it came to the wrong place, Dareth tells Ronin to get a look at it. Misako tells them that it was supposed to go to her Samurai X Cave instead of the temple, with Ronin question why, asking that he thought Nya gave up being Samurai X. Misako tells them that she keeps it as a reminder of her "previous life" along with her mech. Ronin says that if he was Nya, he would've sold it, saying that kind of tech would make some good money. He tells Misako that if Nya was interesting in selling it for a small fee. Dareth steps in and says it should go into a museum or his dojo before putting on the helmet and calling himself "Samurai D." As Misako and Ronin look on in disappointment, Dareth explains the "D" is for Dareth.

Back at the monastery, Acronix climbs up after the tower of the monastery after Wu, telling him to once again give up, saying he has decades on him, saying he's both faster and stronger. Wu tells him that that's his mistake, saying that he thinks his youth is a greater weapon than Wu's experience. Acronix jumps after Wu and Wu nearly falls backward off the roof and down the cliffside but catches himself. Acronix jumps again and Wu dodges it. Telling him that he's arrogant to the finish as his brother, Acronix tells him it's confidence before struggling with Wu before Wu kicks him over him, where he lands on the edge of the roof. As his dagger falls down the cliff, Acronix nearly falls down too, but his cape is caught by Wu. Saying it was arrogance, he tells him that it was his brother's downfall and it would soon be his. Asking him if he yields, Acronix refuses, but Wu tells him there's no escape this time before letting go of him and quickly catching him again. Asking him again if he yields, Acronix then yields. As Wu starts to pull him up, he explains that the battle forty years ago between them and the Elemental Alliance finally ended at exactly 6:00 pm. As his watch strikes 6:00 pm, another vortex opens above the monastery, where something soon lands in the courtyard, sending out a shockwave that spreads across Ninjago, causing all time to skip a minute as Wu and Acronix teleport right next to the Blade.

At the Temple of Airjitzu, Misako asks Dareth to give her the Samurai X helmet, with Ronin offering to do so. The shockwave then affects the temple, causing Ronin to immediately be on top of Dareth on the ground while Misako is holding the helmet. At the museum, the ninja exit the building, where they are immediately teleported to the bridge of the Destiny's Bounty. Questioning what happened, Kai asks if time just moved forward. Back at the monastery, Acronix claims the Forward Time Blade from the ground, and soon snags Wu's watch and exclaims that at 6:01, the battle continues again.

At the Temple of Airjitzu, Misako, Ronin, and Dareth all try to figure out what just happened, Misako wonders how she got Nay's helmet, Misako has the strangest feeling. It's like déjà vu, but in reverse, Ronin feels like time skipped a beat, but Misako realized that it skipped an whole minute,Dareth tells Ronin to get off of him, meanwhile on the Destiny's Bounty, the ninja attempt to cope with what just happened as well,Cole tells the others weren't they just outside, and when did they got on the Bounty,Nya wonders how did they get here, Zane says his circuits are picking up an energy displacement, Kai replied that there was a displacement all right. It displaced them right into the Bounty, Lloyd wonders what is going on,Jay jumps up covering his ears from the noise replying doesn't know but it's really loud. As Wu and Acronix continue fighting, Acronix tells him that he should've let him drop, asking him if his experience was more powerful than the Time Blade.

The ninja, still aboard the Bounty, are able to turn off the alarm system. Zane soon determines that the shockwave they felt was a blast of temporal energy, which is described to be incredibly powerful, saying that the rules of reality no longer apply to such a force. At the monastery, Acronix begins to slowly overpower Wu, taunting him to flee. Calling him weak and afraid, Acronix tells Wu he has no ambition, while Wu tells Acronix that his ambition was to rule, with Acronix saying that he and his brother deserved to. After Wu recites the Time Twins' signature motto, Acronix resumes fighting, and in the midst of their fight, is able to use the Forward Time Blade's powers to jump forward in time. After appearing again, he strikes Wu with the Time Blade, unleashing the Time Blade's powers onto Wu. At the Bounty, the ninja are able to pinpoint the epicenter of the surge, revealing that it was at the monastery. When Lloyd reveals that Master Wu was going there alone, the ninja soon set course for the monastery after realizing he was in trouble.

As Wu gets up from the rubble, Acronix then proceeds to name his newfound ability as the Time Punch, saying its effects are devastating. As Wu realizes his mistake, Acronix tells him he never should've fought him, not forty years prior, or even today. Seeing that Wu was one more Time Punch away from death, he attempts to strike him, but Wu dodges the attack before using Spinjitzu to knock Acronix onto the roof, where he drops the Time Blade. As he goes for it, Wu appears and struggles with him, but Acronix soon kicks him over the side of the mountain. Wu manages to grab ahold of a lone branch, and after Acronix leaves him to die, the ninja arrive in the Bounty. After Jay confronts Acronix, P.I.X.A.L. soon identifies Acronix's identity, forcing the ninja to help Jay fight Acronix. A long fight ensues, and in the midst of it, Acronix reveals to Kai that he's met his father. While Zane and Nya attempt to put out the fire caused by Kai, the others fight Acronix and are able to send their powers towards the Time Blade, overloading it and seemingly destroying both Acronix and the Time Blade. However, Acronix used the Time Blade to escape the monastery. As the ninja recover from the battle, they soon search for Master Wu. Just as the branch snaps off, Wu begins to fall, only for Cole to save him. As he pulls him up, the ninja start to question him, but Wu tells his students that there is much to tell, but not much time.

At midnight, Dr. Saunders looks at his watch when Acronix arrives, asking him what took so long. Replying that things have changed since he was last in Ninjago. As Dr. Saunders suddenly takes off his mustache, he takes off the rest of his civilian outfit, revealing that he is actually Krux as the two brothers hug in front of the painting depicting their battle forty years prior.

Present day

The Time Twins, also known as the Hands of Time, are villainous twin brothers, Acronix and Krux, who are allied with the Vermillion. They are the current (albeit powerless) Elemental Masters of Time.



Early lives

The Hands of Time were born minutes apart; Krux before Acronix. [1] They were both descendants of the original Elemental Master of Time and were raised by their mother. Eventually, they mastered Time and began calling themselves the Hands of Time.

During the Serpentine War, the Time Twins fought alongside Wu and Garmadon and the Elemental Alliance to defeat the Anacondrai, Chen, and Clouse. [2]

To achieve some form of victory in his downfall, Chen had Clouse use his Dark Magic to manipulate Krux and Acronix into betraying the Elemental Alliance, and Chen informed the twins of the location of the Great Devourer's eggs. [3]

Believing their element was the most powerful, the twins betrayed the alliance to attempt to rule Ninjago. Acronix and Krux fought Wu and Garmadon, along with the rest of the alliance, who failed miserably against the twins' temporal powers. [2] When Ray and Maya forged the Time Blades to beat them, [4] Wu and Garmadon succeeded in stealing their powers and using it to create a temporal vortex to banish the Blades through space and time, so that no one can use their powers for evil. However, the twins didn't give up; they jumped into the Time rift to follow their drained power, which caused them to be lost in time. [2]

After they jumped into the void, Krux emerged from it with the Reversal Time Blade, and years later succeeded in making an alliance with Ray and Maya by forcing them to work for him, or else he'll kill their children. They then betrayed the brothers and the Elemental Masters to work on Krux's plan, with the incident becoming known by Chen as well in the process. [4]

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 3

Following the defeat of Clouse's plans to corrupt the Temple of Light on the Island of Darkness, Wu received a sense of foreboding and a vision of the Twins making their return.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

When Acronix emerged from the Time Vortex after 40 years of being trapped in it, he clashed against Wu in hopes of defeating him and getting their revenge. When the Forward Time Blade emerged from the Time Vortex, Acronix succeeded in accelerating Wu's growth making him rapidly age. After the ninja interfered in the process, Acronix defeated them with ease and headed to the Ninjago history museum to meet someone. In the museum, Dr. Saunders revealed his secret of being Krux to his brother, as they hugged and started plotting their revenge.

The Hatching

After being reunited, they took residence in the Ninjago History Museum, in Krux's hideout. Acronix was so impressed by the new modern technology, especially the BorgWatch that was shown on Borg's commercial, while Krux was getting irritated. They later realized in order to complete their master plan to control Time for all eternity, they needed to abduct Borg to finalize their long-awaited plot. Krux introduced the new army he created out of the eggs of the Great Devourer, the Vermillion army. When the Vermillion, that was sent by the Hands of Time attacked Borg's shop, the ninja came to the rescue, and the twins sent two more warriors to help abduct Borg and destroy the ninja. Acronix was irritated that the samurai snakes failed and Zane is leading Borg to safety. However, Krux disguised himself as Dr. Saunders and intercepted them. Borg was surprised to see Saunders, but the twins used that as a distraction so Acronix can deactivate Zane with the Forward Time Blade, then Krux revealed his secret to Borg as they captured him with the help of a couple of Vermillion and disappeared.

A Time of Traitors

After they had abducted Borg and locked him in a Serpentine coffin, Acronix questioned how they would get the Vermillion warriors to listen to them. Krux then presents Commander Raggmunk, Commander Blunck, and Commander Machia, who will command the Vermillion for them. The Hands Of Time began Phase II, which was to kidnap mechanics who could build the Iron Doom. Despite the ninja's interference, the Vermillion successfully captured the people, while Krux revealed his secret to Kai and battled him and Nya alongside Acronix. When Borg attempted to use the Forward Time Blade, Acronix grabbed him, took the Time Blade, and escaped with Krux and Borg. Meanwhile, the Vermillion successfully escaped with the people by using the sewers.


Since the twins' old hideout was discovered by the ninja, Krux and Acronix were in the sewers, escorted by a squadron of Vermillion, with the captured mechanics and Borg in the coffin. Meanwhile, the other Vermillion forces were stealing as much metal they can find for the Hands of Time master plan. Acronix suggested they find the lair using his BorgWatch, Krux, however, knew it would be a bad idea as there was no connection underground. Krux decides to follow the old map which leads them to a dead end. Eventually, however, they arrive in the swamp.

A Line in the Sand

When they arrived at the swamp they began interrogating Borg, the Hands of Time along with Commander Machia were interrupted by the arrival of the Slow-Mo Time Blade when it slowed Time. Acronix immediately got to work on figuring out the location of the Time Blade on the BorgWatch, to which Krux immediately protested against it, until Acronix's BorgWatch located the Blade in the canyons in the Sea of Sand. Krux admitted that sometimes, "Technology has its uses," and ordered Machia to send Raggmunk and Blunck to retrieve the Time Blade. The twins were very upset when they learned Raggmunk and Blunck lost the Blade to the ninja.

The Attack

Later, when the Vermillion discovered the location of the Slow-Mo Time Blade by using Acronix's Borgwatch, Machia and The Hands of Time immediately led an attack on the floating temple. When the twins landed on the temple, Wu battled Acronix with the Slow-Mo Time Blade which slowed Time on him, however, Krux got the Forward Time Blade and battled Wu and the ninja. Eventually, Lloyd got the Forward & Slow-Mo Time Blades, but the victory was short-lived as Commander Machia arrived and retrieved both Time Blades from Lloyd's hands, and she and the Hands Of Time escaped with the Time Blades and Wu.

Secrets Discovered

On the way back to the Vermillion Swamps, Acronix and Krux decided to promote Machia to the rank of Supreme Commander of the Vermillion after her incredibly successful attack. Wu was doubting that they will win, and in response, Krux showed him the entire army waiting to hatch from their eggs. Once at the command center, they imprisoned Wu in a cell and strapped him to a wheelchair, as Machia had Raggmunk and Blunck guard him. Later, they interrogated Borg again, and The Hands of Time were displeased with his lack of cooperation. Acronix and Machia then threatened to attack with the Time Blades, to which Borg responded in fear that he will immediately finish the apparatus.

Pause and Effect

During Krux's interrogation of Borg, he noted that he did a good job building the apparatus for the Iron Doom. He then attempted to test the device with the Slow-Mo Time Blade, which was disappointed to see it was not working. Borg tried to reassure him that it will work once it's complete, just as Acronix came with the news that the next Time Blade is on about to emerge from the Time Vortex. Acronix and Krux prepared to depart to Glacier Barrens where the Blade will arrive. Commander Machia caught Borg attempting to sabotage the device and as a punishment she had him come with the Hands of Time without a jacket to the ice-cold mountain where the Blade is set to arrive.

Acronix and Krux retrieved the Blade and returned to the command center. Later, they overheard a conversation between Ray and Maya and their children Kai and Nya and they quickly revealed themselves after discovering Ray and Maya had hidden the Reversal Time Blade 40 years prior to the orders of Wu. They brought Kai, Nya, their parents, and Wu onto the airship, using this as leverage against Kai and Nya to retrieve the reverse blade, promising if they do, they can save Wu.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

After they blackmailed Kai, Nya, Ray, and Maya, they had Ray and Maya lead them to the Boiling Sea, where Acronix threatened to kill Wu with the Forward and Pause Time Blades, and Krux with the Slow-Mo Time Blade if they didn't retrieve the Reversal Time Blade. When Kai and Nya used the Dragon Blade to get the Reversal Time Blade and bring it to the twins' blimp, Acronix and Krux revealed that they lied to them about saving Wu in order to get the Reversal Blade, and attacked them along with Supreme Commander Machia and the Vermillion. When Krux beat Kai's Spinjitzu, Kai used the Reversal Blade to reverse Time and beat Krux. However, when Krux tried to slow Time on him, he slowed Time on Machia instead by accident. Acronix (now irritated that they are winning) tried to attack Kai with the "Time Punch" of the Forward Time Blade, only for Ray to save his son and get hit by the Blade himself. Afterward, Acronix used the Pause Time Blade to pause Time on Kai, Nya, Ray, Maya, and Wu, thus allowing Krux to get the Reversal Blade from the immobilized Kai. Now have all four Time Blades the twins went to the Iron Doom in order to plug the Blades in the power source while leaving Kai, Nya, Ray, Maya, and Wu floating in the air until the pause wears off. When they arrived at the Iron Doom they were surprised that Borg, Samurai X, and Zane were attempting to deactivate the Iron Doom. So Krux used the Pause Time Blade to pause Time on them while the Hands of Time plug the Blades in the power source of the Iron Doom and create a temporal rift, and time travel into the Past to destroy Wu and Garmadon along with the Elemental Alliance that existed 40 years ago, with Kai, Nya and present-day Wu unknowingly following them.

Lost in Time

After the twins retrieved all four Blades, they were traveling back in time, 40 years ago when their power was drained by the Time Blades and they became lost in time. As they were arriving at their temporal destination, Krux had Supreme Commander Machia prepare the Vermillion, as he quoted that "The Battle will be re-fought." As they arrived in the past Wu and Garmadon were surprised to see them since they have just defeated the past Krux and Acronix. Then, Acronix had Machia begin the attack. When Kai and Nya interfered and tried to help the past Elemental Masters, The Hands of Time were irritated that they are losing.

Next, they fired Commander Blunck, Commander Raggmunk, and Supreme Commander Machia to take over command of the Vermillion warriors. As Kai and Nya tried to stop the Twins from escaping on the Iron Doom, they failed miserably. However, when Nya found the Past Reversal Time Blade they used it to bring back the Twins and the Iron Doom. Once the Twins were brought back, present-day Wu tossed the Past Reversal Time Blade to past Wu and hid it in the Boiling Sea as the Twins were escaping followed by Kai and Nya and Present-day Wu. The Time Twins were irritated that they lost because of Kai and Nya as they were traveling far into the future, now the timeline of Ninjago was corrected. Unknown to them Kai, Nya, and Wu sneaked on board the Iron Doom again. The outraged Time Twins fought them and overwhelmed the two ninja. Just as they were about to kill them, Wu intervened by quickly grabbing the Reversal Time Blade and sabotaged the Iron Doom, Wu threw the Blade to Kai and Nya, which tossed them off the Iron Doom and into the present time, as Wu stayed behind and fought The Hands of Time. When Kai and Nya arrived at the present time, Kai used the Reversal Time Blade to heal his father, and after that, the ninja disposed of it.

Golden Hour

After throwing the Reversal Time Blade to Kai and Nya and off the Iron Doom, Wu prepares to face Krux and Acronix but is struck with electricity from the inside of the vehicle. Striking Wu's staff, the Time Twins are transported with Wu to the Fire Temple amongst various other locations from Ninjago's past and future as Wu quickly de-ages while fighting the Twins and stopping them from altering the past. After a while, Wu becomes a child and uses his reversal energy to stop the Iron Doom, causing the mechanism to explode, presumably destroying the Vermillion and leaving the now powerless machine to rot in the endless void outside of time. The Time Twins were trapped while a now infant Wu floated through the vortex and was able to get out.


Saving Faith

The twins briefly appear in Wu's flashbacks as he recalls his various memories from his past, including his final battle against the twins on the Iron Doom as it became lost in time.


The Time Twins have control of a powerful secondary element, Time. After Ray and Maya forged the Time Blades, Wu, and his older brother Garmadon, used the Blades to steal the power of the twins, thus causing them to lose their power. Before that, Acronix was able to speed up Time, which allowed him to disappear and reappear whenever and wherever he desired, by sending himself Forward into Time and gaining the upper hand in battle. He also was able to slow Time allowing him to move away from the firing line and attack. His brother, Krux, had the opposite power. He could rewind Time against an opponent, which allows him to see his opponent's next move and defeat his opponent before it happens, thus gaining the upper hand in battle. He also was able to stop Time completely. After their powers were stolen, they would later recover the Time Blades in order to get their power back in their bid to rule Ninjago and control Time for all eternity.

The Time Twins holding their own against Wu.

Even without their powers, the two are still fearsome warriors who are able to hold their ground against the ninja, even overpowering them. Despite putting up a good fight against Wu, they were easily defeated by him in their final battle with him.

“Don't you get it? Things are already changing. For the worse. Besides, Master Wu also says "Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today." And if we don't help today, there won't be a tomorrow.”

The Hands of Time


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The seventh season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, subtitled The Hands of Time [1] (usually shortened to Hands of Time) [2] [3] [4] was preceded by Season 6 and "Day of the Departed" and succeeded by Season 8. Kai and Nya were the focus ninja and mascot characters, Acronix and Krux served as the main antagonists, and the Vermillion were the villainous faction of the season.


Official description

Shortly after the Day of the Departed, Master Wu awaits his old enemy Acronix to complete a battle they began 40 years ago. But Wu never should have faced such a powerful foe alone. Acronix hits Wu with the Time Punch, which causes him to start rapidly aging! Acronix escapes and reunites with his twin brother Krux, who has been living the past 40 years in disguise as the lovable Dr. Sander Saunders. During this time, Krux has been breeding a new slithering enemy: the Vermillion Warriors. [5]


Acronix, one of the Hands of Time, passes through a time vortex and is challenged to a fight by Master Wu. After the arrival of the Forward Time Blade, Acronix hits Wu with a Time Punch which accelerates his aging one day per hour. Even with the intervention of the ninja, Acronix escapes and reunites with his brother Krux, who had been patiently waiting in the Ninjago Museum of History. Now the two Hands of Time have a plan that could change history and revert Ninjago back to its old-fashioned roots. They control an army of Serpentine known as Vermillion, from the eggs of the Great Devourer, who can form into Samurai using metal. The Vermillion began capturing Ninjago builders, including Cyrus Borg, and stealing metal. All to build the Iron Doom, which can travel time, using the Time Apparatus to utilize all four Time Blades. With Master Wu unable to fight, P.I.X.A.L. offline, three other Time Blades scattered throughout time, and a mysterious new Samurai X to learn the identity of, Lloyd leads the team to stop the Time Twins and save Master Wu. The adventure soon proves personal to Kai and Nya, when it turns out their parents could have ties to the villains.


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Kai and Nya were the mascot ninjas, and the promotional art was appropriately focused on the Vermillion Swamps. The collectible items were the Time Blades. The sets mostly consisted of locations and Vermillion vehicles.

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

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Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена
Фанфик Lego Ninjago "Новые ниндзя"

Новые Ниндзя
III сезон часть 2
Ниндзя оказались в мире Чима, который страдал. Но из-за чего же.

-Я исследовал эти растения, они неизвестного вида и страдают от нехватки влаги.- сказал Закс
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-Жалко что Джон с Клэем ещё не вернулись, он бы полил эти растения.- Райз ответил
Ллойд задумался -неужели это и есть причина вымирания этого мира?-

Тут Джон и Клэй вернулись из разведки.
-Здесь много красивых зданий напоминающие одного или другого зверя. Сами жители этих мест являются животными у которых такое же, как у нас телосложение. Самая масштабная постройка напоминает льва. Судя по всему, там живёт король, и он лев. А самое главное - то, что с горы висящей в небе, на которой выкованы головы животных текут 8 водопадов голубой воды, один из которых спускается в замок львов.
-Туда мы и направимся- сказал Ллойд.

Тем временем в храме львов

-Сэр, у нас чужестранцы. Они одеты в цветные пижамы, их всего 7. Они направляются сюда.
-Они не имеют злых намерений?
-Нет, сэр.
-На всякий случай поставьте охрану.

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена

Чего-то мы забыли, цены ведь известны.

В рублях учитывается с примерным курсом доллара, а также с наценкой.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Возможен стресс после прочтения.
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Ну и фотку держите заодно.

1) 70627 - кузница дракона. 79.99$ ≈ 6499руб.
2) 70626 - рассвет железной гибели. 59.99$ ≈ 4499руб
3) 70621 - атака Вермиллиона. 9.99$≈799руб
4) 70625 - Самурай VXL (турбомобиль Самурая). 39.99$ ≈ 2999руб
5) 70624 - захватчик Вермиллионов. 29.99$≈2499руб
6) 70623 - тень Судьбы. 29.99$ ≈2499руб
7) 70622 - молния пустыни. 19.99$ ≈ 1499руб

Виталий Третьяков

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена

Макс Македонский

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена
Ninjago | Ниндзяго

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time"

Lego® Ninjago™ "Hands Of Time" запись закреплена
Фанфик Lego Ninjago "Новые ниндзя"

2 сезон часть 9

Золер замолчал и попытался нанести удар. Райз увернулся , немного отодвинув корпус назад. Настала очередь удара Райза. Он молнеиносно ударил Золера оружием и он отлетел к стене. С ним начались какие-то метаморфозы. Он становился светлее и ярче и светился. После этого странного явления он стал бело-красным. До этого он был чёрно- красным.
Показать полностью. Райз снова направил на него оружие, не понимая что произошло с загадочным Каменным Рыцарем. Однако, Золер больше не хотел насилия, силы зла покинули его.
-Я сожалею, что пытался вас убить, но теперь когда я не подвластен злу, я хочу помочь вам одолеть Гарри, который куда-то скрылся. Сказал он
-Хорошо, я рад что такой искуссный воин будет помогать нам, но сначала нужно помочь остальным ниндзя. Ответил ему Райз
Ниндзя поднялись, никто не был серьёзно ранен. Но у Закса выпал кусок его искуственного лица, стал виден его механический глаз. Ниндзя стали беспокоиться, так как у него на лице иногда возникали голубые искры. Зейн, узнав об этом сразу принялся его чинить. Он забрал Закса в свою мастерскую, где изобретал электрику. Он возился час, и наконец закончил. Закс был как новый. Он нашёл ниндзя в секретном подвале, о котором знали только ниндзя. Они выясняли где может быть Гарри, после сражения.

А Гарри сейчас находился в пустыне. Он изнемогал от жажды, как вдруг впереди показался город Ароборос, старинный город серпентинов.

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