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Posted from Wattpad and with Permission from the author Connor345 I give you A Son of Two Dad's

MK was orphaned at a young age. He doesn't know why he's never felt normal, doesn't know why he's never fit in and he certainly doesn't know that his actual parents are Sun Wukong and Macaque.
This is MK's journey through life, trying to figure out who he is, where he came from, and why his balance sucks.

Stitching a Broken Heart by mmcco52

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Nightly protector by VEE_C

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

You were just fine with being on the sidelines while your friends fought demons and such. You liked living passively and being in the background, not intervening unless you thought it was necessary.
Which is what you did..Now you're in the background, but no longer living passively. How long can you keep this up?
And more importantly: What will you do when it does?

Light in the dark by KatnyUwu

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid, Xi You Ji | Journey to the West - Wu Cheng'en

He is in an abyss of no return, Wukong knew it and had accepted it. After defeating Demon Bull King, he found no purpose for which to continue fighting, after all he lost his beloved teacher, ending up isolating himself in his home, the mountain of flowers and fruits, almost a century later he meets again the reincarnation of his master who now bears the name of Tang Sanzang, now he could not allow it to be taken from him again.

He would protect him from the impurity of the world at all costs.

(Updated story in English) \(^ᴗ^)/

The Boy Across the River Styx by Mizu_Rice

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

MK, a boy born and raised in an orphanage by the edges of a forest surrounded city, is often warned with stories of monsters and deadly creatures that lurk within the shadows. instead of finding himself terrified, like most other kids around his age were, he found himself intrigued. almost drawn to the riverside by the darkened foliage.

MK finds himself not heeding the warnings of staying away from the forest.

and maybe, that turns out to be a good thing.

You are all on your own and you lost all your friends. you told yourself that its not you its them. by AiMeansLove

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Having voices in your head, everyone has that, but the souls of dead? the dead reincarnated souls of Tang Sanzang? who are killed by the hands of mayor? Imagine having that voices of angry raging souls.

  • Part 1 of Golden Carnation
  • Part 3 of Tangst

Luz en la oscuridad by KatnyUwu

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid, Xi You Ji | Journey to the West - Wu Cheng'en

Esta en un abismo sin retorno, Wukong lo sabia y lo había aceptado. Después de vencer a Demon Bull King no encontraba ningún propósito por lo cual seguir luchando, después de todo perdió a su amado maestro, terminando por aislarse en su hogar, la montaña de las flores y frutas, casi un siglo después se vuelve a encontrar con la rencarnación de su maestro quien ahora lleva el nombre de Tang Sanzang, ahora no podía permitir que se lo volvieran a quitar de sus manos.

Lo protegería de la impureza del mundo cueste lo que cueste.

(Historia actualizada al español) \(^ᴗ^)/

Free Of Mind Body And Soul by Sapp_ii

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

This is a prediction of season 4 and what could happen. This will be put in an episode style where it might have some fluff filler sometimes and some lore related chapters! This will be long as I plan for this to be something to update constantly for my people trying to survive the hiatus ♡♡

Not My Thoughts by Smol40

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

The Mayor spent so many years under Lady Bone Demon's control and influence, it makes someone wonder what happened when she died.

He lives on while she dies, what does he do now that no one is controlling his every action and thought?

A second chance and Redemption by GoldfishIdiot

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Mk was killed by Lady Bone Demon of the past. Since he made a time travel so he could end LBD and stop the mayor long before season 2 and 3 events could happen. But as you can see, he failed but was given another chance in the world of the living. He knew he was being given that opportunity of living again but he did not know who was about to be his caretaker in this new life. He certainly did not know he was staying with a monkey with quite a temper for any Sun Wukong related business.

Forgotten Fragments by Vera (Momoreii)

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
  • No Archive Warnings Apply

Uncertain of her whereabouts, she walks along a cobblestone road, rocks crunching beneath her feet. Paper butterflies flutter on crimson wings, papier-mâché trees dotting the surrounding scenery. Looking on a head, where the path changes out into sketched out grass, she notices a lone woman sitting at a periwinkle tea table.

Her black hair is blowing in the breeze, her delicate face and gray eyes meeting the stranger in front of her.

Out of curiosity, she asks. " Who are you? "

WTF is an Isekai? by Lantern_City

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

When you woke up in the city of lanterns, the last thing you expected were for things to return to normal. and you were right. With the help of your roommate things seem to be looking up, but time is a funny thing. Let's follow the journey as it changes.

Starry Hearts of War Oneshots by knixx

Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, 山賊の娘ローニャ | Ronja the Robber's Daughter (Anime), Yu-Gi-Oh! - All Media Types, Sonic the Hedgehog - All Media Types, Lego Ninjago, LEGO Monkie Kid, 約束のネバーランド | Yakusoku no Neverland | The Promised Neverland (Manga), Voltron: Legendary Defender, Shikizakura

There will be many languages used, sometimes one I made myself. This story was made because I realized I just threw you guys into a dystopia. There will be fluff and angst about the adult and the kids!! Hope you like!


Mobia's Defenders by knixx

Fandoms: | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, Future Card Buddyfight, Lego Ninjago, 約束のネバーランド | Yakusoku no Neverland | The Promised Neverland (Anime), Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Sonic X, 山賊の娘ローニャ | Ronja the Robber's Daughter (Anime), Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, LEGO Monkie Kid

Evrena and Dex, sitting on a hill. Looking at the stars. A question is asked. Everything breaks.

Dex is found and in trouble.

Shoto's diary says a lot.

Summary on all main characters.


Inadvertently activate his laser eyes by yayadrawsthingz

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Mks eyes been hurting since he's gotten the staff. It's more knotisable when he's very excited, maybe his Mentor knows what's going on.

Pen Ink by Queenie_Leaf for Taurcenyeet

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Wukong is writing to his lawyer with a pen.

He then gets bored and starts biting on the pen before he hears
a sickening crack


He tastes ink

Strangely metallic but it's not killing him.

. His lawyer could wait.


Amnesia Rules Again by ObsessedWithAlotTheGirl

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Macaque arrived at Flower Fruit Mountain, requested by Mk. He wasn’t exactly sure why he went, curiosity got the best of him. Once he arrived, a wave of disappointment fell over him as he was faced with The Monkey King himself. The feeling was mutual when it came to Wukong, but Mk vowed to fix the relationship between the two Monkey’s.

Wukong, done with the conversation, went into meditation. But once Macaque started to leave, Mk wouldn’t allow it. The two started to fight, but due to their carelessness, slammed into Wukong. This was not the first time someone had broke the Monkey King, but to Macaque and Mk, this was a completely new experience.

Tianling Sash by Queenie_Leaf

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Wukong is playing with fire in this one. He had an idea, a wonderful, awful, idea.

АссортиментУзнать больше

LEGO® Monkie Kid™

Представьте, что бы произошло, если бы герои и злодеи из старинных сказок вдруг оказались в современном мире. LEGO® Monkie Kid™ переносит в наше время персонажей древней китайской истории о битве между добром и злом. Так рождается новая легенда — и дети получают возможность создавать свои собственные героические приключения.

Самые популярные

Город Фонарей

Фабрика лунных пряников Чан’э

«Галактический странник» Манки Кида

Робот Злой Макаки

Манки Кид — сюжет: сезон 3

Манки Кид и его команда отправляются в свое путешествие на запад: им предстоит отыскать три могущественных огненных кольца, чтобы победить Костяного демона. Сможет ли Злая Макака со своей армией темных обезьян остановить нашего героя? Да начнется гонка!

Манки Кид — сюжет: сезон 2

Эпические приключения продолжаются: наш герой Манки Кид (он же «МК») вместе с друзьями сражается, защищая город от двух новых легендарных и опасных врагов: Костяного демона и Королевы пауков.

Манки Кид — сюжет: сезон 1

Судьба отправляет юного доставщика лапши Манки Кида на поиски давно потерянного золотого посоха Царя обезьян. Сможет ли он использовать его магические силы, чтобы победить демонического Царя быков, принцессу Айрон Фэн и Ред Сана?

Огненное кольцо Нэчжа

«Галактический странник» Манки Кида

Разожгите у детей интерес к приключениям, и пусть они соберут детализированную стартовую площадку и звездолет, а затем отправятся в героические космические экспедиции вместе с Манки Кидом, Мэй, Сэнди, мистером Тангом и роботом Мо.

Погрузочный робот Сэнди

Мощный робот Сэнди с диджейской будкой наверху (ну а почему нет?) против робота Синтакса, стреляющего ракетами с паучьим ядом. Вот это сражение!

Танк-лапша Пигси

Сегодня в меню захватывающие сражения едой! В схватке участвуют скорострельный танк-лапша Пигси, робот-панда, стреляющий «лимонадом», и дрон-панда!

Коптер команды Монки Кида

Настоящий швейцарский нож среди летательной техники! Проводите самые дерзкие спасательные операции с неба с этим коптером. А потом можно отпраздновать, отдохнуть и отлично провести время в домашней атмосфере. опять же в коптере!

Легендарная Цветочная гора

Там, где началась легенда! Этот впечатляющий набор предлагает детям воссоздать историю появления Царя обезьян на священной Цветочной горе. В наборе есть 4 минифигурки Царя обезьян, изображающие его в разном возрасте.

Город Фонарей

Робот Злой Макаки

Сразитесь в напряженном бою с могучим роботом Злой Макаки. Ваш юный герой должен объединиться с Манки Кидом, Мэй и Сэнди, отыскать все три огненных кольца и использовать пушку из Золотого посоха, чтобы победить злодея.

Фабрика лунных пряников Чан’э

С помощью этого веселого игрового набора вы можете по-новому познакомить детей с легендарной китайской богиней Луны Чан’э. В наборе есть фабрика для производства лунных пряников, стреляющий шипами кролик-робот, ракета в форме моркови и многое другое!

Машина-дракон Мэй

Потрясающая машина Мэй, трайк темных обезьян, летающая доска Манки Кида, четыре минифигурки с крутым оружием и аксессуарами. все, что нужно вашему ребенку для ролевых эпических сражений за огненное кольцо!

Творения посоха Манки Кида

Дети могут вообразить себя в роли Манки Кида, который учится у Царя Обезьян использовать Золотой посох, чтобы сделать робота, самолет и гоночный автомобиль, а потом смешать модели и создать свои собственные волшебные творения.

Оригинальная легенда о Царе обезьян

История серии LEGO® Monkie Kid™ берет свое начало в древнекитайской культуре и легендах. Наборы с любовью переосмысливают знаменитого Царя обезьян и других персонажей классического романа «Путешествие на запад». Эта сказка XVI века входит в число четырех великих классических романов китайской литературы.

LEGO® Monkie Kid™ рассказывает новую легенду — об обычном мальчике, который встретил своего кумира и узнал: чтобы стать современным героем, нужен тот, кто в тебя верит, нужна смелость отстаивать свои ценности, даже если иногда ты делаешь ошибки, а еще нужно воображение и много практики! Да, ну и друзья со стреляющим сосисками оружием и крутой техникой тоже не помешают, конечно.

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LEGO® Monkie Kid™

Imagine what would happen if heroes and villains from old fairytales suddenly appeared in today’s world? LEGO® Monkie Kid™ brings the characters from a centuries-old Chinese tale about the battle between good and evil into a modern-world setting. A new legend is born – and kids get to create their own heroic adventures.

Most Popular

The City of Lanterns

Chang’e Moon Cake Factory

Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer

Evil Macaque’s Mech

Monkie Kid – The Story: Season 3

MK and the team embark on their own journey to the West in search of 3 powerful Fire Rings to defeat the Bone Demon. Can the Evil Macaque and his army of Shadow Monkeys stop them? The race is on!

Monkie Kid – The Story: Season 2

The epic adventures continue as our hero Monkie Kid (aka ‘MK’) and friends battle to defend the city against 2 more legendary and dangerous enemies: the Bone Demon and the Spider Queen.

Monkie Kid – The Story: Season 1

Fate leads young noodle shop delivery boy Monkie Kid to find the Monkey King’s long-lost Golden Staff. Can he harness its magical powers to defeat the Demon Bull King, Princess Iron Fan and Red Son?

Nezha’s Fire Ring

Nezha’s amazing vehicle and 2 flame-energy shooters? Check. Evil Macaque’s jet flyer, MK’s Golden Staff Flyer and White Bone Demon’s throne? Check, check, check. Now check out this red-hot playset!

Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer

Spark children’s sense of adventure as they build a super-detailed launchpad and spaceship, then embark on heroic space missions with Monkie Kid, Mei, Sandy, Mr. Tang and Robot Mo.

Sandy’s Power Loader Mech

Sandy’s power-punching mech with a DJ booth on top (hey, why not?) vs. Syntax’s spider-poison-rocket-launching mech. What a knockout set!

Pigsy’s Noodle Tank

Action-packed food fights are on the menu with Pigsy’s rapid-shooting Noodle Tank, a ‘lemonade’-shooting panda robot and a panda drone!

Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter

The Swiss army knife of vehicles. Carry out daring rescue missions from the sky with the Team Dronecopter. And then celebrate, relax and enjoy the home comforts inside… also the Dronecopter.

The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

Where it all began. This spectacular set invites kids to relive the Monkey King’s origin story at the sacred Flower Fruit Mountain. Includes 4 Monkey King minifigures, depicting him at different ages.

The City of Lanterns

Welcome to the City of Lanterns, with stores, restaurants, a karaoke booth, sky train and so much more to explore. The buildings can be combined in many ways so kids can make the city their own.

Evil Macaque’s Mech

Bring on the battle action with the Evil Macaque’s mighty mech. Your young hero must team up with MK, Mei and Sandy to collect all 3 Fire Rings and use the Golden Staff Cannon to defeat this villain.

Chang’e Moon Cake Factory

Introduce kids to legendary Chinese moon goddess Chang’e in a new way with this fun-packed playset, featuring a moon cake production line, stud-shooting bunny mech, carrot-shaped rocket and more!

Mei’s Dragon Car

Mei’s awesome vehicle, the Shadow Monkeys’ trike, Monkie Kid’s Cloud Board, 4 minifigures with cool weapons and accessories… everything a youngster needs to role-play epic battles for the Fire Ring!

Monkie Kid’s Staff Creations

Children can imagine they are Monkie Kid learning from Monkey King how to use The Golden Staff to make a mech, airplane and race car, then mix up the models to make their own magical creations.

The Original Legend of the Monkey King

Rooted in ancient Chinese culture and lore, the LEGO® Monkie Kid™ story and playsets delightfully reimagine the beloved, legendary character the Monkey King and other characters from the classic Journey to the West novel. The 16th-century tale is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

LEGO® Monkie Kid™ is a new legend in his own right, a normal kid who meets his idol and discovers what it takes to be a modern-day hero: someone who believes in you, the courage to act on your values, even if you sometimes make mistakes, imagination, and lots of practice! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to have friends with sausage-shooting weapons and cool vehicles, of course.

Monkie Kid is a 2020 LEGO TV show based off of the world-famous Chinese folk tale Journey to the West. It was produced by Flying Bark Productions (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Glitch Techs) to coincide with the release of the theme's Lego sets.

Monkie Kid, or MK as his friends call him, is your average kid, but his world is completely changed when a noodle delivery turns into him discovering the resurrection of the great Demon Bull King the fabled ultimate enemy of MK's hero, The Monkey King.

The series premiered in Malaysia with a 45-minute TV special (A Hero Is Born) in June 13, 2020. Season one then premiered on September 13 of that year in Malaysia, with 10 episodes, and Season Two's TV special (Revenge of the Spider Queen) would then premiere on March 27, 2021, with the rest of the season beginning its premiere in May 1, 2021 in Australia. Season 3 would begin premiering in China on April 17, 2022, and its season finale special Embrace Your Destiny would air in the UK from June 1, 2022 to June 2, 2022.

After more than a year since the series began, the series will be made officially available on Amazon Kids+ on September 9, 2021 in several other countries (The United States particularly, along with the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Japan), with the second season being set to officially release later in 2022.

Monkie Kid provides examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time that Sean Schemmel voices a character that's based off Sun Wukong.
  • Adaptation Deviation: The show acts as a spin off to the original Journey to the West tale but isn’t a direct 1:1 representation, changing up the story and its characters in significant ways that essentially creates a new version of JTTW for the series.
  • Brought Down to Badass: In the first episode "Bad Weather", in order to help MK learn to control his powers better, Monkey King reduces MK's power and removes his invincibility in order to do so.
  • This show's portrayal of Sun Wukong is voiced by Sean Schemmel, the English voice of Son Goku from Dragon Ball, another series based on Journey to the West. In addition, Goku was also based on Sun Wukong.
  • An allusion to Jack De Sena's largest role is made in Minor Scale when MK makes the Staff tiny and spins it with the same pose and expression as Aang when he did his lame marble trick in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Red Son's Inferno Truck consists of a trike attached to a monster truck. The cockpit can move from the trike to a second driver seat on the truck, allowing the trike to eject and both vehicles drive on their own.
  • The Bone Demon mech consists of several smaller mechs and structures. The scorpion forms the legs and lower torso. The temple forms the chest and ribcage. The spiders form the Shouders Of Doom. Finally, parts of the shrine form the head.
  • MK's first 'fight' with the Lady Bone Demon largely consists of her leaving him writhing in agony via straight up Mind Rape, physically overpowering him, and him unable to even get close enough to try attacking her. The Spider Queen attacking is the only reason he escapes, and Lady Bone Demon promptly one shots the Demon before her clumsy attack hits her.
  • The second encounter in the Season 2 finale This is The End! does NOT end well either, with Lady Bone Demon performing a Batman Gambit in order to force MK to use up all his power in order to complete her weapon. All of MK's attempts to stop her are completely cut short before he's completely drained, nearly being Taken for Granite as a result before Monkey King returned just in time to save his life and retreat to safety with him, but with the staff lost to lady Bone Demon.
  • During the flashback to the battle with the Demon Bull King, the Monkey King's appearance is heralded by a snippet of the theme song of the much-beloved 1980's TV series adaptation of Journey to the West.
  • The Monkey King's final battle involving him sealing Demon Bull King under a mountain was a Bookends to how his journey originally began: with him being sealed under a mountain by the Buddha.
  • In "A Hero is Born", MK and Mei, after encouraging Sandy to help them, Mei's expression is frozen until MK literally turns her head around, referencing the reversible face prints common to LEGO Minifigures.
  • When chasing MK with a motorcycle launched from his monster truck, Red Son, when talking about his vehicle's transformation feature, pulls out a booklet, said booklet being a LEGO instruction manual showcasing his truck's play feature.
  • Once or twice Red Son is called "Red Boy", his name in the tale.
  • In "Revenge Of The Spider Queen", Red Son teams up with the heroes to save his father from Spider Queen — from which Mei pieces together that he’s actually much better at being a hero than he is at being a villain, something he’s vehemently opposed to. He finally embraces it in the ''Embrace Your Destiny’’ Season 3 special.
  • In “72 Transformations”, MK offers for Spider Queen to work together with him and his friends to stop Lady Bone Demon, for which she attempts to kill him just for suggesting.
  • In Season 3, While Macaque is the Arc Villain working for Lady Bone Demon, both MK and Tang try to offer for him to join them in stopping her, both understanding that the only reason he’s helping her is to get away from her destruction — but he cynically scoffs at both these proposals. However, MK finally convinces him otherwise in “Time To Be Warriors”, and he helps the heroes in the final battle.

Pigsy: What could’ve been so important that you’d leave MK alone to face that that thing?! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE HIS MENTOR!

A Son Of Two Dad's от Connor345

MK was orphaned at a young age. He doesn't know why he's never felt normal, doesn't know why he's never fit in and he certainly doesn't know that his actual parents are.

Change The Fate Of The World от Dreamlight_18

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Izumi Midoriya, Twin sister of Izuku Midoriya. Second Successor of All Might. She and Izuku were fighting againts One For All before Izumi pushed Izuku out of the way an.

SweetTooth (LMK Redson x Gender Neutral reader) от Psycho_Bacon31

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You own a little bakery shop and everyday was the same. Wake up, go to work, bake, and then back to sleep. You were actually ok with these repeating events. Might as wel.

A Loud Dance | Macaque ×Reader от MistressLimerence

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//This IS a Macaque×Reader. It also contain's Sun Wukong×Reader. Not a Sun Wukong×Macaque//. --------------------------- How did every story go for everyone? Perhaps gro.

Anomaly [Monkie kid fanfic] от Zion204

21.5K 579 40

Red eyes and white Locks that even the Jade Emperor of the Celestial realm fears her. She was only Young back then and the Jade Emperor wants nothing but to Exterminate.

A Weird World (LMK Sun Wukong x Reader x Macaque) от Outraged-writer

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tbh has turned into a sun wukong x reader x macaque What you expected when you laid down with your eyes closed on your bed, snug under the sheet covers, you were expecti.

Small and aggressive Filipina[Avatar x Lego Monkie Kid crossover fanfiction] от Dreamlight_18

9.5K 296 21

Delila, a 4'6 ft. 26 year old female from the country of Philippines, Move in to Chine and stay over 22 years. Meet Mk and Mei when she bump towards to them at the arcad.

The Lotus Maiden от Mereeples

6.5K 281 12

"Shhhh, little blossom, I won't hurt you~" Y/N is MK's older sister. She was used to being on the sidelines, not being the whole 'running into the fray' type l.

𝙲𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚎? |Monkey king x Reader| от simpin_aint_pimpin

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Y/n loved Wukong and he loved her, but it happend, it lead to Y/n's imprisonment for a thousand years. Of course they love each other but can they recover? Can they ever.

The Peach Garden от ForeveranEnigma

49.5K 2.1K 89

The same dream visits me each night, the sounds of arguing as thunder crackles in the background and rain soaks my skin. What are they saying? Why are they arguing? Are.

One bowl of Spicy Noodles от RoxyRay28

41K 1.2K 16

It's a fluffy SpicyNoodleshipping fic! Yes, it's Red Son x MK. I'll be posting it to AO3 so more people can enjoy it soon! Cover made by colesmonkies on instagram at. ht.

Heart of a Warrior от ShiraFangirl

7K 387 12

There is a story about Fa Mulan, who's the hero and the warrior, died tragically from the battle against the Lady Bone Demon that her and her friends manage to defeat. B.

War For Your Heart (Red Son x Reader) от tea_beehive

30.8K 1.1K 32

Y/N is a close friend of MK, and decides one night to go hang out with him and Mei. What they didn't expect, was to find out that a potential enemy. maybe even friend.

THE GOLDEN CICADA [Monkie kid] от Zion204

14K 749 32

In the Old Tale of Journey to the west, Mk Has spent his time reading it again and even Listens to Tangs Rambling about the Monkey king and his Companions. The Old legen.

A Colored Spark -*- Spicynoodles -*- от Wackytonxx

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Red Son has been developing something off of his fire powers, they seem to be more heated, even more for his own liking. At some point, he has an outburst and his fire e.

Hey! (LMK various x reader) от UntitledUnderscore_

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im bored im tired and ive got lotsa time on my hands btw this is my first story and im hella nervous GN!reader, who isn't human but not quite a demon either? They're mo.

Red Son x (Mk's sister) Reader от Snow_Wolf9

60.5K 1.6K 62

Mk has a sister!? This is the story of when Mk finds Monkey King's staff with his sister. What if a certain demon gets feelings for Y/n? What if Y/n finds an unknown mag.

1.8K 103 7

Most group of friends have trios, like two boys and one girl. So what if Wukong and Macaque had another friend. Another that just wanted to break the chains from her res.


5.5K 182 15

A fanfiction of Lego Monkie kid series, Even though I only watch only few but bare it with me okay! "You all know the stories of the celestial gods and stories abou.

A Guy That I'd Never Be Into (Red Son X MK) от SpaghettiForShrek

29.8K 807 24

When Red Son's mother, Princess Iron Fan, humiliates him in front of the entire Monkie Gang, he decides he's had enough and goes ballistic on her. Once he's realised wha.

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