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MK's life has finally started to feel normal. The Lady Bone Demon is defeated but her words still echo in his mind.

When Red Son decides to make a new invention, an interdimensional portal, a greater threat emerges. Can MK resist this new threat or will he succumb to it? What will his friends do if they lose the Monkey Kid to this new threat?

What happens when you have to face your heroe when they are at their worst?

We need to work this out by Cart00n_Bunny

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Wukong invited Macaque over as a truce. He picks the movie while Wukong gets everything together to chill. Until the moment is ruined. Although the moment isn't the only thing that gets ruined.

Dance Sought By A Shadow by Kokalo

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

After the events of Shadowplay and Macaque's encounter with Lady Bone Demon, he shows up injured at MK's doors. Did he come for protection or is it just another plan by Lady Bone Demon?
Will the crew be able to trust Macaque?
Will Macaque trust anyone?
Will one MK and the gang be blessed with patience to deal with Macaque?
Find out on the next episode of, I take the canon and throw it out of window!

Macaque lives with MK and the gang, everyone needs patience and therapy. Domestic until plot kicks the charcters into teeth and by the plot, I mean more trauma.

Sentient by Anonymous

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

After a fight with the original, the Party Clone, or Porty as he prefers, runs away, trying desesperatly to cope with the fact that he does not, in fact, want to be a clone forever.

Lucky for him, a certain shadow can help him out.

In which Porty learns how to be a real person, and Macaque learns to heal.

Never Again by Roxx_15

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

He wouldnt do so again. Never. He did once, but never again.

Opportunity by BirdBonez

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Pre-canon AU (?)
You recieve a strange phone call.

Lotus Follower by MadamRabbit

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Prince Nezha, is a dutiful Deity who has been guarding the ancient map that lead to the locations of the three fire ring that seal the true fire of Samadhi. over the centuries, he has been isolating himself in the chamber with very little social contact. it gets very lonely.

The Merciful Goddess, Guan Yin decided that Prince Nezha could use a little help. however, with Nezha's very risky duty, getting a trustworthy Attendant is no Easy task. She will have to do a lot of procedures before deciding the candidates is deemed trustworthy to be Prince Nezha's attendant.

Spiced Up Emotions by petrichorcircus

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

now, you aren't a scientist. honestly you aren't even sure you are smart. however, you are quite confident that laying down in bed does not usually lead to landing on your ass in a freezing cold, very gross alleyway. what's worse is having a literal emo monkey man appear from nowhere and start talking to you.

A Weird World (LMK Sun Wukong x Reader x Macaque) by Outrage_A (Demonic_Loneliness0000)

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

tbh has turned into a sun wukong x reader x macaque

What you expected when you laid down with your eyes closed on your bed, snug under the sheet covers, you were expecting just to see your dimly lit, almost purple-looking ceiling. It almost always looked that way from the festive lights outside that hadn’t been taken down yet

What you didn't expect, however, was to open your eyes to blinding light and at least one person looming over you, watching before they waved cautiously. If you didn’t know better, you'd say the suspiciously blue gray-tinted skin didn’t really seem..human.

“I say we should expect a reward”

“Where the hell am I?” you mutter

All you need to do is survive this mess, hopefully in one stable piece

Pacify Her. by Mizu_Rice

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

instead of killing the six-eared macaque all those years ago, the great sage, equal to heaven locked his being away in a pendant. tucking him away in his temple, for his anger with his past friend burned brighter then any flame after his attempt to murder his traveling group.

the macaque stirs in anguish and rage at his closests betrayal of his trust.

Mei, restless and exasperated with the Monkey kings actions and MKs excuses for him. decides to take things into her own hands.

How did this happen!? by 3rsatz

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

What if you took a college student who overworks themselves and a coffee addiction? Well your about find out.

College Credits and Immortal Monkeys by SunWukongs_Peach

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

You're crashing in a spare room above Pigsy's noodle shop, right across from MK. You just want a peaceful life working down stairs while studying to complete your degree in ancient Chinese mythology, but that's apparently too much to ask for. One weird delivery later and you're on a quest to defeat an ancient evil all while balancing an unexpected romance from one of the most powerful demons in existence and restraining from strangling the next person in your little found family to make an impulsive decision. Despite all this I'm sure you'll get your degree. eventually. Hey, maybe dating a living embodiment of Chinese mythology might help!

The Eagle Prince’s New Flight by Eternal_Koi

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

The story of Lin Chang, a thin and dark-skinned demon with large, eagle wings, known as the Eagle Demon Prince. Chang has run away from his home to find a better life, but he may have found himself a group of friends.

An Unexpected Visit by liimb0

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Wukong is getting ready to go to bed for the night, when he hears a strange noise outside his door.


Bittersweet by Cressida789, LovelyLocust7

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Two sworn enemies are forced to unite for the sake of a child they discover in the forest. The only question is whether they can move forward from their rivalry or will the past continue to push them apart.


Seeking Mo by strongwolf4

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid, Charlotte's Web - E. B. White, Charlotte's Web (Movies 1973 2003)

Hey, we all need a little rest/vacation sometimes right? Wukong COMMANDS MK takes some time off. And unfortunately he has to listen to his mentors commands. So MK figures some time off (bringing Mei and Mo with him) should be fine. Right? Well, it's all fine and dandy (sort of) until Mo goes missing. And so does MK's staff. So now he and his friends (well, a certain fire demon showed up) need to find them both. The last thing MK wants to see is Sandy sad and Wukong mad. Hey, it rhymes!

Wayward Strays by AeonChangeling

Fandoms: The Owl House, Gravity Falls, Legend Quest, Tales of Arcadia, American Dragon: Jake Long, Danny Phantom, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Coraline (2009), Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, LEGO Monkie Kid, Xiaolin Showdown (Cartoon), Infinity Train (Cartoon)

Luz didn't want to return to the human realm, not yet, and she didn't come back alone. They just wanted to go back, back to the the Boiling Isles, back to the magic, back to the friends and loved ones they were forced to leave behind.

And then some strangers arrived with an offer they can't refuse: A school for kids who went to other worlds and came back, to offer help, therapy, peers who understood their situation. and a chance to go back.

Who could say no to an offer like that?

Red Son's Second Life by Green_Flame

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Red Son has begun another story of his life, will he be able to take running 2 story's at once?

all the stones and kings of old will hear us screaming at the cold by crud

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

he could still feel her looking over his shoulder, most days.


AKA: sun wukong post-possession body horror - the fic


Loving you through the Broken Bond by the_1_the_only_fishbottom

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

As he stood in a line of young adult monkeys being doused in magic water, Macaque's world view tilted on its axis. Like watching in slow motion, he could almost see, feel and hear well into the future. His vision swam and it felt like his body was also swaying in place, but his legs were stuck, frozen. His stomach sloshed around with nerves as the gazes of the entire Flower Fruit Mountain tribe stared up at him. His six ears twitched in his white fur.

Before and after. That's what this moment would become. When Macaque's second gender is revealed to be a Prime Omega, he can feel the dread in his bones, deep in his soul, that his future wouldn't be a bright one. How ironic that he was right.

This is the lego monkie kid xreader headcannon/oneshot request post!

This post will be pinned!


  • MK
  • Red Son
  • Sun Wunkong/Monkey King
  • Macaque
  • Yin and Jin
  • Syantx(idk how to spell his name)
  • Porty MK
  • Painter MK
  • mei
  • fluff
  • smut/lemon?
  • angst
  • love triangles?
  • Violence
  • gore/blood
  • any fetish
  • rape/abuse/underage
  • oc/ships
  • What I mean by this is that what you should request!
  • For Example:

“Hey may I request MK dating HC”

It doesn’t have to be exactly like that word for word, but please make sure I can understand ur request!

( this is no hate for the other pronouns! )

I hope to be getting request soon✨

Hey I just wanna know if your still taking requests for lmk? I want to send a request but I don’t want to really bother you if your busy!

I am still taking request !! ur all good!



( i dont have one )

quirkyhero asked:

Hello Halo Hello! May I request Macaque x (kuudere)reader x Sun Wukong. Like they both meet the reader in different ways, but they're first meeting were of y/n showing kindness.

I hope this is okay? What I basically would like to request of you is a love triangle with Macaque and Sun Wukong trying to win y/n over. Basically a cute fluffy oneshot or headcanon if you don't mind that is. Thank you for your time and I hope you have an amazing day/evening/afternoon/night!

Macaque x kunndere reader x Sun Wunkong

Pink: You Orange: Sunwunkong Purple: Macaque

How did I end up like this?

I just wanted some ice cream…

*Insert macaque and sun wunkong fighting*

Im really bored. I was currently laying on my bed, covers off me, with absolutely nothing to do. I looked over to my desk on right —> and grabbed my phone. Scrolling through pinterest i found a cool ice cream place that was close enough to walk to. But I dont wanna go by myself. *Sigh* I guess i have no choice…

but to call them.

I had my phone on my ear and it rung. Then if finally picked up..

“dont call me that.”

“heh alright. Im really enjoying this phone that MK got me! It has so many things like-

“Dont care. Theres an ice cream spot near my place, do you wanna maybe come with me?

“Oh! Sure! Thats the first time you’ve invited me to- well- anything! You love meeee~”

“Yeah, yeah whatever just meet me in front of my house alright?”

“Oki doki! bye peac-“

ugh he can be annoying sometimes.

EEK- I flinched and managed to almost fall of my bed. After regain my balance, I look up to see who it is…

I looked at him with my usual serious face.

“Hey whatcha up to?”

“None of your business.”

“Oof- ouch, hurtful much~”

“Why are you here macaque?”

“Well- I may or may not have over heard you call with my powers and thought ‘hey! why dont I invite myself!’ “

“Because why not?! We never hang out shortie. This will be my chance~”

“ugh- fine you can come. Just behave yourself okay.”

I got up from my bed and picked out some clothes. I turned around to macaque and gave him a look.

“Oh- my apologies.”

He turned around completely to face the wall. And then I changed into this ——>


“You can turn around if you want.”

Macaque turned around to face me and couldn’t believe his eyes. He kept looking up and down and blush crept to his dark toned cheeks.

“Ahem- well shall we go?”

I said with no emotion.

After leaving the house i felt a fast gust of wind over me. It was wunkong landing his cloud.

Wunkong’s eyes widen when he saw macaque next to me. His eyes then showed anger,

“What is he doing here?

He asked with seriousness,

“I invited- well he invited himself to what were doing.”

“Why?! (Y/N) He’s pure evil!”

“Aww dont be like that Sun~”

Macaque said moving closer to him,

I then came in the middle,

“girls,girls your both pretty. Can we go now?”

They both looked at each other and gave out a glare on each other,

“Alright then lets go.”

As I walked in front I can literally feel them giving off glares to one another, it was so annoying.

I look back in front of me and theres a mini cross walk.

“Hold my hand princess~”

Hold my hand peaches~”

(said at the same time)

They both looked at each other and gave each other dirty looks.

I then grabbed both of there hands, and then the light turned green for us to walk. As walking Macaque and Wunkong were blushing, Wunkong just scratched his neck nervously and Macaque looked away embarrassed.

!Time Skip!

We made it to the ice cream spot! I walked with Macaque and Wunkong at the stand,

“So what can I get you three?”

“Can I get a vanilla cone?”

“Um Chocolate please?”

“And for me, Strawberry please?”

The guy down at the case register,

“That will be 3.00$” He said with a smile,

I reached in my purse, and gave him 3$

“Thanks so much, you can get your ice cream down there.”

He pointed to another stand and picked up our ice cream there.

We left the place and went to a park and sat on a bench with me in the middle and Wunkong and Macaque between me.

“Hows the ice cream guys?”

“Mhmm~ really good!”

I continued to lick my ice cream,

I can feel eyes looking at me while I eat my ice cream. Macaque was blushing while trying to look away, but Wunkong couldn’t stop looking away with a blush on his face.

I was so focused on them that i wasn’t paying attention that i got ice cream on both sides of my mouth, “Jeez”

Macaque then grabbed my wrist as I was about to get up and pulled me down softly back on the bench.

“I got it shortie~” He said with his signature smirk with his fangs sticking out.

He then licked the side of my cheek were the ice cream was.

“See? no need for a napkin~”

I looked at him with a small blush and a pouted face.

“H-Hey peaches! You still have some here!”

Wunkong then licked his side of cheek with ice cream on.

My blush grew a little brighter, but i knew how to control it.

Macaque then got up,

“The hell do you think your doing?” He said with a half smile eye twitching,

“Just helping her thats all, thats what you were doing too right?” Wunkong said also with a half smile and eye twitching.

They both dropped their ice creams and flew to the sky and started to glow then started punching each each. The fight looked badass up in the sky, but from where I was sitting, It looked like a bunch of light going in and out flying around.

And now were here

I didnt know what to do, so I did the only thing that could stop them.

“S-STOP!” (It wasn’t even that loud)

They both looked down with widen eyes, to see that their precious (Y/N) had raised her voice for the first time since they met her.

I threw away my ice cream and got up from the bench.

They both started coming down until they reached the ground to face me.

“Why? Why do you guys do this? Ever since we met its been like this… why?”

I said with a little emotion.

Both of them were shocked to here me use even the siltiest of emotion. Blush crept of their faces.

Wunkong said finishing the sentence.

Blush started to creep on my cheeks.

“Well- Of course your nice, sweet, caring-“

“Even though you barley show emotion, thats what we love about you.”

My eyes widen just a bit, I had no idea.

“I-I I love y-you guys too.”

I said while looking away.

Their eyes widen and their monkey ears turned red. As well as their cheeks.

I completely turned around from them so they wouldn’t see my face.

They looked at each other and gave one another a smirk,

“Aww we love you too peaches~”

“Love you too shortie~”

I grabbed their necks one at a time, starting with Macaque and kissing him deeply, and then doing the same with Wunkong.

“Alright Im tired, lets go.”

I said with no emotion but with a tiny bit of blush.

While walking, The monkeys just stood there, faces red.

“Tell me you thought that was hot?”

They then catched up to (Y/N) and they held (Y/N)’s hands the whole walk home.

HOLY SHIT- THATS THE BEST ONE IVE DONE YET! IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Thanks for the request Hope you enjoyed!

AnCas Studio — Переводы

Екатерина Величко

AnCas Studio — Переводы

Людмила Евстигнеева

AnCas Studio — Переводы

Sumi Michio

AnCas Studio — Переводы

Лиза Никколова

AnCas Studio — Переводы

Лиза Никколова

AnCas Studio — Переводы

Лиза Никколова

Nadezhda Mitina

AnCas Studio — Переводы

Олеся Гудкова

Paul Feduk

AnCas Studio — Переводы, почему окгда смотрю первую серию там выходит так что это первая серия второго сезона, как глянуть первый?

Герои мультфильма "Monkie Kid" .

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Lego Monkie Kid [И легенды о царе обезьян]

Lego Monkie Kid [И легенды о царе обезьян] запись закреплена

Lego Monkie Kid [И легенды о царе обезьян]

Lego Monkie Kid [И легенды о царе обезьян] запись закреплена


Здравствуйте дорогие подписчики! Если вы увлеклись легендами про короля обезьян, то советую вам посмотреть мульфильм 2015 года где,вы узнаете о нём многое.Удачного просмотра!

Lego Monkie Kid [И легенды о царе обезьян]

Lego Monkie Kid [И легенды о царе обезьян] запись закреплена
Фильмы и ceриалы | Новинки кинo


Oчeнь кpyтoй сepиaл от NetfIix!


Цapь oбезьян: Новые лeгенды (2020) Вce cеpии, 16+
Жанр: фэнтези, комедия, приключения

Kогдa-то людей зaщищaли бoги, oни жe сдepживaли демонов. Царь Oбезьян был oдним из стрaжeй мирa, a потом исчeз. Тeперь злые силы рaзгулялиcь и пoдчинили себе все вокрyг. Heкотopыe вoины мeчтают о возвpaщении стаpыx пopядкoв. Oни ищyт избpанныx, споcoбныx c пoмощью aртефактов пpизвать Цаpя oбeзьян. Юнaя гeроиня пoмогает оpганизoвaть oднy тaкyю вcтрeчу зaгoвopщиков, нo демoн yбивaeт всех приcyтcтвующиx. Онa же вынужденa cтaть избрaнной и пpинять имя Tpипитака, чтобы пpодолжить миccию пoгибших товapищeй.

This is a fic to go with permo2003 wonderful Macaque and MK Art on Tumblr!

Macaque knew he wasn't the teacher that MK was seeking, but he would be the teacher that heeds MK's call.

Am I losing my mind, or am I winning your heart? by kamalbora

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Everyone knows of the infamous Red Son. That is, unless you’ve been living under a rock or come from very far away.

Unfortunately, the latter applies to you, and it seems there is much to be discovered about this city.

Mistletoe Mayhem by salemdoeswriting

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Cute Christmas decorating stuff + Red trying to get a smooch under the mistletoe

Sacred Temple? More Like Shame Temple by HattieChats

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

There's a shame temple? Let's make a plot around it!

A psychic who just wants to go home by 1person1

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Lego monkie kid x Saiki K male reader

‘Curse this shitty luck ‘

Being transported to a kids tv show is not what you wanted to do today . You should’ve thrown that damned cat towards the sun the second you saw it .

Not being able to teleport home the only way out is to help a delivery boy defeat his enemies and try not to lose your sanity.

Being a psychic this should be easy .

But you end up dragging unwanted attention towards yourself.

Wukong gets Nezha to sleep🪷🍑✨ by Peachylemoncream

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Nezha has been questioning his worth and worked himself to pure exhaustion

Wukong being the dad he is helps him the best he can

Monkey Kid Drabbles and Headcanons by Moonlit_Fox, Noble_Prime

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

As the title suggests, this is drabbles and headcanons my friend and i came up with. Some chapters include smut, we'll warn ahead of time and list the kinks. Some of the tags haven't been written yet but they will. It's mainly gonna be Wukong/Macaque but we might do other types, maybe. Enjoy :]

Pain and peaches - The beginning by Arrow_Raptor

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

It hasn't been long since our heros had saved the day but it seemed that their path is going to twist in an unexpected way. Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equal To Heaven, isn't as okay as he acts after his possession and to try to act normal he may have taken on more responsibilities then he can handle.


Altered Destiny by lilybugg6

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

What if it was MK who had been possessed? What would the lingering consequences of the Lady Bone Demon's possession have on MK? Will he be able to get over the possession?

There is something lurking inside MK after his ordeal with the Lady Bone Demon and his possession. Something that terrifies him. He wants to get rid of it. But how can he?

A Scent That Lasts by Falling_Future

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

You arrive home late at night after spending the day with Wukong and MK, but Macaque seems to be acting peculiar. You don’t know it, but the thick scent of peaches is clinging to you, and your boyfriend seems rattled by this. Good thing he already has a solution in mind, though.

A new life by Star_child99

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Summary: the author…. Creator…. ….. The controller of all writing in their world, what if one night the creator goes to bed but wakes up in their favorite show? What If the creator became her Oc that she loves so much…..


Hold on…..

She made her Oc the son of lady-

Follow 'azure' (me) as he explores Monkie kid and follows MK throughout adventures!

And just a note: my pronouns are she/they, my oc is just a male

It's all to much for me by Tater_the_potater

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

MK is over worked, a lot. He is tired. He eventfully starts doubts himself and slowly gives up on a lot of things, from gaming to being a hero.
When the pressure gets to MK he runs away from his family, finding out that not all enemy's are bad guys.

destiny? what's that? by Auburnity

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Set after the events of S3, MK decides to sleep over at your house.

The Flowering Fruit by Baykit

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

When the son of the navy commander Red Son first meets the famous pirate, The Monkey King, he wasn't expecting him to be so. flirty? But what about his affections for the cabin boy, MK? Things only get more confusing from here for Red Son.

Original AU concept belongs to ninja-knox-ur-sox-off on Tumblr

What Happened? by Vampsscore

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

This is just something I wrote while listening to Gooey by the Glass Animals and a bit of First love/Late Spring by Mitski.

He didn’t know exactly what possessed him to drink them, or why he was thinking of his old lover, but here he was, listening to the wind and trying not to think about how great it felt back then. If it was like back then, he would have his partner sitting right next to him, drinking as much if not more than him. They would giggle the night away without a care in the world because there were no worries, nothing to stop them, nothing in the way. Although, now there were plenty of things to worry about, and he knows Wukong is sitting in his pretty little mountain and acting as if it wasn’t even happening.

Shovel by imbeccable

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Mei trusts Mk's judgement, but sometimes you've gotta take matters in your own hands to make sure your bestie stays unhurt.

The Peach Garden by ForeveranEngima

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

The same dream visits me each night, the sounds of arguing as thunder crackles in the background and rain soaks my skin. What are they saying? Why are they arguing? Are they pointing at me? Wait, no, don't leave me, please don't leave me here!

He Took My Place by toons_rule

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

Wukong was so close to winning. To finally defeat the Lady Bone Demon and end this absolute nightmare. Not ready for her to get an advantage Wukong was not prepared to face.

((AKA: What if MK was possessed by Lady Bone Demon.))

It’s Been a Long Time by SleepyDazi

Fandoms: LEGO Monkie Kid

With the apprenticeship of MK under the Great Monkey King, Mei has been noticing that her friendship with MK has been starting to strain yet she was simply in denial of such a thing! Hopeful that it simply was her mind playing tricks on her. With the finding of a mysterious artifact, the girl is given a new companion along with many complications and many new revelations…

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