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Between the dozens of small-scale LEGO Star Wars sets that come out every year, the Ultimate Collectors Series is the line which delivers large-scale sets with complicated builds and extreme details to the most dedicated fans of the franchise. Because of this the majority of the LEGO UCS sets are widely considered as LEGO sets for adults, or AFOL’s (Adult fans of LEGO).

Every year, fans theorise about what the next possible set may be. There are countless iconic ships that have yet to be made into a UCS set and in the fall off 2019, we finally got the remake of the Imperial Star Destroyer from October 2002. Therefore, we decided to make a list of the 10 Best Ultimate Collectors Series sets.

With over 30 sets that have already been created, we have received both flawless and disappointing sets. Which, however, received a place in our Top 10 list?

10. 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter

Introducing two new characters as minifigures – Dutch Vander and R2-BHD, the UCS Y-Wing Starfighter is an incredible remake of the old 2004 version. The colors and overall build have been sufficiently improved. Of course, we shouldn’t compare sets that have almost 15 years between them but it is worth mentioning.

It is not a set with a lot of play-ability but it is so well built that you can pick it up and fly it around if it pleases you. It will definitely not break, unlike many sets we have received through the years. It does, however, look incredible when displayed. I have included it in this list simply because it is one of the best-looking sets that have ever been made.

Piece Count: 1967

Minifigures: Dutch Vander, R2-BHD

Original Retail Price: $199.99

UCS Y-Wing box art

9. 10221 Super Star Destroyer

Next, we have the enormous Super Star Destroyer from 2011. This extremely well-built model stands out with exceptional details and an impressive minifigure selection. I have put it in the list for these very reasons. It is a great displayable set standing at 4 feet in length.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting and fun part of the set is the section on top. A lot of thought and effort has been put into the details. For example, my favorite part is the bridge. In addition, there is enough space inside the ship to fit each of the minifigures.

Piece Count: 3152

Minifigures: Darth Vader, Admiral Firmus Piett, Bossk, Dengar, IG-88

Original Retail Price: $399

10221 Super Star Destroyer

8. 10236 Ewok Village

The UCS Ewok Village is most certainly the Star Wars set with the highest playability to ever be released. It is a set which re-creates so many of our favorite scenes from Return of the Jedi. The scales, in fact, match the size of the minifigures and you actually get so many of them.

You can either use it as a lovely display set or enjoy the variety of play features. You can throw Ewoks from the top of a tree or you can re-create your favorite scene from this part of the movie. There are net traps, slides, catapults, and so many more things to play with. Overall, this is one of the most entertaining sets and a great addition to any collection.

Piece Count: 1990

Minifigures: Wicket, Teebo, Ewok Warrior, Chief Chirpa, Logray, Scout Trooper x2, Stormtrooper x2, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Rebel Commando x2

Original Retail Price: $249

10236 Ewok Village

7. 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter

The 2013 UCS X-Wing Starfighter was another remarkably improved re-make of an old UCS version of this ship. It is not hard to believe having that the original one came out in 2000. I have included it in the list simply because of its spectacular build and overall appearance.

The attention to details really makes this set a worthy choice to spend a couple of hundred dollars. The one single downside to me has always been the lack of a rebel pilot as a minifigure but overall it is a beautiful display set.

Piece Count: 1559

Original Retail Price: $199.99

10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter

6. 75059 UCS Sandcrawler

The UCS Sandcrawler from 2014 is literally a behemoth set. It is a mix of an amazing build with a great selection of minifigures. If you are a fan of droids, this set will increase your collection by many new droid characters.

Besides being a beautiful display set, it has an incredible amount of play features both outside and inside. You can lift boxes, lower the front ramp, or remove the whole top of the set and enjoy the detailed interior.

Overall, the Sandcrawler makes for a really fun set which combines everything a LEGO Star Wars fan could desire. Last but not least, it is extremely worth the money in terms of price per piece as well.

Piece Count: 3296

Minifigures: Jawa x4, Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Wed Treadwell Droid, R5-D4, Gonk Droid, R1-series Droid, R2-D2

Original Retail Price: $299

75059 UCS Sandcrawler

4. 10143 Death Star II

Although this set does not have any play features, to me it is unique. It is one of those sets that will start a conversation every time someone sees it. Despite being a really old set from the starting years of LEGO Star Wars, I believe it stands out with the number of details included in the build. It is incredible that a set this huge can simply hold on such a little stand.

It is one of those few UCS sets that I believe a lot of fans want to see re-made. When this first came out in 2005, it had an incredible price for the number of pieces included. Today, it may be far more troublesome to get but it is definitely a worthy collection piece no matter the price.

Piece Count: 3441

Original Retail Price: $269.99

10143 Death Star II

4. 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer

As I already mentioned in the beginning, we will be getting a remake of this set in fall 2019. However, the original version remains among the best UCS sets we have ever received. Released in 2002, it was the first set of this scale to ever exist.

Similar to the previous one, it is one of those incredible display sets that can act as a conversation starter for your LEGO collection or simply love of Star Wars. The amount of detail and the finished look of this ship in this particular light gray color make it one of our top choices and an incredible addition to any collection.

Piece Count: 3104

Original Retail Price: $299

10030 Imperial Star Destroyer

3. 75060 Slave I

The UCS Slave I from 2015 stands out as one of the most accurate builds to ever come to life. I believe most LEGO fans rarely enjoy stickers on sets. In this particular model, the stickers are what made the set look on point compared to the movies. They are placed in places where there would be a mismatch in colors.

It does hold a fair amount of play features like the adjustable front turrets and the cockpit which can be opened. Otherwise, I believe this is one of the most beautiful LEGO Star Wars sets and it looks incredible as a display piece.

Piece Count: 1996

Minifigures: Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Han Solo, Bespin Guard

Original Retail Price: $199.99

UCS Slave I - 75060

2. 10212 Imperial Shuttle

I am sure many will share my opinion, but I believe the 10212 Imperial Shuttle to be one of the most amazing UCS sets and sets overall. It is minifigure scaled and simply looks incredible. It can be displayed both on its landing gear or on a stand in flying mode.

In terms of play features, there is not a lot to talk about besides the large cockpit which can fit four of the minifigures at the same time. Overall, this is an incredible display set that simply looks beautiful in its white color.

Piece Count: 2503

Minifigures: Imperial Pilot, Imperial Officer, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper

Original Retail Price: $259.99

10212 Imperial Shuttle

1. 75192 Millennium Falcon

No other LEGO set has created such hype as the 2017 Millennium Falcon. This set is simply huge. It is formerly the largest LEGO set with 7541 pieces. When it was announced, it was on backorder for months which is hard to imagine having the price of $799.99.

There is no other set that could possibly take the top spot on any list having the size and amount of details. Besides that, a great thing about this mammoth set is that minifigures are included from both the Original Trilogy (including the exclusive Mynock) and the Sequel Trilogy. There are also 2 interchangeable satellite dishes so that you can display the Falcon from your favorite era. Do you go with the circular dish from the OT or the rectangle from the ST? Ultimately the choice is yours.

This is a set for the most dedicated tier of fans and an absolute jewel for any LEGO collection overall.

Piece Count: 7541

Minifigures: BB-8, C-3PO, Finn, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Mynock, Porg, Princess Leia, Rey

Original Retail Price: $799.99

75192 UCS Millennium Falcon

What do you think of my list of the Best UCS LEGO Star Wars sets? Let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “The 10 Best LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Sets”

Seems like a poor list, your criteria appears random and haphazard. The ewok lego village was criticized quite a bit at release, though I suppose the Hoth set a few years did become more notable, but its inclusion was an obvious red flag. A couple sets in your list are showing extreme age, and their selections seem to be rooted more out of their ‘history’ rather than true appeal.

Even Red 5 seems a bit dated and in need of a remake at this point. Would have much preferred the Nebulon-B Frigate over some prequel bs. Some original trilogy ships have been done to death, but there are several ships we’ve yet to see.

If you haven’t noticed, every set on this list is from your oh so precious Original Trilogy. The prequels deserve more love. Give us a Venator Star Destroyer with Ahsoka, Rex and Maul.

Give us a UCS ARC Interceptor. A Separatist Dreadnought, A to scale Lego lightsaber, Republic gunships, Republic Y Wings, and Jedi Interceptors.

Stop blowing smoke up the OT’s overrated ass.

what a bizarre comment. You do know I dont decide what sets get made right? This list is my list of the best that ALREADY exist. I cant include something that hasnt been made. All the ones you list are not actual sets. A republic Gunship is being created, but wont be out until next year. So I can’t give you a Venator as a UCS version doesnt exist.

I didn’t mean *you* should make UCS’s. I meant “give us” in a rhetorical sense to LEGO. The prequels are finally being recognized as good films and us prequel fans are understandably frustrated with the fact that there are no massive detailed sets to collect.

The only UCS I own is the A Wing, because I personally love that ship, but all the others are dead to me because it’s just more OT pandering

Prequel films good films. If you are into tax disputes and trade routes then knock yourself out

I didn’t mean *you* should make UCS’s. I meant “give us” in a rhetorical sense to LEGO. The prequels are finally being recognized as good films and us prequel fans are understandably frustrated with the fact that there are no massive detailed sets to collect.

The only UCS I own is the A Wing, because I personally love that ship, but all the others are dead to me because it’s just more OT pandering

There are only a certain amount of UCS sets to choose from. I happen to like the Ewok Village. I cant just choose the 10 most recent sets just because they are the most recent. its about opinions and these are my top 10 UCS sets.

Go off, king. Fierce. Get him, how dare he have a different opinion in which star wars lego sets are the best.
Yes, it’s entirely subjective. And yes, being grown adults arguing about which star wars toys are better is a little disturbing. But he didn’t have the same opinion as you and that just gets me boiling.
Let’s both shriek at him and have red faced temper tantrums to show him that you don’t disagree with my buddy Jason without the heat coming down on ya. If someone’s opinion deviates from yours (the dogma we must all base our opinions on) on something so absurdly subjective, calling his opinion “poor” and questioning his commitment to research is the kindest punishment our all powerful Jason could inflict.

Good job proving that us nerds aren’t all stereotypes (such as terrible at socializing, prickly personalities to feign intelligence and taste while really implying neither, only really being a symptom of exclusion from social circles and romantic attention) that some of us, like Jason, do not abide! You’re the furthest thing from an ornery due to social and romantic frustration type fella. Prove it by trivializing his lego rankings and insulting his opinuons and research habits.

I wish I could be like that, maybe if I start following you around in real life solely based upon this comment I can absorb some of your aura. Maybr then I can finally purchase a girlfriend. Maybe not, Idk Jason. You gotta help me. Your brave and clever insults towards his lego opinions proved to me that someone can still be a cool dude even if theyre a star wars lego nerd.

Should I just go around telling other people that their opinions and tastes on hardcore nerd stuff is low quality and wrong? It’s so hard, every nerd I’ve met has been an open minded, intelligent and socially apt fellow, but I don’t wanna be like those lames. I wanna demean others if their lego opinions deviate from the established doctrine (my exact opinions)!

Ok Ill stop, I just never saw someone be so cool. You can have my GF for a night, but Im sure you have too many to even bother. I bet no girls good enough for you unless she has DEEP star wars lego knowledge. Im omw to your place rn to try and get lessons from the sensei. I assume that isn’t weird…that’s how people are supposed to make friends, right?

I would switch the ewok Village out from this list (its just a big play set like Death star) and include one of the most hunted and desired sets of all times: the 10175 Vader’s Tie Advance wich, next to the 10212 Imperial Shuttle, has become the Holy Grail for most Lego Collectors..

The Ultimate Collector's Series, or UCS, is a subtheme of sets, mainly for Star Wars although it can be used for different themes.



UCS sets, introduced in 2000, are meant to be more detailed and aimed at older builders. Typically, they represent a single ship, vehicle, place or character, using as many parts as required to have a very unique set. All UCS are usually Direct To Consumer sets, referred as D2C or DTC, which means they are generally sold by LEGO directly and only by few retailers, making them "hard to find" on the market. Usually, LEGO lists them as "hard to find" or "exclusives" on their website.

UCS was primarily used for Star Wars since 2000, but was also, in a way, used for Batman. In 2006, 7784 The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors' Edition uses the mention Ultimate Collectors' Edition which is very similar to UCS. For many, this set is considered as a part of Ultimate Collector's Series collection and sometimes extended to more recent Super Heroes sets, such as 76042 The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, which are similar in the marketing and product design to UCS Star Wars sets.

10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, the fifth largest LEGO set ever made. The newest remake of this set, 75192 Millennium Falcon, is the largest LEGO set ever made.

These sets did not generally include Minifigures, but since 2007, most have included at least one. Depending on the UCS definition and list, the first one to include minifigures is either 10123 Cloud City or 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon. Most are also not designed to scale with Minifigures, though there are some cases (such as 75060 Slave I or 75192 Millennium Falcon) where the set is completely to scale.

Ultimate Collector's Series sets tend to be larger, and more expensive than typical sets. Commonly, Ultimate Collector's Series sets were given a five-digit (10xxx) product number until 2014, when Star Wars UCS adopted the 75xxx numbering. Some of them might include an informative and exclusive plaque, which provides additional information about the ship, vehicle, place or character built.

Identification and controversy over UCS sets

The very first UCS sets, being 7181 TIE Interceptor and 7191 X-Wing Fighter, had an explicit mention they were part of an Ultimate Collector Series (the 's only appeared in 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon's title and 75059 Sandcrawler's logo) collection. It was also added for 7194 Yoda, 10026 Special Edition Naboo Starfighter and 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer.

Logo used for Original Trilogy Edition between 2004 and 2005 for several UCS sets.

In 2004, 10129 Rebel Snowspeeder, a set which used all the standards of an UCS set, did not have this usual mention, and only had a regular box. Ultimate Collector's Series was then not used for ten years on any box. It was initially replaced by Original Trilogy Edition starting from 10131 TIE Collection, while this set only had four minifigure-scaled TIE Fighters. This logo was also used for explicit UCS sets, such as 10143 Death Star II, but also for regular sets like 7263 TIE Fighter.

In 2007, the UCS title comes back for 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, but does not appear anywhere else on the box than the set name. This set was the only ship which was named as part of the UCS collection between 2004 and 2014.

In May 2011, the UCS Promotional Poster was given away during the May the Fourth event. This poster clarifies the UCS list, after seven years the UCS mention has disappeared from any box with the exception of 10179. It includes obvious UCS sets such as 10129 or 10188 Death Star, but also sets that could have been seen as regular, like 10131 TIE Fighter Collection or 10123 Cloud City. It includes also 10018 Darth Maul Bust which was not identified as UCS prior to this poster, despite being a 2001 set similar to 7194 Yoda. The poster also refers to 10221 Super Star Destroyer which was not released yet. Some sets of this list are controversial and not identified as UCS: 10131 or 10123 are not a part of Brickset's list for UCS sets.

Following sets still did not include the UCS mention, but were assumed as UCS: 10225 R2-D2, 10227 B-Wing, 10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter and 10236 Ewok Village. The last one is a controversial one as it is a wide playset including many minifigures, but is listed as an UCS set by Brickset.

In 2014, the UCS mention comes back with a logo on 75059 Sandcrawler, which is also the first one to adopt the 75xxx digit format. It includes some controversial sets such as 75098 Assault on Hoth, which was highly discussed due to the use of the UCS tag for what seemed to be a collection from different Hoth sets, similar to 10131 TIE Collection. The nature of 75159 Death Star was also discussed as 10188 did not include a specific mention to UCS in its box. Nowadays, most sets considered as UCS include this logo, even if this mention was sometimes controversial and it was also not mentioned in different sets considered as UCS and released after 2014.

Logo used for UCS from 2017 to 2019.

Since 2017 and 75192 Millennium Falcon's release, the UCS logo was replaced by a black mention. UCS sets are also called Ultimate Collector Series, removing the 's again, since this release, as the very first UCS sets between 2000 and 2003 were.

In 2018, more controversy emerged over 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City which was not identified as an UCS but as a part of Master Builder Series, despite being similar to 10188, 10236, 75059 or 75098. The set is rarely listed as an UCS but can be considered if all Master Builder Series sets are included. When this controversy emerged, a clearer definition of what is an UCS was written by an official LEGO statement:

“The Master Builder Series models are large playsets and beside being complex builds they are characterized by having many play features and functions, interior details as well as a range of minifigures.

Ultimate Collectors Series will remain highly detailed display models providing complex builds with a focus on authenticity and both Ultimate Collectors Series and Master Builder Series will continue as a way to highlight the unique characteristic of each style of model.” [1]

No explicit mention is on 75244 Tantive IV which questioned its UCS nature, despite 10198 Tantive IV being considered as an UCS on the UCS Promotional Poster. Some have chosen to not include this set on their UCS list, such as Brickset. It is not a part of Master Builder Series either.

Logo used for UCS since 2020.

The first UCS A-Wing releases in 2020 as 75275 A-Wing Starfighter, which also introduces a new UCS logo. Unlike the 2017 logo, it keeps the previous grammar, being Ultimate Collector Series and not Ultimate Collector's Series. The set is also mentioned as "18+," instead of usual ages of 12+, 14+ or 16+ used for most UCS sets before, while some sets were for even younger ages, 10026 Special Edition Naboo Starfighter and 10123 Cloud City were for ages 9+ and 10131 TIE Collection for 8+. Other sets in 2020 such as 75274 Tie Fighter Pilot Helmet Bust, 75276 Stormtrooper Helmet Bust and 75277 Boba Fett Helmet Bust are for the same ages while not being UCS.

Fan vote for an UCS set

Picture used by The LEGO Group for the vote to display the three possible choices fans could make for the next UCS set.

In January 2020, The LEGO Group has launched for a short amount of time - one week - the 2020 Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Vote on the LEGO Ideas platform. As the UCS' popularity was growing among most AFOLs, the choice was given to them between three different possible sets: a TIE Bomber, a Republic Gunship or a Nebulon B Escort Frigate. Two of the three ships had already their smaller sets, although no minifigure-scaled TIE Bomber was released since 4479 TIE Bomber and either no minifigure-scaled Republic Gunship since 75021 Republic Gunship.

The vote allowed fans to choose one set between the three ships, and also to include what minifigures they would like to see in the final version. The majority went to the Republic Gunship, which will be an upcoming set which details of number of pieces, minifigures and release date are unknown. It is likely the set will not release at the very least before 2021 or even 2022, as an UCS set can need one or several years of design work to be completed. It is likely the set will include minifigures, but the UCS size of a Republic Gunship could also be bigger than the minifigure-scale, as it is already the case for most Ultimate sets.

This fan vote was not the first being made for a Star Wars set, as 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser already resulted from the 2009 Fan's Choice Competition. It is the only one so far for an UCS set, and it's unknown if there will be another similar vote for the next UCS sets.

List of Sets

Star Wars

This list is based on the UCS Promotional Poster and on every box with an UCS mention or logo in the box or set name. It does not include Master Builder Series sets, or 75244 Tantive IV, considered as regular.

Мы подобрали для вас топ 10 самых крупных наборов звёздные войны UCS за всю их историю, приятного просмотра.

Мы подобрали для вас топ 10 самых крупных наборов звёздные войны UCS за всю их историю, приятного просмотра.

UCS- Ultimate Colletor Series, что в переводе с английского означает конечная серия коллекционера. Ну что ж, начнём топ.

Открывает наш топ звёздолет повстанцев Y-крыл. И ведь действительно его крылья, а точнее сказать турбины, напоминают букву Y. Вышла эта модель в 2018 году под артикулом 75181, и включает в себя 1959 деталей и 2 минифигурки. Цена его 17 000 рублей, что также делает этот детализированный бомбардировщик отличным пополнением в коллекцию.

Уверенно держит всем известный корабль “Slave 1”, что переводится как Раб 1. Этот красавец был выпущен в 2015 году, и получил 1976 деталей и 5 минифигурок в комплект. Его артикул 75060. Черты этого корабля, его обтекаемость и суровость так и манят. Цена, к слову, 16 000 рублей, что просто идеально для такого набора.

Занимает самый необычный набор UCS. Он представлчёт собой целую битву на планете Хот, включая в себя все, что только возможно. Артикул его 75098. В набор входят 15 минифигурок и 2056 деталей. Цена его всего 23 000 рублей, что делает его доступным. Вы ведь всегда мечтали побывать в сражении на этой заснеженной планете?

Занимает модель всем известного астромеха R2-D2. Эта модель была выпущена под артикулом 10225 в 2012 году и состоит из 2123 деталей. Набор включает минифигурку R2-D2, что позволяет оценить масштаб работы. Цена его сейчас от 30, до 35 тысяч рублей.

Далеко отрываясь от своих соперников занимает тот самый шаттл «тайдариум», с артикулом 10212. Он состоит из 2482 деталей и 5 минифигурок. Идеально белый, грациозный, чем не жемчужина коллекции? К сожалению цена его 100 000 рублей, что частенько заставляет делать выбор не в его пользу.

Следующий набор датируется 2002 годом, что не может не радовать. Это имперский звездный разрушитель, состоящий из 3106 деталей, минифигурок в наборе нет. Его артикул 10030. Цена его на момент написания статьи 100-120 тысяч рублей у частных продавцов, в магазинах найти его нереально. Кто-то скажет, что набор стоит своих денег, ведь красота в простоте, неправда ли?

С уверенностью занимает имперский звёздный крейсер типа «палач».

Эта модель под артикулом 10221 представляет из себя громадину более чем 100 сантиметров в длину. Состоит из 3124 деталей и 5 минифигурок.

Единственный минус этой модели-её стоимость. Купить данный разрушитель можно за 100 000 рублей.

Здесь с небольшим перевесом располагается песчаный краулер джав под артикулом 75059. Он состоит из 3195 деталей и 14 минифигурок. Именно его необычный подбор фигурок и редкая для серии «Звёздные войны» модель делают его столь ценной моделью для каждого коллекционера.

Занимает последнее переиздание «звезды смерти» под артикулом 75159,

она насчитывает 3896 деталей и 27 минифигурок.

Кого только не найдёшь на гигантской станции, множество героев собралось там. Имеет внушительный вес-6,5 килограмм. Стоимость в настоящий момент составляет 43 000 рублей.

Здесь заслужено располагается модель «Тысячелетний сокол» под артикулом 75192. Эта громадина состоит аж из 7513 деталей, не включая минифигурки. Их, к слову, семь. Персонажи подобраны сразу из двух периодов существования галактики. Модель обладает максимальной детализированностью, чем и привлекает покупателей, каждая мелочь есть на этой громадине. Стоимость на территории РФ составляет 60 000 рублей. А вы бы отдали за такого красавца такую сумму? На мой взгляд идеальное решение за адекватную стоимость, сравнивая с другими моделями. Что думаете вы?

И могут варьироваться в пределах нескольких тысяч.

Также, автором избегались повторные наборы переиздания, всегда брался набор с наибольшим количеством деталей.

Минифигурки или человечки - это второе по значимости изобретение, созданное в компании LEGO, которое стало идеальным дополнением к конструктору из пластиковых деталей. Очевидно, что они оживили разноцветные кубики, внесли элементы ролевых игр и стали главным предметом коллекционирования.

Особое место в сердцах фанатов занимают наборы и минифигурки по вселенной «Звёздные войны», ровно как и для самой компании LEGO. Причиной такого внимания является огромная армия фанатов и то, что эта серия берёт своё начало в 1999 году и до сих пор приносит радость и положительные эмоции.

Однако, не все так однозначно. Сегодня я расскажу о пяти персонажах LEGO Star Wars, которым не мешало бы получить обновление.

Могут, когда захотят

Иногда компания LEGO прислушивается к своим фанатам. Набор под артикулом 75280 - яркий тому пример. Именно в нем мы получили обновлённых клонов 501 легиона, что и сделало его таким популярным и востребованным.

В случае с новым республиканским боевым кораблем (LAAT) все иначе. Более подробно о новом UCS наборе можно почитать здесь , но самая главная проблема – это минифигурки. К огромному набору прилагаются минифигурки Мейса Винду и Клона-коммандера, которые хоть и являются эксклюзивными, но ни одну из них нельзя назвать сверх привлекательной для коллекционеров.

Негативная реакция фанатов не заставила себя ждать. Не знаю, на сколько это отразиться на продажах, но почуяв жареное, дизайнеры LEGO Star Wars заявили , что дальнейшая судьба наборов, вдохновлённые трилогией сиквелов, зависит от результатов продаж UCS набора. Попахивает шантажом.

Так кого хотели видеть фанаты? Я не буду расписывать всех героев, но есть два персонажа, включение которых увеличило бы ценность набора и было бы гораздо гармоничнее чем то, что мы получили в итоге.

Коммандер Коди

Этот персонаж прошел войну бок о бок с генералом Кеноби и дважды появлялся в формате минифигурки LEGO. Впервые он был представлено в 2008 году в составе набора под артикулом 7676, который является второй итерации республиканского боевого корабля.

Многие фанаты ожидали увидеть обновлённую версию этой минифигурки экипированный в броню второй фазы, но вместо этого мы получили безымянного командира, который скорее всего является КК-6454 по прозвищу «Пондс». На это намекает цвет его брони и соседство с Мейсом Винду, к которому он был прикомандирован, как Коди к Оби-Вану.

Остаётся надеяться на то, что LEGO подготовили для него другой набор и мы его ещё увидим.

Джедай Боб

Легендарный персонаж в истории LEGO Star Wars. Джедай Боб — это имя, данное фанатами LEGO безымянной минифигурке рыцаря-джедая, которая появилась в наборе под артикулом 7163 Республиканский боевой корабль в 2002 году. Этот парень выглядит слишком счастливым, возможно, именно его дружелюбная улыбка и бородатое лицо сделали его таким популярным.

Все обожают старика Боба и много кто хотел бы видеть его обновлённую версию в UCS наборе, спустя 19 лет после его первого появления на том же корабле. Это был бы блестящий реверанс в сторону поклонников, которые выросли на наборах по войнам клонов и, вероятно, ответственны за то, что именно республиканский боевой корабль выиграл в голосовании.

Жаль, что этого не случилось, но приятно видеть, что малоизвестный персонаж LEGO Star Wars получает такую любовь фанатов, а знания, лежащие в основе джедая Боба (или их отсутствие), интересны и заслуживают изучения.

Палящее солнце заставляет бежать людей из бетонных городов, оставляя свои раскаленные коробки и металлические банки на колесах, в надежде спрятаться в тени деревьев или вблизи водоемов и рек. Вот и я мечтаю перенестись в снежный декабрь, а там и до нового года не далеко. Тем более, что 1 августа стартуют продажи новых наборов LEGO, которые и будут составлять основной объем новогодних подарков, а для фанатов вселенной «звездные войны» праздник начнётся именно в эту дату, ведь количество по-настоящему интересных новинок много, все разные и на любой кошелёк.

Что же касается кошелька, то тут все не так празднично и весело (смотря с какой стороны посмотреть), если вы захотите купить все новинки в первый день продаж, то вам придётся выложить примерно 80 тысяч рублей .

Основной объем от этой суммы составит недавно показанный UCS набор, который словил огромную волну негатива, несмотря на то, что именно он был выбран большинством фанатов. Что же не так с этим набором, давайте разбираться?

С чего все начиналось

В прошлом году компания LEGO опубликовала опрос, где поклонникам "Star Wars" дали возможность выбрать будущий UCS набор.

Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) — детально проработанные и увлекательные модели, которые станут идеальным подарком для фанатов LEGO и фильмов саги о Звездных войнах. Эти наборы созданы для строителей более старшего возраста и упакованы в специальные коробки.

Опрос предлагал выбрать один из трех вариантов: Фрегат сопровождения "Небулон-Б" (Nebulon B Escort Frigate), Республиканский истребитель (Republic Gunship) и Бомбардировщик TIE (TIE Bomber).

Конкуренцию республиканскому истребителю навязал лишь фрегат "Небулон-Б", тем более, что этот корабль еще ни разу не появлялся в формате LEGO. Кстати, уже после голосования, компания LEGO выпустила набор c этим кораблём в небольшом масштабе. Такой вот утешительный приз от датчан.

Однако, более 30 000 человек отдали свои голоса за республиканский истребитель, что является подавляющим большинство. Это довольно значительная разница, тем более, что на экране он появлялся мало, а самый яркий момент, связанный с этим кораблём, произошел в конце второго эпизода, которой был выпущен в далеком 2002 году.

Гораздо большую известность этот корабль обрел благодаря мультсериалу «войны клонов», где очень часто мелькал в различных битвах и активно использовался силами республики.

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