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Music/Song from The Lego Movie Videogame Angry Unikitty rage battle/combat/fight rock version theme (extracted from gamefile).

Here at CooperAce Productions we put out regular LEGO Stop Motion Animation Video - featuring Ninjago, Minecraft, Avengers .

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Princess Unikitty (simply known as Unikitty) is a brick-built figure that was released in 2014 as part of the The LEGO Movie theme. She is one of the three secondary tritagonists of The LEGO Movie (the other two being MetalBeard and Benny) and a supporting character in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. She is also the main protagonist in her animated television series of the same name.



Unikitty has several different variations to date. All but 1 variation is brick-built and consist of fourteen pieces. Because of this, the only articulation is at the neck (the head turns).


Unikitty's head is pink, with large printed blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and some white on her face. She has a small, magenta nose. Her ears are magenta and she has a light royal blue unicorn horn sticking out of her head. Her body is pink with white legs. She has yellow back paws and aqua front paws. She has a new moulded tail piece. It is white with light royal blue printing on the sides. This outfit is inspired by her original form throughout the movie.

Biznis Kitty

Biznis (intentionally misspelt) Kitty was Unikitty's disguise used for infiltrating the Octan tower. She looks the same as normal Unikitty, but she has glasses, a necktie, and mathematical symbols drawn on her with black marker.

Astro Kitty

Astro Kitty is Unikitty wearing a spacesuit. Mostly blue, except for gold feet and a gold horn held on by a white stud. She has the same smiling face behind a printed helmet. She also has the classic Space logo printed on her spacesuit. This outfit is inspired by Benny.

Angry Kitty

When Unikitty gets enraged, she loses control of her positive nature and becomes Angry Kitty. This variant is mostly bright red and dark red. She has an angry, menacing face, also red, with some yellow toward the chin. She also has a yellow flame pattern on her legs. Her tail is red with yellow printing.

Queasy Kitty

When Emmet and his friends hide in the Double Decker Couch after The Submarine breaks apart, Unikitty gets seasick. Her queasy variant is several shades of green, mostly sand green, with some olive green and light green, as well as some white on the legs and the stud that holds her horn on. She has a sickly expression, her eyes are now brown and more squinted and have wrinkles below them, her mouth is now in a squiggly frown, and she has a white tail with green printing.


Not much is known of this variant. This variant is part of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Ultrakatty is the main build in the set, 70827 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy! Unikitty shapeshifts into Ultrakatty, according to the video Emmet's Holiday Party, and one of the Brick Friday trailers.

In The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is where she adopts an enlarged build version of herself, with an outfit style similar to what most denizens of Apocalypsburg wear.


The LEGO Movie

Princess Unikitty lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land, where she and the Master Builders reside in safe and secret harmony, even though they know it is a matter of time before that ends. Some things Lord Business and Robo SWAT do make Unikitty short-tempered, but she will do anything to help Emmet and the Master Builders stop Lord Business from gluing the world with the Kragle.

Unikitty is the happy-going spirit of Emmet's oddball group, and thus susceptible to strong emotions. She feels so strongly for her friends that anything that happens to them she is effected as well. Because of this, she sometimes has a hard time controlling her emotions to "stay positive". But, when it comes to protecting those she cares about from those doing harm to them, she does not hold back. At all.

She first greeted Emmet and the gang in Cloud Cuckoo Land and took them to the "dog", which was a temple where the Master Builders were gathering. However, after they were attacked by Bad Cop and the Robo SWAT force, they were forced to escape underwater, much to her devastation in seeing her home destroyed. She then joined the plan to infiltrate the Octan Tower, disguising herself as Biznis Kitty, until being captured at the last second. Soon the gang escaped, and in the battle of Bricksburg, Emmet was attacked by Micro Managers which made Unikitty angry enough to lose control of her normally happy demeanor. Unleashing her fury on the robots, she provided the distraction needed to help Emmet get to the Kragle-izer.

Upon the Kragle-izer's destruction, Unikitty is seen celebrating with the group, along with the rest of Bricksburg.


Unikitty returns to star in her own animated television series, alongside a cast of new characters (Puppycorn, Hawkodile, Dr. Fox and Richard). However, despite Unikitty herself being faithful to her portrayal in The LEGO Movie, she is the ruler of the Unikingdom and not Cloud Cuckoo Land. And Looks Up Voice Compare Bubbles

Her arch-nemesis in the series is Master Frown, accompanied by his "henchman" Brock.

Unikitty is the only character created exclusively for The LEGO Movie franchise to appear in the series. The LEGO Movies might be canon because at the end of the second film, The Unikingdom Castle was shown in Syspocalypsestar, a combination of Apocalypseburg, The Systar System, and possibly Unikingdom.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

She returns in the Sequel of The LEGO Movie, in which she has a much larger, more intricate brick-built form and known as Ultrakatty.

Hailing from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the capital of rainbows and puppies, she is half unicorn, half anime kitten and one endless dance party. She is happy to join her fellow LEGO Master Builders in the quest to defeat Lord Business, but she also has a powerful secret.


  • During the scene when the characters board Benny's Spaceship, she can be seen riding in a fitted hole on the roof, with her head poking out. This is probably a reference to R2-D2, who rode that way in many spaceships in Star Wars.
  • Angry Kitty's large head form bears a strong resemblance to Large Marge's claymation face transformation in the movie, Pee-wee's Big Adventure; featuring bulging eyes and a waving tongue.
    • This large form of Angry Kitty's head has also yet to appear in physical form in any official LEGO set. It can however be built of existing pieces.
    • Her appearance and personality could also have been inspired as a combination of My Little Pony and Hello Kitty or the Nyan Cat.


      (Normal) (Biznis Kitty) (Queasy Kitty) (Angry Kitty) (Astro Kitty) (Super Angry Kitty) (Normal, Sitting) (Cutesy Kitty / Cheery Kitty) (The LEGO Movie 2) (Ultrakatty) (Disco Kitty) (Warrior Kitty) (Sitting) (Calm-Down Kitty) (The LEGO Movie 2 alternate face)

    Movie Appearances

    Video Game Appearances

    TV Show Appearances


    • Alison Brie (The LEGO Movie, LEGO Dimensions and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part)
    • Jessica DiCicco (video game adaptation of The LEGO Movie)
    • Tara Strong ( Unikitty!) Gallery of Variants


    Movie Variants


    TLM Ultrakatty.jpg

    Videogame Variants

    Unikitty! Variants

    Crying Kitty.jpg


    Spending time with the alien queen

    Mega Ultrakitty

    Heroes sail on the couch

    31i4MnaGChL. SY450

    Pobrane (2)-1551285811






    13626043504 ecbf2b4f42 o


    SDCC 2018 – The LEGO MOVIE 2 – The Second Part

    Ultrakitty looks like a dinosaur


    Ultrakatty guest appearance LEGO Worlds

    Screenshot 2015-09-14 at 3.23.47 PM


    Party Bus Scene


    Minifig Turnarounds

    Uni-Kitty.jpg + , Movie Uni-Kitty.jpg + , Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.21.19 PM.jpg + and Normal Unikitty, Unikitty!.jpg +

    11808356384_93c6466b81.jpg + , Lord Bizniz Kitty.jpg + , Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 6.20.28 PM.jpg + and Angry Kitty, Unikitty!.jpg +

    Blue_Kitty.jpg + , AngryKitty.jpg + , Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.05.11 AM.jpg + and Crying Kitty.jpg +

    Queasy_Unikitty.jpg + , Astro Kitty3.jpg + , Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.42.22 PM.jpg + and Unikitty with a Beard.jpg +

    Rage_Kitty.jpg + , Queazy Kitty.jpg + , Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 10.43.01 PM.jpg + and Mining Hat.jpg +

    70817 Unikitty.jpg + , Warrior Kitty.jpg + , Gold unikitty.jpg + and Unikitty with Master Frown Head.jpg +

    70818UniKitty.PNG + , Fuffy Kitty.jpg + , Shimmer Unikitty.jpg + and Angry Kitty with Master Frown Head.jpg +

    Hailing from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the capita … Hailing from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the capital of rainbows and puppies, she is half unicorn, half anime kitten and one endless dance party. She is happy to join her fellow LEGO Master Builders in the quest to defeat Lord Business, but she also has a powerful secret. iness, but she also has a powerful secret. +


    Princess Unikitty I (last name unknown) is a major character in the The LEGO Movie franchise. In the first movie, she lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land and later became a member of Emmet's team.



    The LEGO Movie

    Emmet and the others go to Cloud Cuckoo Land to give a speech to all of the other Master Builders and first ever joined Emmet Brickowski's team. Just until when Emmet said that he was not a Master Builder yet, things got even more worse. Bad Cop, the drop-ships, and the Micro Managers destroy Cloud Cuckoo Land to yet still find The Special. However, Emmet's team built a submarine in order to get underwater safely but because Cloud Cuckoo Land was destroyed, it caused Unikitty to feel "the opposite of happiness".

    Later they make a goal to put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle in order to save the world. Batman and Unikitty try to distract Lord Business, while Emmet tries to stop the Kragle.

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    Unikitty, seen in her warrior form sleeping, is woken by Lucy. When Lucy gets ready to look for General Mayhem's spacecraft, Unikitty transforms into UltraKatty so Lucy can ride on her. Then later again, they get taken by General Mayhem. Unikitty, Metalbeard, Batman, Lucy and Benny were in Mayhem's Spacecraft and were brought to the Systar system. They meet Queen Watevra Wa'nabi. While in the "Not Evil" song, after Queen Watevra Wa'nabi says some things she would do for Benny and Metalbeard, Unikitty wants to have Wa'nabi to do something for her. Queen Wa'nabi asks her what the most glitter that Unikitty can imagine is, which Unikitty responds to with "a lot!" Queen Whatevra says "times that by infinity!" Unikitty gets excited. When Lucy's hair was revealed to be light blue with pink "highlights", She says it looks cute. Later in a music therapy room, Unikitty was seen to been "brainwashed" by the "catchy song". She tells Lucy to "join the party" and to not be a "grumple dumpus." Later, General Mayhem explains to Lucy that the Systarians just want to make peace with them. (which means that Benny, Metalbeard and Unikitty are not brainwashed) When the wedding started, Unikitty, Benny and Metalbeard tried to stop Emmet from ruining the wedding, which they failed to do. This caused "Armamageddon" to happen. Shown in Rex Dangervest's backstory, a Unikitty figure was seen being played with by Bianca, along with Batman, General Mayhem, Benny and Wyldstyle. Everyone (except Emmet and Rex Dangervest) were put in the Bin of Storajj. Later, they worked together to save Emmet from Rex Dangervest. Unikitty turned herself into a spaceship and coughs up and fires out a glitter hairball missile out of her mouth to take out one of Rex's interceptors. Unikitty and her friends then celebrated Rex's defeat and the unification of Apocalypseburg and the Systar System. Unikitty later appeared when Emmet was given the "Everything is Awesome" record by Lucy.


    Unikitty is the happy-going spirit of Emmet's oddball group, and thus susceptible to strong emotions. She feels so strongly for her friends that anything that happens to them she is affected as well. Because of this, young Unikitty sometimes has a hard time controlling her emotions and staying positive. But, when it comes to protecting those she cares about from those doing harm to them, she does not hold back - at all.


    Unikitty/"Biznis" Kitty stalling President Business.

    In the first film, Unikitty is a kitten hybrid who lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land with the Master Builders, and later joined Emmet and his friends when the place was invaded by Bad Cop's forces. Unikitty has many forms, such as Angry Kitty, Super Angry Kitty, Queasy kitty, Sitting Unikitty, Disco Kitty, Ultrakatty, Warrior Kitty, Astro Kitty, and Biznis Kitty.

    Portrayal in the Videogame

    Unikitty is one of the many playable characters in the game, and has the second most playable incarnations, clocking in at seven, just behind Emmet with thirteen. She can destroy rainbow colored bricks and turn into Angry Kitty.

    One of her variants, which is Angry Kitty, can be unlocked with via cheat code.


    Unikitty is a cartoon kitten sporting a unicorn horn with two sets of paws both differently colored; the front pair being royal cyan blue with the rear pair being yellow. Above the lower paws is white fur and above those are her torso and upper legs, colored completely pink. She has a fluffy pale blue tail with a white outline. Her collar is colored spring yellow-green. Her eyes are blue. Additionally, she has dark pink blushes on her cheeks.

    On top of her head are her ears, which are both colored a darker pink. Between the two ears is a royal-blue unicorn horn with a white base.


    Click here to see all of Unikitty's different forms.

    Abilities and Skills

    Out of all of the Master Builders who help Emmet in the first film, Unikitty is arguably the most powerful. Though she may come across as simply sweet and innocent, she shouldn't be underestimated; for when she is excessively angered, she is a force to be reckoned with as she will unleash her near-omnipotent powers on those unfortunate enough to make her angry.

    Being half unicorn, she has the ability to use her horn to lift objects into the air and assemble them into objects. She usually does this with her eyes closed, implying that concentration is required for her to do so. Though, this is only seen in the

    Unikitty assembling rainbow bricks with her horn

    Other things she can do with her horn is create sparkles and fire blasts of sparkly objects that resemble happiness, such as flowers, wands, and butterflies. However, this is retconned throughout most of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.


    Unikitty is very acrobatic due to her cat reflexes, which is seen in both the videogame and both films. She displays the ability to target and pounce onto multiple objects, climb up walls using grips on the wall, jump higher than most, and fight enemies. However, she can not swing on poles like all other acrobatic characters in the Videogame.


    Unikitty is shown to have the strength to flip over the Master Builders' submarine while it was being built, and when enraged, she is shown to be able to cleave through a platoon of Micro Managers.


    Unikitty is shown in the movie to be extremely flexible in her legs and mouth, with her being able to enlarge her mouth to swallow things almost five times her size, which does not seem to affect the size of her stomach.

    Size Manipulation

    Unikitty is shown to be able to manipulate her size in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part as Warrior Kitty. However, it appears that this ability can only be used when she's enraged, as Unikitty had to become angry in order to use it.


    • In one scene in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, Unikitty is shown fighting against Rex's raptors, however when the scene cuts back to Lucy and the others, she and many other characters are (or appear to be) missing. It's most likely she and many others had been shot by the raptors' spaceships down off-screen. However, she does appear in the ending scene, confirming she did survive, but it is unclear how she survived.


    "More! More! More!"

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    70817 Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack is a The LEGO Movie set released in January 2015. It was officially unveiled at the 2014 Comic-Con International: San Diego.


    Description [ edit ]

    The set includes one main build, the Micro Manager, and three minifigures. The Micro Manager is mostly black and square, with grey appearing prominently at the back as well as in the form of detailing on the Micro Managers other faces. Some transparent red is also found in the colourscheme: The Micro Manager has three transparent red eyes, and two transparent red grill pieces can be found at the bottom of each side of the Micro Manager, and can be angled downwards. From the front and bottom of the Micro Manager extend two grey arms. These arms bend at connection points between the pieces that form them, and each arm has a black hand with four silver claws. The Micro Manager also has two play features. By pushing two grey axles found at the back of the Micro Manager, two of the Micro Manager's eyes, doubling as flick-fire missiles, can be shot out from the front. Also at the back is a grey lever that, once pushed down, causes two large chunks of the Micro Manager's top to fly off, simulating its destruction.

    The minifigures included in the set are Batman, Super Angry Kitty, and a Skeletron. Batman is included with a grappling gun built out of multiple parts, representing the one he used in the film, though the version included in the set does not function. The Skeletron includes a blaster. Super Angry Kitty is built out of multiple red and orange bricks, plates, and elements, with printing representing flames and her angry face.

    Background [ edit ]

    The set casually represents a scene from the end of The LEGO Movie, where President Business unleashes the Kragle along with his forces, and the master builders and citizens had to work together to fend them off. During the battle, the normally-happy and nonthreatening Unikitty sees Emmet in danger and under siege from Micro Managers. In response, she releases her rage and becomes Angry Kitty, in doing so being bestowed with increased ability allowing her to destroy a large number of Micro Managers.

    Match Super Angry Kitty and Batman™ against the Micro Manager to recreate the thrilling final battle scene from THE LEGO® MOVIE™. Help Super Angry Kitty attack the Micro Manager and teach him to be more friendly. Soar through the air with Caped Crusader Batman™ and attack with his Batarang and grapnel gun. Evade the Micro Manager’s grabbing claws and flick missiles and watch out for the Skeletron aiming his laser-style shooter from the ground. Jump onto the back of Micro Manager and activate theexplode function to finally bring down this marauding menace! Includes a Batman™ minifigure with weapons, plus 2 figures: Super Angry Kitty and a Skeletron with a weapon.

    Кошечка Unikitty из фильма Лего (LEGO Movie) получает свой сериал на Cartoon Network. Исполнительными продюсерами сериала выступают режиссёры Лего-фильма Фил Лорд и Кристофер Миллер.

    Кисонька (также называемая Принцесса Кисонька) является главным персонажем в фильме Лего. Она живёт в заоблачном мире (Cloud Cuckoo Land) и является членом команды Эммета.

    Таким образом, Лего фильм продолжает запускать успешные спин-офф проекты, на этот раз нас ждёт целый новый анимационный сериал, основанный на многим полюбившемся персонаже Юникитти из фильма.

    Новый мультсериал будет рассказывать о главной героине и её друзьях в мире, полном приключений, азарта и танцевальных вечеринок.

    Как правитель королевства, Кисонька исполняет свои королевские обязанности, старается, чтобы в её королевстве все были счастливы. Она стремится полностью избавить свой мир от негатива. Живёт Unikitty в замке с доктором Фоксом, учёным, и своим телохранителем, Hawkodile.

    Этот персонаж в фильме 2014 года озвучивает Элисон Бри (фильм заработал в мировом прокате 469.2 млн. долл.). В новых сериях кошечку будет озвучивать Тара Стронг.

    Кстати, кисонька Китти — не просто кошка, а гибрид кошки и единорога, она словно собрана из кирпичиков Лего.

    Кисонька в наборах LEGO

    Кисонька появлялась (к лету 2017 года) уже в девяти Лего фильм наборах, и каждый раз она имеет уникальный внешний вид:

    70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace (нормальный вид)
    70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair (бизнес-Китти)
    70810 Metalbeard's Sea Cow (привередливая)
    70814 Emmet's Construction Mech (злая)
    70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! (астронавт)
    70817 Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack (супер злая)
    70818 Double Decker Couch (сидящая)
    71231 Unikitty Fun Pack (нормальный вид, но другое лицо, в сравнении с набором 70803)

    Также Unikitty появилась как эксклюзивная минифигурка SDCC Exclusive Minifigure, под названием Cheerykitty/Cutesykitty (в наборе два лица, которые можно менять).

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