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Sir Fangar is the leader of the Sabre-Tooth Tiger Tribe, and appears as a minifigure in Summer of 2014. Sir Fangar is the main antagonist of 2014's second wave and the leader of the Ice Clans.



Long before Mount Cavora rose from the ground, Fangar (as he was formerly known) lived among the primitive hunter tribes in ancient Chima. The Phoenix tribe, hoping to enlighten their primal brethren, invited the hunters to join them on the peak of Cavora and use their educational resources. In this new environment, Fangar excelled above his peers, learning nearly all there was to learn in the phoenixes' institutions.

Unfortunately, Fangar also became ambitious, believing that he could use his knowledge and skill to conquer Chima. Now calling himself "Sir Fangar", he gathered an army and razed everything in his path; none of the other primal animals could stop him. The phoenixes took action, saving as many animals as possible, then performing "The Great Illumination" - a ritual requiring 8 pieces of armor that both raised Mt. Cavora and sunk The Gorge of Eternal Depth (and the hunters along with it). The ritual drained the gorge (and the surrounding area) of heat, freezing the hunters in ice.

Sir Fangar was freed when Scorm unknowingly tossed a CHI orb into his icy prison, reanimating him and enabling him to break free from the ice. As he gathered his bearings, Scorm and his fellow Crawlers tossed more CHI down the gorge, allowing Sir Fangar to reanimate more of his allies. Realizing that they had been given another chance to conquer the world, Sir Fangar led his army out of the gorge. Along the way, they also discovered that they had absorbed some of the Great Illumination's power during their imprisonment, allowing them to freeze their surroundings and imbue their weapons with ice-based CHI.

After the Ice Clan froze the Scorpion, Spider and Bat clans who tried to stop their advance, Sir Fangar opened a hidden seal in the cave, revealing some of their old vehicles. Thus armed, the Ice Clan emerged from the Gorge of Eternal Depth and invaded Chima itself, starting with the Crocodile tribe's swamp.

With a foothold in Chima secured, Sir Fangar had his Ice Hunters construct a fortress atop a massive mountain of ice, using it to spread their influence across Chima. However, his old enemies among the Fire Tribes soon intervened at Eris's request, giving the tribes of Chima Fire CHI to assist them against the Ice Hunters.

In "Cool and Collected", Sir Fangar watches as his Hunters prepare to capture Flinx, but unfortunately for him, they all fail horribly.

In "The Snowball Effect" Sir Fangar leads a surprise attack against the Lions. He manages to freeze and capture every troop, including Lagravis before Tormak's arrival. Fangar mocks Tormak about how his tunnel cat pals died, but Tormak single handily defeated all of the troops and thawed all of the Lions, however Sir Fangar snuck away while he was fighting and took Lagravis with him.

In "The King Thing", Sir Fangar launches a massive assault on Lion City, attempting to secure Flinx for his collection. They freeze over the city and defeat the troops, and the vultures even contain the Lion Legend Beast. Although the Ice Hunters fail to capture the phoenix child, they deface the Lion Tribe's gate (making it look more like a saber-tooth tiger) and capture Li'ella.

In "A Very Slippery Slope", Sir Fangar reveals his plans to marry Li'ella, believing her to be worthy of becoming his queen. As he sends Li'ella away to be prepared for the wedding, his fortress suddenly comes under attack by Worriz and Gorzan. His trophy room is raided by the other heroes and the "trophies" are all released. Upon discovering this, Sir Fangar breaks out in a fit of despair, sobbing for his lost collection. All the while, Flinx, his object of desire and intended "crown jewel" is waiting in the room to interrogate him. Given the opportunity, Sir Fangar attempts to freeze the Phoenix child, but the latter generates a field of heat to protect himself. Sir Fangar ends up slipping out of the melting fortress while Flinx is being contained by Tormak and Laval.

In "The Artifact," Sir Fangar (evidently having gotten over the loss of his collection) directs his attention to the largest flaw in his plan to conquer Chima; the possibility of the Phoenix launching another illumination. He reveals that his love for Li'ella was more than just shallow emotion, but a ploy to invoke Tormak's rage. He then taunts Tormak, offering Li'ella as a trade for The Artifact; the only known map to the Fire Wing Harnesses. Tormak, unable to bear the thought of never seeing his daughter again, follows through with the deal. In the end, Sir Fangar's plan works; having The Artifact destroyed and Tormak cursed by it's power.

In "Wings of Fire", the invasion of the lion city is moving faster than ever, thanks to the mammoth stompers. He attacks the lion city with the mountain and easily breaks the walls, but the lions hold off his troops long enough for the Phoenix and other tribes to arrive and even the fight out. He orders Vardy, who is hesitant, to release the 4th hunter tribe, the ice bears.

In "The Heart of Cavora," Sir Fangar is completely losing, but then his backup arrives, and they destroy everything and defeat all of the tribes, even the tiger tanks. Their mechs then push the ice mountain into the lion city. Fangar's troops steal all of their CHI, but they are under attack from the undefeated Phoenix airship. He pours the CHI into the heart of the mountain and shoots up a giant ice spike, destroying the airship. Although the ice bears are defeated, Fangar leads the other 3 tribes into the Phoenix temple, where they freeze everything and defeat all of the guards. He lectures Fluminox about his "teaching", and informs Flinx about how his father, the 9th Phoenix, failed his tribe and chickened out of the Great Illumination. When Fluminox says it was because of an infant Flinx, Fangar attacks him, only for Fluminox to step in. They duel, and Fluminox has the upper hand until every ice tribe member gangs up on Fluminox, defeating him. As he is about to push him into the heart of Cavora and kill him, the 8 main heroes come with their fire wings, and they collide. Flinx jumps in and triggers the Illumination, destroying all of the ice. Sir Fangar and the rest of the Ice Hunters are healed of their near-rotted appearances and corruption.

Sir Fangar is the leader of the Ice Hunters who are menacing the land of Chima. Smart, unpredictable and dangerous, he intends to conquer Chima and then remake it into what he wants it to be. Sir Fangar is very aggressive and keeps his army on the move, but his unwillingness to retreat has cost him in battle. Along with taking over Chima, Sir Fangar hopes to “collect” and freeze one of every tribe, including the Phoenix, as trophies.

Ice Version

Sir Fangar (originally known as just Fangar) is a member of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe and appeared as a minifigure in the summer wave of 2014. He is the leader of his tribe and the Ice Hunters and is the main antagonist of 2014's Fire vs. Ice wave.



Sir Fangar is the leader of the Ice Hunters who are menacing the land of Chima. Smart, unpredictable and dangerous, he intends to conquer Chima and then remake it into what he wants it to be. Sir Fangar is very aggressive and keeps his army on the move, but his unwillingness to retreat has cost him in battle. Along with taking over Chima, Sir Fangar hopes to “collect” and freeze one of every tribe, including the Phoenix, as trophies. [1]

Not much is known about Fangar yet except he was frozen in the Gorge of Eternal depth with the other Ice Tribes for 1000 years. When Laval gave CHI to Scorm and told him to use it wisely, Scorm dropped it down in a crevice that opened up during the final battle and led to where Sir Fangar was. There is a glimpse of the Ice cave and himself frozen. The CHI reanimated him and the Ice Tribes, who set out to freeze all of Chima. Along the way, Fangar apparently became enamored of the female Lion Li'Ella and hopes to make her his queen when he rules over all of Chima.


Sir Fangar was originally known as just Fangar, a simple member of the Sabre-Tooth Tiger Tribe. He, along with other Tribes, were brought up to the Phoenix City and taught about various things. However, Fangar may have learned too much, and soon saw world domination as the only thing left to do. Eventually, he gathered the other Tribes and they became the Ice Hunters, and he was dubbed "Sir Fangar." However, the Phoenix noticed this, and the Great Illumination was commenced in order to retaliate against the Ice Hunters.

While this Illumination almost worked, there was one tiny mistake: King Fluminox did not sacrifice himself to the Illumination, making everything fall out of balance (because Flinx was born at the time.) And so, instead of being killed off, the Ice Hunters were frozen in what would become the Gorge of Eternal Depth, and they would lay inanimate for all eternity. As the Sabre-Tooth Tigers, Mammoths, Vultures and Ice Bears froze over time, their skin began to decay, and bones were revealed when they would be unfrozen as if they were in a zombified state.

This May Sting a Bit

When Laval gave CHI to Scorm and told him to use it wisely, Scorm angrily dropped it into a crevice in the Scorpion Cave that opened up during the final battle, and it happened to fall where a frozen Sir Fangar was. There was a glimpse of the ice cave and himself, and the CHI accidentally reanimated him.

The CHI gave him a dream of being reawakened at the Fangs with no memory of who he was until the Beaver Tribe told him how to use CHI and he regained his memory, freezing the Fangs and the Beavers when it ended.

Fire Dreaming

Eventually, he awakened and broke the ice, escaping, though his frozen limbs made it difficult to walk. When he picked up the CHI, he slipped and plugged it, causing his frozen limbs to become stable. He then found his Ice Tribe frozen and mourned them, when more CHI dropped by Scorm appeared. He threw it into his Ice Tribe members which reanimated them, and then they all escaped the crevice, froze the Dark Tribes, retrieved their vehicles, and made their way out through the Gorge near where Skinnet was. It is presumed that they most likely froze him.

Attack of the Ice Clan

The Ice Tribe marched onto the Crocodile Swamp and began to freeze the whole Hideout and the Crocodile Tribe except for Cragger and Crooler, who used the Helicrocter to head to the Lion CHI Temple and get the other tribes. However, this did not work as they were outmatched easily as their vehicles, weapons and soldiers were frozen solid. Fangar was tripped by Windra and happened to swallow some CHI and then tried to get it out, powering up by mistake. They then continued to build their Ice Fortress over in the Fangs.

The Call of Cavora

At the Ice Fortress, Sir Fangar watched his forces march on as he declared that the land, the CHI, and the warmth beneath the Tribes' skins would all be the Ice Hunters'. However, an attack was launched against the Hunters by the Tribes of Chima with Rogon's rocks. Somewhat annoyed, Sir Fangar told Vardy to take their freeze to the skies. Vardy objected however and simply asked if they could wait the Tribes out. Once another fleet of rocks fell, the Vulture changed his mind and immediately flew into the air, Sir Fangar looking on.

Sir Fangar then commanded his Mammoth Walker forces to assist the Vultures in the skies. The tyrannical Sabre-Tooth Tiger got tired of the constantly flinging rocks, and got onto his motorcycle and zoomed off. Once the heroes fell back, Fangar asked if that was all they could do, until he was interrupted by Rogon throwing a pebble at his face. Turning his attention to them, they showed their rears to the tiger, and he took it as some sort of battle tactic, turning his attention elsewhere.

Sir Fangar watched as his forces began to freeze the land once more, and saw the interesting Crescent Hill and began to speed off to it. He looked as Eris experienced another fire-dream, and replied to her self-centered question with his own intentions for her. He shot an ice blast at her, hoping to make her "feel his freeze" until a fire shield burned the pulse blast out. Shocked and distracted as his target got away, he was then surprised, as his Blaster began to mess up. Slightly angered that his freeze was not working, a happy Gorzan knocked him off of his motorcycle, and far off somewhere else.

Later, at the Falling Jungle, Sir Fangar demanded the Hunters to ice all of the hero Tribes and follow them through the Jungle.

Trial by Fire

During an attack on the Beaver Village, Sir Fangar led his forces to freeze everything there. However, the Beavers retaliated with large wooden spears, and by raising up the ice which Fangar and his army stepped foot on. Sir Fangar, in turn, commandeered his Vulture soldiers to the sky, until the Beavers launched their spears at the Vultures, which quickly brought them down.

As the Ice Hunters froze the Village over, Lagravis CHI-ed up, which happened to be the act that Sir Fangar hoped for. Sir Fangar ordered Longtooth (who was frozen in an action pose) to be put alongside his other trophies, and took his CHI and ate it to power up. Once he was about to freeze up the rest of the Village, Eris, Laval and Cragger arrived to save the day, with their newfound Fire CHI. They repelled the Ice Hunters and stopped them in their tracks, and Sir Fangar vowed that the battle was not over.

The Crescent

Sir Fangar once again led his Hunters to freeze the land over, until they were ambushed by Laval, Cragger, and Eris. This chased them off, and they got away as the swamp melted. As the Hunters returned to the Ice Fortress far away, their power had dangerously decreased since that ambush. Confused about how they could've gotten such fire-power, Stealthor informed him that their teachers had awoken.

Their leader told them they could teach the Phoenix a lesson or two themselves, and when Strainor suggested an art class as Sykor dragged him away, he denied that question. When VoomVoom informed him that he hoped it wasn't a math class (with Vornon being optimistic), he told them all they were going to destroy Mount Cavora.

Sir Fangar explained that they would start by seizing the Crescent Hill and was later seen explaining so to Maula and that they would have to move fast. As Maula credited her son Mungus for carrying the Speedorz as Mottrot corrected her, Sir Fangar, annoyed, looked on. As they led the battle on the Crescent, Sir Fangar himself went to fight Laval on his Speedor. Soon, he was fed up with this method, and told his men to freeze the Lion.

They eventually went to freeze the other heroes, too, as their Fire CHI began to run out. However, everything stopped when the Blazing Bastion repelled the Hunters back easily. As they fled the scene, the heroes celebrated their earning of the Phoenix' trust.

Fired Up!

Sir Fangar and the Hunters led an attack on the hero tribes of Chima, although they almost effortlessly fended the Hunters off. Even then, Sir Fangar continued to yell that they would never accept defeat when eventually they were pushed back into the Gorge.

Later, down in the depths of the caves, Stealthor picked up Sir Fangar's Glacior (which was kicked down by Cragger) and returned it to its rightful owner. He then ordered the Mammoths to go elsewhere, while he led the remaining Hunters to venture to the Gorilla Forest.

When he asked Stealthor for a status report, the Saber-Tooth general described what he saw as "a strange bird kissing its Speedor and giving it flowers." Despite freezing him and his vehicle, Sir Fangar was after the CHI in the Gorilla Forest, and they continued on.

Sir Fangar was annoyed to have been pranked by Flinx and G'Loona and told them to freeze the kids immediately. They were once again thwarted by the young duo, and this enraged Sir Fangar. However, they managed to find the Gorillas' CHI storage. Just as they were about to invade it, Flinx and G'Loona knocked down the Bummer Tree, which began to slide after the Hunters. They immediately started running away, as a confused Laval and Eris flew over.

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Full Name


Bucky Bucktooth
Sir Bucky



Leader of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe

Powers / Skills

Chi-based powers
Super strength
Super durability



Freeze one member of all tribes (failed)


Attempted murder
Attempted World Domination

Type of Villain

Sir Fangar is the main antagonist of season 3 of LEGO: Legends of Chima. He is the king of the Saber-Tooth Tiger Tribe and the leader of the Ice Hunters.

He was voiced by Chris Durchand.



Sir Fangar is very dramatic when it comes to releasing his army. He wants to keep his Hunters on the move to freeze Chima, though his arrogance to retreat has cost him in battle. He wishes to "collect" one of each tribe by freezing them and wishes Li'ella (Laval's love interest) to be his queen.


Prior to the series

Fangar, along with the other "ground born" were welcomed up into the phoenix city for education and civilizing. Fangar rose above his peers and was among the Fluminox's "best students". However, after years of studying, Fangar felt he had learned all there was to learn and set his eyes on a more ambitious goal of taking over Chima. The now self-dubbed Sir Fangar built an army and crushed anything that came in his way. Eventually, Sir Fangar reached Mt. Cavora with his army. The phoenix had only one chance left. They performed a ritual called the Great Illumination which drastically changed the landscape and banished Sir Fangar's army into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, freezing them over the years, losing flesh (The Purple) and exposing bones (The Transparent Blue).

During the series

Later, Sir Fangar returned to Chima and attacked Mount Cavora and The Phoenix Temple, but Flinx turned into The Ninth Phoenix and threw Sir Fangar and the Ice Hunters from The Phoenix Temple. after this event, Sir Fangar turned into good.

Sir Fangar is a Sabretooth Tiger minifigure who appears in the Legends of Chima theme and serves as the primary antagonist in The Legend of the Fire Chi. He is the leader of the Ice Hunters, and upon being unintentionally revived by Scorm, plots to conquer the land of Chima and claim its Chi.


Background [ edit ]

Fangar lived in ancient Chima when the Phoenix first descended and opened their academies. He quickly became their top student, but his ambition grew with his knowledge. Believing that he was worthy to rule Chima, he dubbed himself "Sir" Fangar and rallied the Mammoths, Vultures, and Sabretooths to his cause. The Hunters marched across Chima mercilessly, destroying all that opposed them. While burning the Lion Village, Sir Fangar mistook Li'ella's plea for help as a moment of romance, but she was spirited away by Tormak before he could pursue this.

Eventually, the Phoenix used the Great Illumination, which cast Sir Fangar and the rest of the Hunters into the Gorge of Eternal Depth, where they were frozen in ice. They remained in a dreamless sleep for thousands of years, until Scorm threw an orb of Chi into their prison, which enabled Sir Fangar to break free of the ice. Soon after, the scorpions dropped more Chi into the gorge which enabled him to revive the rest of the Hunters. Once they were ready, they climbed out of the gorge with the ice following them. The hunters marched through the scorpion caves, freezing all who they encountered until they reached the ruins of the Crocodile Tank and found their ancient seal. Pressing it, they retrieved their vehicles and created an icy pathway up the Gorge of Eternal Depth wherein they marched towards Chima. ("Fire Dreaming")

Once they reached the top of the gorge, the hunter's first stop was the crocodile swamp where they froze the entire tribe, sans Crooler, Cragger, and Crug and used their Chi to awaken more of the Hunters. They returned briefly to The Fangs to deposit their prisoners to their fortress before returning to the swamp. It was there when they encountered an army of wolves, rhinos, gorillas, lions, and eagles, which the hunters defeated with ease. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

The Hunters continued onward through Chima, with Sir Fangar confident that their invasion would be swift in effortless. When they entered a canyon, the Hunters were ambushed by the Chima tribes throwing rocks down on them. To combat this, Sir Fangar ordered both the vultures and the mammoths to the skies and before long, had the Chima tribes on the run again. As he pursued after them on his bike, Sir Fangar noticed Eris inspecting a hilltop. The Sabre-Tooth Tiger hurried over to freeze her, but found to his astonishment that the hill was somehow immune to their ice powers. ("The Call of Cavora")

Nevertheless, the Hunters continued on, being only briefly halted by the Falling Jungle. When they reached the Beaver Lodge, the Hunters were surprising repelled by the beaver's dam. Once again, Sir Fangar order his vultures to the skies, but this time they were shot down by the beaver's log arrows. Relentless as always, Sir Fangar instead ordered his forces around the dam. They quickly surrounded and overwhelmed the beavers, yet before Sir Fangar could freeze the Beaver Lodge completely, Laval, Eris, and Cragger (Using Fire Chi given to them by the phoenix) arrived and sent the Hunters in retreat. ("Trial by Fire")

After the perfect great illumination he was healed of his powers and reformed, becoming friends again with everyone. ("The Heart of Cavora")

Following our adventures with the Knights Kingdom trading cards in 2004 and 2005, LEGO assembled a stable of freelance illustrators for cooking up several years of Ninjago cards. I missed out on that process - I was away working on LEGO Universe - but I came back to take over illustration of the big new upcoming Legends of Chima line that was replacing Ninjago in 2014. I inherited the Ninjago illustrators for this project, although not always on a predictable schedule, since I was sharing them with several other LEGO themes without warning over the course of the year.

Given that I couldn't be completely sure when I would or wouldn't have any given freelancer support, and since the illustrations would have to be brought to a near-final state before the character and product designs they were based on could be finalized, the first task was to develop a flexible art pipeline that could handle months of interminable last-minute changes, swapping different artists and designs in and out without warning.

In the end, once we'd gotten the Chima team together and hashed out the character and story beats we wanted to highlight, it was my job to make the basic card layout sketches and secure approvals for all 160 cards, and then put together briefings to pass out to the freelance team as each batch of layouts received approval. I and whichever freelance artists were available completed two draft illustrations per person per week, which I would then set aside until the character and model designs were finalized. Once I got the go-ahead from the animators and product designers, I then did the 160 finish passes myself over several sleepless weeks, bringing them all into alignment with the final designs and with each other.

The freelance illustrators brought in to work on these cards, at various times over the course of 2012-2013, were Jake Masbruch, Andreas Rocha, Jonas Springborg, and later on, Craig Sellars and Stuart Reeves.

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