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Lego Racers is a racing video game developed by High Voltage Software and published by Lego Media , released for Microsoft Windows , Nintendo 64 , Game Boy Color , and PlayStation . The player races various characters made of Lego in custom-built go-karts based on the Lego Racers product line in an attempt to become "the greatest Lego racing champion of all-time". A sequel to the game, Lego Racers 2 , was released in 2001.

Rocket Racer has become bored with the opponents he has, and decides to hold a challenge. He and his friend, Veronica Voltage, travel through time and space to collect the best racers in the galaxy. A determined racer (the player character, which is created by the player) takes on other racers and occasional bosses in an attempt to become the champion. The bosses are Captain Redbeard, King Kahuka, Basil the Batlord, Johnny Thunder, Baron Von Barron, Gypsy Moth, and the final boss being the champion and most challenging competitor, Rocket Racer. At the end of the game, the player wins his/her championship.

[edit] Gameplay [ ]

In Lego Racers , the player assumes the role of either one of several pre-built Lego characters or a custom-built driver. The camera is positioned behind the car, as in most racing games, and the player may make use of a variety of power-ups such as weapons and speed-boosters to increase their chances of winning.

The PC version supports keyboard and gamepad control, both of which can be fully customized in the game settings.

[edit] Customization [ ]

A feature in the game allows the player to build cars and drivers of their own design. Both the driver's Lego minifigure and the car are built from scratch using a wide selection of Lego bricks and parts. This selection is limited when the player starts the game, but expands each time the player completes a circuit. The player may also use the Quick Build feature to play with a pre-made car. Customization is purely aesthetic and has no effect on the performance of the car.

[edit] Single Player [ ]

In the circuit mode of Lego Racers, the player can race on one of seven "circuits", in which the player must gain the most points from among five competitors including one champion over the course of four races, each of which award the player points based on the order in which they finish in.

The circuits are not themed, though the individual tracks are. For instance, the third circuit features a horror-themed track complete with witches and bats, a pirate-themed track, a jungle-themed track with magical temple and an alien planet. Each circuit has a special driver, a "circuit champion", who performs better than the other NPC racers and may have a small gameplay gimmick; for instance, the first champion encountered has a tendency to use the cannonball powerup (because he's pirate captain).

The first six circuits consist of four tracks each, and the last three circuits are simply mirror-images of the first three, a practice also used in the Mario Kart franchise. The seventh circuit comprises one track, where the circuit champion is Rocket Racer, the primary antagonist. Virtually every track in the game also features one or more hidden short-cuts which can give the player a significant advantage of the NPC racers.

The second single-player mode is the time race. The player races a single opponent, Veronica Voltage, who is the granddaughter of Professor Voltage, a character in the game Legoland. Veronica drives a ghost car that cannot crash into the player's car in any way. If the player wins races in every track of the first three circuits, they are awarded Veronica Voltage's car set.

[edit] Multiplayer [ ]

This game also supports a two-player multiplayer mode. If a second input device, such as a joystick or gamepad, is plugged in, two players can race against each other in split screen display.

Lego Racers 2 [ ]

Lego Racers 2 is a LEGO racing video game developed by ATD and published by Lego Software. It was first released in September 2001 for Windows (PC), PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance.

It is the sequel of the 1999 game, Lego Racers. This sequel was first revealed by Lego on August 21, 2001. [1]

Worlds [ ]

There are five large worlds, starting with the hometown, Sandy Bay. The player then moves along to Dino Island, Mars, Arctic, and finally Xalax. The player moves on by winning 4 races in Sandy Bay, and then collecting gold bricks to advance to the other realms to win their 5 races. In Xalax, the player will face Rocket Racer, who when beaten, will hand over the title as the greatest racer in the galaxy.

Each world is based on a particular theme. In addition to racing cars in the Racers product line, each theme is based on an actual series Lego sets, and includes parts of those sets.

[edit] Upgrades [ ]

Upgrades for your car may be obtained by winning mini games. Each mini game is accessible by driving through a vortex while exploring the Lego worlds. There are two mini games per world, one on an easy level and one on a difficult level. The first vortex you go to will be the easy level.

There are three categories of upgrades available: Grip, which improves how well your car turns and how much your car slides; Power, which controls how fast your car goes and how much climbing power your car has; and Shield, which controls how much damage your car can take before being destroyed.

[edit] Powerups [ ]

Powerups are various types of weapons that can be used while racing. You obtain a powerup by driving over a white, spinning, glowing Lego brick. A counter appears that cycles through all of the powerups; the one it lands on is the one you get. You may press the "fire" button to stop the counter if you see one that you want. It takes a quick hand, however. Otherwise, the counter will automatically give you a bonus based on your position in the race. Persons in last place will receive the best powerups. Unlike Lego Racers 1, there are no power-enhancing bricks for your powerup.

  • Weapons powerups make Lego bricks fly off the receiver's cars. Lose all the bricks and you will be forced to continue on foot, in Lego minifigure form. You have to walk to the nearest pit stop to get your car back.
  • The Stealth powerup makes your car invisible to other racers, and you may bump into other racers to obtain the powerup they have. Also, it prevents the Tracking Missile powerup from hitting you. It lasts for around six seconds. Symbol: The gray ninja
  • The Drill powerup fires a drill missile in front of your car. The drill behaves like a torpedo, and goes through multiple cars, eliminating around 50% of the opponents bricks. You can also ride on the drill by holding down the fire button. However, if you ride on it for too long, it will detonate, causing damage to your car. Symbol: A drill
  • The Disk powerup fires a flying disc in front of your car. The disc will bounce off any object it hits, except cars, in which case it explodes. You can get another powerup while this powerup is on. It is very powerful, like the drill it eliminates around half of the bricks on your opponents car, but is very hard to use. If you press the look back button you can fire the disc backwards; which can be useful if you are being chased by a Missile, as the Disk can destroy the Missile. Symbol: A disk with blades.
  • The Missile powerup fires a heat-seeking missile that you may lock on to any racer. The same with the disc, you can pick up another powerup when this one is on. Occasionally it will explode (by hitting something) before it reaches target. You can also select the target using next target & previous target buttons. It easier to cause damage with than the drill or disc, but it does less damage—around a third of bricks. Symbol: A bloodhound
  • The Explosion powerup creates a bubble of expanding energy around your car. When the energy expands to a certain point, it explodes, harming every racer in the vicinity of the bubble except for you. You can charge the shot by holding down the fire button (note that if you keep charging and don't drop it as follows, it WILL damage your own vehicle.) If the fire button is held and then released, the bubble will fall behind the car and explode as described above. If a car runs into a dropped bubble, it will suffer more damage than normal. Damage is variable with this powerup, dependent on how deep you drive into the bubble. Symbol: A storm cloud
  • The Whirlwind powerup creates a stationary whirlwind that causes cars to veer away from it. If you hold down the fire button the whirlwind stays attached to your car. If you keep it attached, you will suffer minor damage. You won't be able to pick up any powerups while this is on. It lasts for around six seconds. Symbol: A twister
  • The Destructabrick powerup creates a force that first turns the screen yellow for half a second, and then takes 3 layers of bricks off every single car (except for yours) for six seconds. It is very rare, and is the most powerful powerup in the game. Symbol: Flying Lego bricks

[edit] Improvements from the prequel [ ]

  • In Lego Racers 2, the player has more "freedom", because the player can race or drive freely, and there are other characters that the player can talk to.
  • The original Lego Racers only has "cars" which are actually karts. However Lego Racers 2 has cars such as trucks, cars with tank-like treads, lorry cars, hover cars, and snow vehicles with skis, as well as a "sail" snow vehicle that you cannot build with the displayed pieces.
  • Lego Racers 2 also has, like in the original, a car and characters designer. Lego Racers 2 has more bricks but fewer characters to make and edit. However, while in theory this means that more individual racer possibilities exist, the number of "widely used" parts is much lower, and only a few possibilities that exist are commonly used. This also follows over to cars. Additionally, you cannot change your player at any time during adventure (story) mode, further limiting options. You can change your car, however it can only be changed for each of the worlds once.
  • In the original Lego Racers, there are 5 opponents for the player (6 racers). In Lego Racers 2, it can be chosen up to 11 opponents (12 racers).
  • In the original Lego Racers, the bosses are a normal racer in a kart. In Lego Racers 2, it can be a non-human or fantasy creature.
  • Lego Racers 2 also features a comeback from several racers featured in the original Lego Racers. They include Rocket Racer, Johnny Thunder, Baron Von Barron (as Sam Sinister), Sam Sinister (as Slyboots) and Gail Storm (as Pippin Reed).

Credits [ ]

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Заработав себе большую славу и популярность среди любителей игрушечных конструкторов по всему миру, компания LEGO задалась целью внедрить свои наработки в сферу компьютерных развлечений, плавно перенеся в электронную форму все те неоспоримые достоинства, которыми обладает конструктор LEGO. LEGO Racers - одна из первопроходцев Lego Media, всецело посвященная аркадным гонкам и ориентированная на юных любителей этого жанра компьютерных игр.

Конструкторская направленность получившегося проекта ощущается с первых же минут игры. Перед тем, как начать знакомство с гоночной частью, вам в обязательно порядке придется посетить сборочную мастерскую. А как вы собираетесь участвовать в гонках, если даже не собрали собственный автомобиль и не экипировали водителя? Мастерская фактически является виртуальным аналогом конструктора: множество платформ и деталей, никакого ограничения по времени, незримый дух созидания и творчества. Для тех, кому не терпится проверить свои водительские способности, уже подготовлено несколько полностью оснащенных моделей и экипированных водителей. Как базовые, так и собственноручно собранные транспортные средства можно опробовать на тестовой трассе, предназначенной для знакомства с управлением и внутриигровой физикой. После душной и темной мастерской - добро пожаловать в мир ярких и заводных аркадных гонок. На выбор предлагается несколько гоночных режимов: гонки на время, дуэльные заезды и кольцевые этапы. Последние представляют наибольший интерес, так как являются местным аналогом режима карьеры: успешно завершая заезды, вы продвигаетесь дальше, открывая новые детали и трассы.

А трассы в LEGO Racers, надо отметить, являются настоящим произведением искусства! В отличие от великого множества гоночных игр, где треки отличаются друг от друга по большей части количеством поворотов и статичными декорациями, в этой игре каждое кольцо обладает своей индивидуальностью. Во-первых, стилистика: все трассы оформлены под различные LEGO-серии, поэтому совершенно не похожи друг на друга. Здесь и ночной лес, и научно-исследовательский лунный центр, и окрестности мрачного замка, и полярная база, и город будущего. Порой даже невольно отвлекаешься от заезда, залюбовавшись насыщенным сказочным антуражем. Во-вторых, трассы великолепно спроектированы: дорога постоянно кружит и то и дело меняет направление, винтовые подъемы и крутые спуски чередуются с трамплинами и извилистыми коридорами, также присутствуют объездные пути и шорткаты, позволяющие наиболее внимательным гонщикам сэкономить несколько метров. Покрытие дороги тоже постоянно изменяется: вы неуверенно скользите по ледовой площадке, ловко поднимаетесь в гору по течению ручья, оставляете следы жженой резины на асфальтовой дороге и пускаете пыль в глаза соперникам на пустынном участке. В-третьих, на трассах можно встретить множество активных объектов, мешающих успешному прохождению заездов. На вашем пути встретятся голодные аллигаторы, летающие тарелки, стационарные турели, беснующиеся привидения, портовые краны, кувалды-маятники и еще множество препятствий, здорово оживляющих и без того нескучные заезды.

Принимая участие в кольцевых этапах, вы соревнуетесь с пятеркой других претендентов на чемпионский титул и с его текущим обладателем, которым обычно является кто-нибудь из колоритных героев многочисленных LEGO-серий. Чем лучше вы будете выступать в гонках, тем больше очков заработаете. Если по итогам всех 5 кольцевых заездов вам удастся занять первое место на этапе, то, помимо чемпионского звания, вы получите уникальный автомобильный набор экс-чемпиона. Новые детали станут доступны в мастерской сразу же после заезда, поэтому вы сможете незамедлительно приступить к созданию какого-нибудь ультрасовременного болида в индейском стиле.

Но финальным аккордом, доводящим гоночную составляющую этой игры до совершенства, являются бонусы, являющиеся ключом к победе в любом заезде. Бонусы изображены в виде классических прямоугольных блоков LEGO и раскрашены в пять различных цветов. Каждый цвет обладает своими свойствами: красные кубики дают атакующие возможности, используемые для того, чтобы догнать впереди идущего соперника, синие обеспечивают автомобилю защиту от внешнего воздействия и возможность расталкивать противников, зеленые придают автомобилю ускорение, а желтые позволяют оставлять на дороге различные пакостные сюрпризы вроде масляных пятен или бочек с динамитом. Особым пятым цветом является белый: сам по себе он не несет никаких полезных свойств, но позволяет усовершенствовать любой из бонусов других цветов – чем больше белых блоков вам удастся собрать, тем эффективнее станет подобранный вами базовый бонус. Стоит ли говорить, что подобная бонусная политика предоставляет интересный простор для тактической мысли? Торпедировать лидера заезда сейчас или поднакопить белых блоков, взять зеленый кубик и уверенно оторваться от всех с помощью турбоускорения на последнем круге? Несмотря на то, что ваши соперники коллекционируют разноцветные блоки очень активно, бонусы постоянно восстанавливаются, поэтому проблем с поиском кубика нужного цвета обычно не возникает.

Как уже было отмечено выше, выглядит LEGO Racers здорово: детальные (в прямом смысле этого слова) модели автомобилей и не менее детальные водители прекрасно анимированы, а яркие краски подчеркивают нарочитый кубизм игрового мира. Также нельзя не отметить, что наравне с автомобильными треками на славу удались и музыкальные: динамичные, веселые, заводные, они прекрасно дополняют атмосферу игры. Физика в игре весьма условная, вам не дадут перевернуться или расколотить машину вдребезги, но автомобиль чувствуется при вождении, а покрытие трассы напрямую влияет на скорость и плавность хода. Управлять машиной удобно и приятно, а это в гоночных играх очень важно.

С переносом возможностей детского конструктора на базу компьютерных аркадных гонок High Voltage Software справились на пятерку: в LEGO Racers интересно и собирать машины, и ездить на них. И поэтому особенно приятно, что игра не получилась бесплатным гоночным приложением к конструкторской мастерской, более того – при желании вы можете практически полностью оградить от себя от конструкторской части, ограничившись вариантами, предлагаемыми разработчиками. Игра рекомендуется к ознакомлению не только преданным фанатам известного конструктора, но и всем тем, кто хочет погрузиться в атмосферу скоростных, разнообразных и красочных аркадных гонок. Одних из лучших в жанре!

Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Game Boy Color.

LEGO Racers is a LEGO racing video game developed by High Voltage Software and published by LEGO Media, released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation in 1999 and 2000 and for Game Boy Color in 2000 and 2001. The player races as their own custom-built minifigures and cars to become "the greatest LEGO racing champion of all-time".

An arcade game attraction based on LEGO Racers, initially known by the same name but later renamed to Rocket Racers, opened at LEGOLAND Windsor in 2000, developed by Attention to Detail (ATD). LEGO Racers 2, a full sequel which was also developed by ATD, released in 2001.



Gameplay in the Ice Planet Pathway track, showing the player and green and blue power up bricks

Being a racing game, the gameplay is centered around racing. You can race against computer-controlled (AI) opponents or against another person. There are four types of races: circuit, single, versus (multiplayer), and time trial.

There are seven circuits, and each has a circuit champion. There are total of 26 tracks. 12 of them are mirror tracks (inverted left-to-right or right-to-left) and one of them is a test drive track, available only in Build mode and used for testing the vehicle, not racing.

Captain Redbeard LR1

King Kahuka LR1

Basil The Batlord

Johnny Thunder-LR1

Sam Sinister LR1

Gypsy Moth-LR1

Rr lr1

The exception is the final boss of the game, Rocket Racer, which never officially appeared in a physical set until Minifigures Series 18 in 2018, when he appeared as the Race Car Guy.

Each circuit has four race tracks and all of them are hosted by other characters - a full list of these are in the Racers section below. These characters can be made to race with as well as the champions, as soon as you win the circuit. The tracks from circuits 4 and 5 and 6 are mirrored. Rocket Racer's circuit (7) has only one track, although this one does have a hidden mirrored track that can be played with an official cheat code in a Single Race.

The tracks are based of different lines of LEGO themes released at the time. The only exception is the final track, Rocket Racer Run, which is an original creation for LEGO Racers.

Build Mode

Building a car in LEGO Racers

In the game, you choose from different car frames and build upon them until you have your car. You can also customize your driver and race with it.

Circuit Races

In this mode, you race AI opponents on one of seven circuits. Each circuit consists of four three-lap races on different tracks (with the exception of circuit 7, which contains only one track). Depending on how you place in each race, you get a certain number of points: 30 points for 1st place, 20 points for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, three for 4th, 5th is two points, and last is one point. The points from each track are added to determine the winner of the circuit. If you do not have certain amount of points during the circuit race except for the last race (10 points for 1st race, 20 points for 2nd race, and 30 points for 3rd race) then the circuit ends. (If you tie with an AI opponent, you will receive the higher place.)

Single Races

In this mode, you race against AI opponents around a single track. (You can only race on tracks you have unlocked.) This mode is useful if you are having trouble with a certain track and want to practice without doing an entire circuit or if you just want to race on one track only or if you just want to explore the track. This mode is also used for enabling and using cheats.

Versus Races

In this mode, you race against a human opponent around a single track. (You can only race on tracks from circuits you have unlocked.) In the PC version, you can only use this mode if you have a gamepad for your PC connected to it.

Time Races

In this mode, you race against a "ghost" of Veronica Voltage (and the ghost record of you after your first try). This means that neither of you can affect the other in any way. There are only 12 tracks that you need to race through and none of them are mirrored tracks and Rocket Racer Run track is out. They are the tracks from Circuit 1 and 2 and 3. Also unique to this mode is the placement of power-ups. They are arranged differently than they are in the other modes: the most common are green and white, red only appears when there is a shortcut that can only be accessed with it, blue only appears when there is a hazard on the course that can be avoided with it, and yellow never appears. If the player completes all of the courses for Time Races, then they receive Veronica's car set.

Powerup bricks

Each track has a number of powerups in the form of bricks placed on it. There are five different colors of bricks. Four of them (red, green, blue and yellow) allow the player to activate their respective power-up whilst the fifth one (white) increases the power of the powerup. The following table displays the properties of each brick and the affect white bricks have on it:

Color Type Basic Powerup 1 Power plus (White) Brick 2 Power plus Bricks 3 Power plus Bricks
Red Projectile Cannon ball Grappling Hook Lightning Wand 3 Guided Rockets
Yellow Hazard Oil Slick Barrel of
Gun Powder
Magnetic Trap Mummy's Curse
Blue Shield 5 Second Shield
6 Second Shield
8 Second Shield¹
10 Second Shield¹
Green Turbo Turbo Boost Extra Turbo Boost Flying Turbo Boost Warp Turbo Boost
¹ - Reflects Cannon Balls and Rockets. Spins Opponents on Contact.


Almost all tracks have hazards which slow down the player and other racers. They are physical obstructions (giant rolling stones, swinging axes and a falling pillar); hazards which mimic power-ups (cannon fire, falling bombs, electrical discharges, swinging boxes and ground volcanoes which make the player slip and turn, and mummy's curses); or unique hazards (a ghost which spooks the racer and a flying saucer which drags the racer backwards). All hazards can be countered using shields or by avoiding them.


Every track in the Game except the Knightmare-Athon has at least one shortcut. Shortcuts can be open (e.g. a tunnel which turns from the track), hidden (e.g. a tunnel hidden by a waterfall), or can only be blasted open by projectile power-ups (e.g. a passage hidden by barrels). However, all the computer racers (with the exception of Veronica Voltage) ignore them.

Race tracks

In the game, there are seven circuits. Placing first, second, or third on a circuit unlocks the next circuit and continues the game.

North American Nintendo 64 cover art











Microsoft Windows
NA July 31, 1999
EU July 31, 1999

Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast
NA October 12, 1999
EU October 31, 1999

NA December 17, 1999
EU December 17, 1999

Game Boy Color
NA January 18, 2001
EU December 29, 2000



Lego Racers is an Lego themed racing video game developed by High Voltage Software and published by Lego Group. Game was released on July 31, 1999, for Microsoft Windows, on October 12, 1999, for Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast, on December 17, 1999, for Play Station and on December 29, 2000, for Game Boy Color.

Set in fictional Legoland universe, single play mode follow various Minifigure characters competing in racing competition created by fictional racing champion call Rocket Racer. Play control Minifigure, allow them to drive variety of cars built out of Lego and race them against other Minifigure characters. Items can be used by play to hinder other race progress, and play can create their cars and characters with unlock Lego bricks and use them to race. Local multiplayer mode also allow multiple play to race against each other.

Originally conceived by High Voltage founder Kerry J Ganofsky, creative expertise from Lego Group assisted High Voltage in game development after Lego Group agreed to begin production. It received mixed reviews from critics, who were divided on game graphics, construction system, driving gameplay and other design aspects. 2 sequels developed by Attention To Detail call Lego Racers 2 and Drome Racers, were released in 2001 and 2002, respectively.



Lego Racers is racing game play from 3 person perspective. Set in fictional Legoland universe, game depicts Rocket Race, greatest racing champion in Legoland. After becoming bored from beating every 1 at racing, he decides to create racing contest and find best race in history of Legoland using dimensional warp machine created by Veronica Voltage, genius scientist and mechanic. Play takes on hosts and race in attempt to beat Rocket Race and become Greatest Lego Race of All Time, completing game.

Play assume role of either 1 of several built or custom built Minifigures and compete against other Minifigure characters in race set across different tracks in Legoland universe, using variety of cars built out of Lego. At begin of each race, play can perform Turbo Start, which allow play to start race at full speed. Throughout race, play can also perform power slides and Super Slides, which allow play car to turn around corners more sharply.

Each of game tracks contain power up bricks, which can be collected by play and used to gain an advantage over other race. Power ups are divided into 4 categories Projectile, Hazard, Shield and Turbo, with each providing a different use to play. Play can also collect up to 3 power plus bricks, which increase capability of any power ups collect. Most tracks contain 1 shortcut that play can use to get ahead of opponents, which are usually either found with careful look or accessed using power ups, mainly Project power ups that destroy part of scenery. During race, in game HUD displays play position, lap number, lap timers, and Power Up Icon if play is carry any power up or power plus bricks. Play can also choose between viewing Speedometer, Course Map or Close up Map.

Game contains 3 single play modes Circuit Race, Single Race and Time Race, as well as 1 multiplayer mode, Vs Race. Circuit Race mode follow game main plot and allow play to race through circuits made up of multiple tracks, points based on where they place while contending with high skill race who leads each circuit. In circuit, play must earn enough points to move on to next race and will win if they finish with most points. Placing 3 or above in circuit unlock next circuit for play. Single Race mode allow play to race on single track unlock from Circuit Race mode. Time Race mode places play in race against Veronica Voltage driving ghost car to beat her best time around track chosen by play. If play beat Veronica time on all tracks, they unlock car and character. Vs Race allow 2 play to race against each other in split screen view without play character Minifigures on track.

Throughout game, play can unlock various brick sets and character pieces by completing certain tasks, such as coming 1 in a Circuit Race. Game Build Menu allow play to build custom cars, Minifigures and driving licenses of their design using unlock bricks and character parts. Minifigures can be customized with different hats, hair, head, body and leg parts, and give name enter by play on Minifigure driving license. Picture of play Minifigure is also placed on their driving license, and their facial expression can be change by play. Play can create custom car using combination of different chassis and car sets. Play can rotate, move and place bricks from these sets directly on to chassis. Placement of bricks changes car balance and weight, which affects it overall performance. Mix option creates Minifigures from randomly selected parts, while Quick Build option creates 1 of 2 presets for specific chassis.


Concept for Lego Racers was initially created by High Voltage Software founder Kerry J Ganofsky, with idea of play being able to build and race cars create with Lego bricks. After year of development, Lego Group began production of game, Ganofsky company to develop it. Lego Media and other facilities Lego Group collab with High Voltage Software during production of game.

Large number of character models, documents and pictures from different Lego System characters and models were sent to developers, who eventually chose to use Castle, Space, Adventurers and Pirates themes in game. High Voltage Software chose characters they like best from these themes and created character stud for them to capture mood of each person. Certain characters would assume role of boss, while others were featured as less skill opponents. Developers also created 2 original characters, Rocket Race and Veronica Voltage.

High Voltage Software spent over year creating Lego Racers car build mechanics. Game lead programmer, Dwight Luetscher, created formula that was use by game artists to create individual Lego elements in game. Pieces available to play were selected from hundreds of Lego elements by developers, chose 1 by aesthetics, and then analyzed to see if they would fit into Luetscher formula. Developers chose to affect attributes of play car, such as handling, acceleration and top speed, through how many bricks are placed on chassis, as this is simpler to understand for game main age demographic.

Due to high number of Lego sets and pieces in game, custom mesh code was create to weld geometry in place and optimize car polygon count, create 1 solid mesh for each car create by play. Every element in game, including bricks and character pieces, had different levels of detail create for use in menu screens and cutscenes, where models had to be higher quality due to play see them up close. Developers plan damage system where bricks would break apart from car upon crash, but this presented too many problems to make it a real possibility. Lego Racers was available to play before release by journalists at Reception

Lego Racers received range of review scores, with Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64 and Play Station releases get mix of high scoring reviews. On aggregate website Gamespot Andrew Park stated that virtually everything in PC version looks bright, colourful and clean when play in 3D accelerated mode, but call it text minimal. Gamespot Ben Stahl also call N64 version track design innovative and cute, as well as say tracks and backgrounds have somewhat real look that makes it easier to tell where play should be driving. Next Generation Chris Charla call N64 version framerate nauseatingly slow. Conversely, IGN Winnie Imperio call N64 version framerate consistent, if not entirely smooth.

Lego Racers gameplay received mixed reaction from critics. Charla call create and test cars lot of fun, especially because way car is built has major effect on how it controls, and IGN reviewer for PC version found that unlock new bricks in circuit mode for use in car customization is addictive. However, Stahl call game construction system unfriendly, stating that play is better off just stick with 1 of default vehicles. Imperio said that handling cars is surprisingly tight, call N64 control scheme intuitive. Conversely, Charla found that most of cars feel top heavy, and stated that racing is awful. IGN reviewer for PC version praised power up system, call it pretty cool, as well as stating that Power Plus bricks add new strategy to game, but Stahl call system terribly lame. Reviewers also criticized game multiplayer features, with IGN PC version reviewer call split screen mode simple, and Sequel

Follow Lego Racers success, in 2001 Pocket Studios was working on sequel to Game Boy Advance version of Lego Racers, title Lego Racers 2, which was then shown at Play Station 2, Xbox, and Game Cube counterpart to Lego Racers 2, developed by Attention To Detail, was announced and released in 2001. Sequel follow up immediately after Rocket Race defeat in Lego Racers, who is shown new opportunity to reclaim his title as world champion, by travel to Xalax and prove himself worth of it. After Rocket Race proceeds to do so and succeeds, play is task to control their self built protagonist, racing through various worlds based on Lego themes, and eventually face Rocket Race again. Lego Racers 2 received less favourably than Lego Racers and incorporated numerous elements from both Lego Racers and Legoland Windsor Resort Rocket Race build in Begin area, between 2000 and 2004, as well as 2009 and 2011.

Обложка Lego Racers 2

Год выпуска: 2001
Тип издания: RePack
Жанр: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D / For Kids
Разработчик: Attention to Detail (ATD)
Платформа: PC
Версия: 1.0 RUS
Язык интерфейса: RUS + ENG
Мультиплеер: (2) split-screen
Таблетка: Вшит crack (Неизвестно)

В игре LEGO Racer 2 отличие от игры LEGO Racer состоит лишь в том, что в новой игре действует обновлённая система повреждений, при которой автомобили, состоящие из деталей конструктора LEGO, распадаются на детали после тяжёлых столкновений на трассе.

первый скриншот из Lego Racers 2
второй скриншот из Lego Racers 2
третий скриншот из Lego Racers 2
четвертый скриншот из Lego Racers 2

Системные требования: Минимальные:
Pentium II 266
64 Мб
Direct3D 8
Pentium III 450
128 Мб
Direct3D 8

1) Монтировать образ в DAEMON TOOLS или аналоге. 2) Запустить Setup.exe и следовать инструкциям. 3) Играть!

- LEGO Racers 2 v1.0 RUS(-ENG) by MellWin.
- Основана на пиратской антологии LEGO v1.0 от ООО "СИГМА".
- Текст: русский.
- Озвучка: язык LEGO (фирменный язык LEGO, в озвучивании не нуждается).
- Игровые архивы не тронуты.
- Ничего не вырезано не перекодировано.
- Весь софт c диска в образе.
- Crack от (автор не установлен).
- Оригинальный мануал по игре (на английском) в папке Manual.
- 02.10.2012.

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