Все красные блоки в лего сити андерковер

Обновлено: 29.01.2023

Выход LEGO DC Super-Villains уже состоялся, а значит пришло время для гайдов. Сегодня мы расскажем вам, как собрать все Красные блоки (Red bricks), чтобы открыть новые умения и другие бонусы.

Блоки спрятаны на каждом уровне, включая бонусные. После того, как вы найдете их все, то сможете разблокировать различные улучшения и многое другое, что сделает прохождение более легким.

Месторасположение Красных блоков

Всего блоков 20. На каждом из 15 уровней есть по одному красному блоку, также их можно найти и на бонусных уровнях.

    Уровень 1 — блок находится на башне с часами, в руках золотой статуи. В награду вы получите Гелиевый режим (Helium Mode);

Бонусные уровни

    Уровень 1 — зайдите в ванную бабушки и поищите там блок. В награду получите Множитель х6 (Stud x6);

Если у вас есть замечания к русским вариантам названий или другие уточнения по гайду — пожалуйста, пишите в комментариях.

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Good news. You get these three bricks just for starting the game!


During the prison mission, climb up to the second level. Then look for a cell with a breakable Lego wall on its left. Break into the cell and break through the wall.


This is found during the “Dirty Work” assignment in the sewer. Open the cell door to the left of the red color swapper.


Enter the fire station in your newly acquired firefighter outfit. Look to the right of the main room to find a boarded up door. Use your axe to get through the door.


This is found on the second level of the police station. You’ll need the robber outfit and the crowbar to break through the door.


Scale the northeast building of the Downtown district. When you reach the roof, you’ll see a nearby building with four doors. You can reach the other building by gliding with the farmer outfit.


In the construction site mission, pass the first gate and notice the set of elevated shacks on the left. Use the fire axe to break up the boarded door with the red brick inside.


Scale the large building on the east side of Festival Square. The camera doesn’t show the Red Brick, but it’s behind the rooftop entrance.


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This is found on top of Jenny’s Diner in King’s Court. You will need the Rex Fury character (unlockable in the final story mission) to open the door.



After obtaining the Rex Fury character, return to the secret base from the special assignment “Disruptive Behavior”. After the freefall, open the large crate that only Rex Fury can open. To the left of it is a laser-protected room, which is where you’ll find the Red Brick.


Travel to the south tower of Albatross Island. The room at the bottom of the tower holds the Red Brick. Use the crowbar to open the door.


Go to the ground level of Ellie’s apartment building. Use the elevator to reach the apartment itself. You’ll find the Red Brick in the hall on the left.


Swim along the southwest end of Crescent Park. There you’ll find the Red Brick hiding along the rockwall.


Travel about halfway through the Crosstown Tunnel and look for a door along the walkway with an orange handle. Use Rex Fury’s strength to open it and grab the Red Brick.


In the dojo interior, use the astronaut disguise to teleport to the balcony. Drop down one level to find several occupation portraits. Go back up to the higher balcony, notice the boxes with images of occupation tools. Rotate the boxes to match the tools with the occupation portraits below.


Approach Fort Meadows from the south road. Stay right and travel along the unpaved road until you reach a cave blocked by boulders. Use dynamite to break the silver boulders. Venture into the spider cave to find the Red Brick.


Travel along the Grand Canal until you reach a widened portion of the walkway. There you’ll find a coffee break station. Walk left along the walkway to find the Red Brick.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

All the Red Bricks in LEGO City Undercover

Throughout LEGO City Undercover, Chase McCain will acquire a host of new outfits and powers to wrestle against the criminals of LEGO City. These are undeniably helpful—and they can be made more helpful with the aid of Red Bricks. Red Bricks are, in most cases, a little like cheat codes: When purchased in the basement of the police station (usually at a steep stud price), they'll unlock new powers and upgrade old ones to fantastic heights. Most make exploring LEGO City about a billion times easier.

This article will help you track down all forty of the Red Bricks in LEGO City Undercover. Because Red Bricks are numbered, these will be listed numerically rather than by location. (Don't expect to get them when you first visit most areas anyway.)

You're in luck! Your first three can be purchased from the outset of the game. (There's a good reason for that, too, as they're not terribly helpful. Yay ringtones.)

Located in Paradise Sands. During your first big foray to the area you'll have to spy on Vinnie and Rex Fury atop the Herbert Hotel. Check the opposite side of this building's roof before you scan to find the Red Brick, which is, again, a simple ringtone.

Located in the Grand Canal. Sail your way into the canal and check the split tunnels. They widen in the middle and are lined with doors you can break into. Inside one of them is a Red Brick. Another ringtone? Sure, why not.

Located in Downtown. Near the border with Kings Court is a building you can climb. Along the upper ledge are several doors you can break open. One of them contains a Red Brick. This cheat will make your police whistle rather odd.


Located in Cherry Tree Hills. This is possibly the easiest one to find. Scale the stairs by the entrance of the police station and check the locked cells on the second floor. The Red Brick is in one of them. This cheat will upgrade your scanner so that it will detect city challenges.

Located in Auburn. On the border between Auburn and Cherry Tree Hills is a small stretch of grass. Beside a bench here is a green trashcan. Bust it open to find the Red Brick. This one will upgrade your scanner so it picks up character challenges.

Located on the Auburn Bay Bridge. Run up the bridge towards Fort Meadows and check the supports on the right side of the bridge. You'll find a way up to the top of the supports. Along the way you'll cross a tightrope that will lead you to the Red Brick. This one will upgrade your scanner so Red Bricks will appear on it. (Would be handy if you didn't have this guide.)

Located in Bluebell National Park. Take the train to Bluebell Mine, grab a stick of dynamite from the shack near the mine, and use it on the shiny silver crate across the field from the mine's entrance. Inside is the Red Brick. This one will upgrade your scanner so clues will pop up on it, allowing you to track down suspicious items you might otherwise miss.

Located in Fort Meadows. A short way down the road from the Auburn Bay Bridge, near the gas station, is a cave to blow open. Inside are numerous piles of rocks. One of them hides a Red Brick. This cheat will upgrade your scanner to detect collectible tokens.

The next five all do the same thing: They multiply the value of any studs you collect. They're cumulative, as well, so applying all five cheats at once will have you racking up millions of studs every time you run down a street.

Located in Albatross Prison, during the Trouble in Stir special assignment. As you proceed through the mission you'll see the Red Brick floating happily in its own cell. You can break into the cell next to it and bust through the left wall to get to the brick.

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Found during the Dirty Work special assignment, in the sewers below the LEGO City Bank. Proceed through the mission until you reach the top level of the sewers and look for a Red Color Swapper whose enclosure you have to blow open. The Red Brick is in the small cell next door.

Found during the High Steal special assignment in Paradise Sands. After clearing the first yard and gaining access to the second by driving the steamroller onto the big, red button, check the left side of the second yard for a pair of shacks. You can break into one of them to find the Red Brick.

Found during the Disruptive Behavior special assignment. After the massive freefall you'll land in a storage room. Against one of the walls is a crate only Rex Fury can busy open. Behind it is a way into a laser-locked room with a Red Brick.

Found in the Fly Me To The Moon special assignment. Strap on your Rex Fury outfit and look for a crate for the big man to bust open by a glass dome. Under it is a light to hit to get inside the dome, where the Red Brick waits.

Found in the Smash 'n' Grab special assignment in Paradise Sands. When you reach the end of the first section of this assignment you'll find an elevator that will take you up into Blackwell's Mansion. Ignore it at first and climb up to the flagpoles to the left of the elevator. You'll find a boarded and electrified door at the end of this swinging path; inside is the Red Brick. When activated, this one will draw studs to Chase when you pass nearby.


Located in the Breaking and Reentering special assignment in Fresco. As you make your way up the side of Forrest Blackwell's Mansion you'll find a space crate on the third level. Activate it to beam in the Red Brick. When turned on this cheat will pull nearby bricks towards Chase.

Located on Heritage Bridge. Head to the Festival Square side of the bridge and climb the arches to the roof. On top is a zipline that will carry you down to the Red Brick. This one will allow you to collect the green navigational studs that appear whenever you set a waypoint on your game pad and climb in a vehicle.

Located at LEGO City Airport. One of the sheds in the rear of the Airport can only be opened by your Rex Fury outfit. Inside is a Red Brick. This one will allow you to fast travel to unlocked Train Stations from anywhere, not just from another Train Station. This is incredibly helpful for getting around in a hurry.

Found during the Kung Fool special assignment. Return once you can use teleporters and enter Barry's Dojo. Inside is a teleporter that will take you to Barry's initial perch. Up here are four cubes with ability symbols, each corresponding to a portrait on a platform just below the main platform. Rotate the cubes in this order, from left to right: Pick, Watering Can, Stethoscope, Drill. This will get you the Red Brick. This one will power up your combat throws.

Located on Apollo Island. While exploring the island you'll find a massive airstrip beside a hangar, and at the end of it is a Super Build for a Stunt Ramp. Build the ramp and use it to launch a car to the small island just off the coast of Apollo Island. hit the four buttons situated around the concrete hole in the ground here to open it up and get at the Red Brick at the bottom. This cheat will give your Ray Gun some extra kick.

Located on Lady Liberty Island. (You can get to the island via a Rex Fury crate in the south of Downtown, in the court where you fought the Sentinels.) Make your way to the top of the statue's torch via a teleporter and slide down the zipline to the ground. The Red Brick is hovering above the zipline. This one gives a Mario hat to all of your outfits.

Located in Albatross Prison. A teleporter on the beach will take you into the second, rear half of the prison. Out here is a huge watchtower with a cell at the bottom. Pry open the cell to find the Red Brick. When activated this will give all of your outfits a goofy siren hat.

Located under Blackwell Bridge. Hop in a boat (you're most likely to find one in Fresco) and steer it under Blackwell Bridge. The Red Brick is sitting atop one of the supports under the Uptown side of the bridge. This cheat will allow you to use nitrous boosts on every vehicle, whether it can normally use it or not.


Located in Bright Lights Plaza. At the base of Ellie's building in the northern half of the district is an elevator. Take it up to the apartment and check the halls for the Red Brick. This one will summon a vehicle (road-worthy only) to wherever you at by depressing the right control stick. Incredibly handy for getting around when there are no cars available.

Located in Crescent Park. Hop into the water at the edge of the southern end of the park. Not far from a Super Brick on the water's edge, in a small, rocky niche set into the bluffs, is the Red Brick. This one will turn your vehicles into absolute wrecking balls, and they'll smash other cars out of the way with ease. If you have trouble with vehicular chases, this cheat comes in real handy.

Found in the They All Scream For Ice Cream special assignment. Above the entrance is a space crate that will beam in parts for a Red Color Swapper. Use the resulting Red Color Gun to blast three red lights in the main section of the parlour - two on the bottom floor, one on the upper - to make a Red Brick appear. This cheat will give you two extra hearts.

Located in Kings Court. You'll find a Jenny's Diner near Kings Court's border with Fresco. Climb atop it to find the Red Brick on the roof, behind a door that only Rex Fury can open. When activated this will render Chase immune to damage.

Found during the Some Assaults special assignment. Once you reach the rooftops you can get to the higher section of the second building to the left by trashing and reassembling three air conditioners. The resulting solar panels will activate a fan that will shoot you up to the highest point on the building. The Red Brick waits. This cheat will allow you to build LEGO structures much more quickly than normal.

Found in the Colossal Fossil Hurtle special assignment. Take Rex Fury into the Museum and bust up the two mammoth skulls flanking the ground floor display in the north. You'll find two dinosaur bones. Check the safe in the top-left display on the second floor to find another bone. Take all three to the collapsed triceratops display back on the ground floor and assemble the skeleton. Once complete you'll receive a Red Brick. This will allow you to break into crowbar spots without effort.

Located in Pagoda. Hop into a helicopter and flit over to Pagoda, looking for a rooftop Crash Mat. This will take you to a line of obstacles that will eventually take you to the Red Brick. This cheat will allow you to smash through boards with ease.

Found in the Astronaughty special assignment. Make your way to the space shuttle hangar and check the top-left section of the hangar for a fuse box that will activate a lift. On the upper levels is a dynamite vending machine. Take a stick back down to the ground floor, where you'll find a hatch to blow open in the bottom right of the area. Down here is a teleporter that will zip you up to a room with a safe containing a Red Brick. This one will allow you to bypass the puzzle associated with space crates.


Located in Crosstown Tunnel. Roughly halfway through the tunnel you'll see a small room to break into via Rex Fury's mighty arms. The Red Brick is inside. This cheat will allow you to swiftly drill through drill points. Not bad for Drill Thrill challenges.

Found in the Scrapyard Scrap special assignment. Located in the first half of the scrapyard is a crate only Rex Fury can bust open. Under it is a catapult that will launch you skyward, up to a Red Brick. This one will allow you to instantly open safes.

Found during the Miner Altercation special assignment. Make your way to the shack where the recording that will end the assignment is waiting. There's a catapult that will launch you to a series of walkways with rolling barrels. At the top of it is a Red Brick. This cheat will eliminate the need for dynamite vending machines, as you'll always have a stick when you turn into a Miner.

Located in Uptown. Check the business district for a toy store. The sign out front is flanked by two rockets with red lights. Turn the lights green and the rockets will take off. Hop on one and it will zip you to the roof. The Red Brick is up here. This cheat will allow your Color Gun to fire off every colour. In other words, if you shoot something that needs to be changed, it will change to the correct colour. This is possibly the best cheat in the game.

Located in Fresco. There are a lot of buildings to scale in Fresco, many of them along the canals. Get atop the western set of buildings and you'll find a green house at the top. You can enter this green house via a teleporter. Activating this cheat will prompt the game to immediately rescue Chase should you lead him into a fatal drop, ie. you won't lose any studs.

Located in Festival Square. Not far from Mercy Hearts Hospital, sitting on its own at the corner of an intersection, is a large building you can scale that's covered in collectibles. Once you get to the roof you'll find a teleporter that will take you elsewhere - but before you use it, check behind the stairwell that’s overlooking the road, at the edge of the building. The Red Brick is hidden behind this stairwell. Activate it and your vehicles will be able to use nitro for roughly twice as long.

Found during the Hot Property special assignment in the Fire Department. After you've completed basic training you'll be ushered into the Department itself, where a party's going on. Along the right wall on the ground floor there's a door you can bust into. The Red Brick's in here. When turned on, everyone you come across will be wearing some kind of silly costume.

EXTRA - Super Minifigure

This final cheat requires getting not one Red Brick, but every one in the game… as well as everything else. In order to unlock Super Minifigure you must achieve one hundred percent completion of LEGO City Undercover by collecting all of the Red Bricks, the character and vehicle tokens and the Gold Bricks. Do all that and you can turn Chase into a titanic version of himself. Not very helpful, but a lot of fun.


KingkahnFH12 on May 14, 2019:

Mario hat and super Color gun red power brick in Lego city undercover on PS4.

Barney on March 22, 2019:

Hello, i cant find the mario hat on any consoles (exept wiiU) because ps4 wasnt made by nintendo (creator of mario)

Steve on February 27, 2019:

An Arab on January 22, 2018:

This was so frickin great. Have 1/4 of these already, and this was an amazing guide, needs some more clarification on 9 but everything else is spot on.

Фиолетовый круг: Особые секреты
Красный квадрат: Жетоны Vehice (квесты, действия)
Синий квадрат: Костюмированные жетоны
Зелёный квадрат: Костюмированные жетоны (квесты, задания)
Жёлтый круг: Советы по другим видам деятельности

Обозначение номеров.
1 - Стервятник Череп 1/5
2 - Секретный Щит 1/5
1 - Испытание на время: автомобиль Лантос.
2 - Испытание на время: автомобиль Brawn.
3 - Испытание на время: средство спасения.
4 - Грабеж автомобиля: летайте туда на вертолете и садитесь в здание у окна на крыше. Валькирия автомобиля.
5 - Ограбление транспортного средства: транспортное средство Enberg.
6 - Ограбление автомобиля: автомобиль Rex's Riot.
7 - Транспортные разбойники: чтобы начать эту миссию, вам нужно подняться на крышу и разрушить пол, используя дрель. Травянистый автомобиль.
8 - Грабители Автомобиль: добраться до верхней части башни воды. Сфинкс машина.
9 - Знак транспортного средства: над веревкой от статуи до порта. Страж вертолет.
10 - Super Build: ответчик вертолет.
11 - Super Build: автомобиль для заключенных.
12 - Super Build: револьверный автомобиль.
13 - Super Build: автомобиль Trasher.
14 - Super Build: вертолет Геры.
15 - Super Build: автомобиль Dragger.
16 - Super Build: автомобиль Кабракан.
17/18 - Две бонусные миссии в полицейском участке после завершения основного сюжета. Автомобили преследователей и повстанцев.
19 - Time Trial : в конце моста есть машина с Time Trial: Wrath.
1 - Super Build: Фонтан (15 000) - Лед конькобежец.
2 - Маскировочная Коробка: Манекен для сноса.
3 - Super Build: Дом (30 000) - Соня.
4 - Super Build: Ramp (10 000) - Гонщик.
5 - Freerun: бейсболист
6 - Freerun: инструктор по фитнесу.
7 - Freerun: хоккеист
8 - Freerun: доки Форман
9 - Маскировочная Коробка: Механик.
10 - Маскировочная коробка: руководитель службы безопасности.
1 - Грабби Грубстер
2 - охранник
3 - Бутч Паттерсон
4 - Луиза Эндрю: в туннеле поезда.
5 - Билл машиниста поезда
6 - Таксист: телепортируйтесь сюда с крыши железнодорожного вокзала.
7 - Уличный гонщик: жетон появится после того, как вы построите пять торговых автоматов (посмотрите на этой карте точки 7a-7e).
8 - Шаткий Гарри: телепортируйтесь сюда с крыши здания на севере (точка 8а).
9 - рэпер
10 - Клоун-разбойник Лу: жетон находится над входом в банк, достань его с крыши.
11 - Неисправность Фил: вам нужно покрасить три дерева возле здания (11а) зеленой краской.
12 - Детектив: следуйте по следам.
13 - Anchor Man: включите вентилятор на вершине башни и возьмите жетон сверху.
14 - Тележурналист: собрать четыре антенны на крышах (14a-14d).
15 - Warewolf: уничтожить три дерева и перестроить их для будок (15a-15c).
16 - Теннисист: уничтожить пол на крыше, рядом с теннисным кортом.
17 - Дейв Кое-что: телепортируйтесь сюда от телепорта над входом в здание Банка
безопасности (17а).
18 - Джордж Фартарбенсонбери: красить красную мебель в цехе.
19 - Mail Man: цвет красный три почтовых ящика (19a-19c).
20 - Гаражник: построй четыре элемента на пляже (замок из песка, деревья).
21 - Hot Tub McCreedy: красный цвет четыре буя на воде от пляжа.
22 - Доки Крановщик: верхняя часть крана.
23 - Клоун Грабитель Макс
24 - Эвакуатор: собирайте монеты вовремя.
25 - Сара Хорнер
26 - Самсон Кроу: цвет желтый три ящика с бананами. Краска находится в одном из контейнеров.
27 - Мастер доков: постройте Дымоход (12 000) и используйте его, чтобы взять жетон с высоты.
28 - Луи Митчелл
29 - Дебора Грэм: жетон за контейнером с жидкостью.
30 - Элли Яешке: в трубу.
31 - Хенрик Ковальский
32 - Пол Фланаган: доберись до этой комнаты с крыши.
33 - Портовый рабочий: постройте Sky Glide (12 000) и используйте его, чтобы получить жетон сверху.
34 - Бобби Хаммер
35 - Ричард Томас
36 - Violet de Burgh: красные три коробки с фруктами (36a-36c).
37 - Круиз Эйвери: над дымоходом.
38 - DaMumbo
39 - Элли Филлипс
40 - работник обслуживания
41 - Исследователь: уничтожить и перестроить скамейки в бинокль.
43 - Нарушитель Тима: цвет коричневый три дерева.
1 - Чтобы добраться до этого флага, вы должны добраться сюда с помощью реактивного ранца и скольжения цыплят, начиная с моста (1a).
2 - Этот банкомат находится на станции метро.
3 - дорожка к красному кирпичу находится под мусором. Красный кирпич: Обновление сканирования данных - проблемы персонажей.
4 - Красный кирпич: Обновление сканирования данных - Проблемы города. Смена цвета: синий.
5 - Смена цвета: зеленый.
6 - смены цвета: желтый и красный.
7 - Смена цвета: зеленый.

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